Finding A Safe Parking Overnight Parking Spot In The City

by John Griffith

If you are parking your car in a rural location then there is a good chance that simply locking it will keep it safe. However, it is a different story when you get into the city, especially if you don’t know which areas are the safest.

The nicer your vehicle the more likely it is you will face issues when parking. This can range from your car being scratched to actually being stolen. Both of which are inconvenient.

One of the worst places you can park is on the street, even in one of the more upscale areas of a city, you will find cars are often targeted. Fortunately, there are safe parking spots to be had, even in a city.

Parking is always a problem in the big city

aerial photo of parking lot parking spot in the city half filled with parked cars

Private Parking

The best and often the cheapest option is to get private long-term parking Manhattan. This is when residents have parking spaces in the city but are not using them. They can rent the space to you, giving you somewhere safe to park for less money than a traditional car park.

Most residence parking spaces are limited access and have some sort of security, making them the safest possible option for your car. As an added bonus your space is already paid for, which means you always know where you can park and drive straight to it. You may be surprised by how much difference this can make to your fuel costs!

Having private parking can save you some fuel

black parking sign hanging on brick wall parking spot in the city

Public Parking Garages

It is possible to park in public parking garages. In many cases, there will be plenty of spaces overnight and they may have a discounted overnight rate. They will also have security in place, to help ensure your car is safe while it is parked. However, this arrangement is likely to cost you more than renting a private space and there is no guarantee a space will be available when you need it.

Sometimes finding a spot in a public parking garage can be difficult

white car driving into underground parking parking spot in the city led lights on the ceiling


It is possible to park on the street, providing the rules of the particular street allow it. But, you need to be aware that this is a higher risk. In the first instance, you must check to see if it is permit holders only or if there is a charge.

You should also verify that your car fits into the street.  The best way to keep your car safe is to surround it with more desirable vehicles. But, your car must be comparable to ensure it doesn’t look out of place in the street.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to consider visibility. The best way of keeping your car safe is to park where there is plenty of light. This deters thieves from trying to break in as they are likely to be seen.  This means choosing a spot under a streetlamp or in front of a store that keeps its lights on.  You should also note that your car is more likely to get undesirable attention in a quieter street. If you have to park overnight on the street then choose one that has plenty of other vehicles and even passers-by.

When you park on the street make sure there are other cars and the street is well lit

parking spot in the city lots of cars parked behind each other next to sidewalk

Overnight parking can be costly but very safe

green parking lot sign with twenty four hours sing parking spot in the city hanging on white brick wall

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