Candle Magic: What Do The Colors of Candles Actually Mean?

by Maria Konou

Most of us focus on the scent of a candle when we are making our purchasing decisions. However, the color is even more important when it comes to symbolism. No matter if you use candles to spruce up your home, or you are into candle rituals, knowing the meaning of each color can be a plus. In this article, we will help you understand what the colors of candles actually mean. That way, next time you want to attract a specific type of energy, you will know will color to turn to. So, without further ado, here are the main colors and their meaning in the world of candle magic:

Let’s explore what the colors of candles actually mean 

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Candle Magic: What Do The Colors of Candles Actually Mean?


White candles are a blank slate that allows you to charge them with whatever intention you have. In addition, the color white is great for cleansing and purification. If you are starting something new in life, like a new job or embarking on a journey, light a white candle. White candles are used to attract and omit positive energy.

White candles are a symbol of purification, cleansing, and new beginnings 

what do the colors of the candles mean for spells


Black candles are used to release and banish negative energy. Use them when you want to leave something or someone in the past, and when you are experiencing loss, grief, and healing. This color is also a symbol of protection, and a way to get rid of negative habits and toxic patterns. When working with black candles, think about releasing and detoxifying yourself.

Black candles are a symbol of protection, and a way to release negativity 

what does the color of candles mean


Red candles are a symbol of the element fire. They are also connected to the energies of lust, passion, and creativity. If you have any material goals that you want to manifest, light a red candle. In addition, if you want to promote good health, promote passion, and attract creativity, a red candle is just the one for you!

Use red candles to promote feelings of lust, passion, and creativity 

the color of candles meaning


If you are an artistic person that wants to boost their creativity, trust an orange candle. If you want to achieve success and boost your motivation, surround yourself with the color orange.  In addition, this color also helps you release any anger and frustrations you have building up inside. Moreover, if you want new relationships in your life and heal your emotional connections, orange can also be of assistance.

Orange candles help promote creativity and the release of anger and frustrations 

what do the different colours of candles mean


Yellow is a very sunny and stimulating color. It is the color of joy and all things positive. So, if you hope to attract positivity and breathe new life and positive energy into your ventures, burn a yellow candle. Moreover, yellow is the color of courage and confidence, so consider it if you have been feeling demotivated. Also, a yellow candle can help you manifest focus and intellect!

Yellow is the color of joy, courage, and confidence 

what do the purple candles mean


Green is the color of luck, prosperity, and attracting good energy, just like in Feng Shui! If you want to achieve a goal associated with money or prosperity, light a green candle. In addition, green candles might also benefit you if you want to set intentions, promote fertility, and better health.

Green is a great color for attracting prosperity and good energy

what does the colors of candles mean


Blue is the color of peace, calm, and inner harmony. If your goal is to promote tranquility and empathy, then burn a purple candle. Blue is a great color to alleviate sadness, depression, and stress. It has a powerful yet soothing force that helps to heal emotional wounds and promote rest. If your mind is often stressed and worries, blue is the color for you!

Blue is the color of healing, wisdom, and complete relaxation 

what does the color of the candles mean


Purple is a symbol of royalty, mysticism, and spirituality. If you want to feel more connected to your inner world and open up your third eye, light a purple candle! Moreover, his color is also associated with wisdom, meditating, and deepening your spiritual connection. It is great to meditate, while burning a purple candle.

Purple candles will help you connect to the spiritual realm

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If you want to attract a new relationship or promote self-love, a pink candle is the one you should go for. They are all about tenderness, affection, romance, and love! You can use them to help strengthen your relationships, invite harmony into your love life, as well as gentle emotional healing.

Pink candles can help you promote self-love, harmony, and romance 

what do the different color candles represent

Now you know what the colors of candles actually mean!

what do the color of candles mean

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