Bug-Proof Kids – 7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Insect Bites

by Maria Konou

No one likes getting bitten by insects every time they step food outside. As a parent, you want to protect your children and keep them safe from all harm. That includes pesky insects and itchy mosquitos bites! Your child’s skin is a lot more sensitive than yours, so it is crucial to do as much as you can to protect them from bites and irritation. In addition, some bite can even cause extreme discomfort and diseases! Fortunately, there are certain methods and techniques that can help you protect your kids from insect bites. In this article, we will explore the most effective ways to protect your kids from incests and bugs during the summer.

Let’s explore the best ways to protect your kids from insect bites 

protecting babies from mosquito bites

Bug-Proof Kids – 7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Insect Bites

#Use insect repellents

If you think you can effectively protect your kids from insects without using a repellent, you are wrong. Insect repellents are one of the easiest and most effective methods to avoid bug bites. Just make sure to find a product that is suitable for small children, since some ingredients can be too harsh on their skin. In addition, do not apply insect repellent around your child’s mouth or hands, because they might place them in their mouth and ingest the product.

Avoid spraying your child’s hands to avoid accidental ingestion of the repellent

protect kids from bites

#Dress your children appropriately

If you are going to be spending time outdoors in nature, you need to prepare your child for the conditions. Dressing them in appropriate clothing will minimize the risk of bites. For example, opt for clothing pieces with long sleeves, long leggings and trousers, as well as closed shoes. This will be your kid’s protective layer against nasty insects. Moreover, keep in mind that darker colors are more attractive to mosquitos, so go for lighter colors to help repel them.

Keep your child protected from bites with the right clothing pieces 

what to put on kid bug bite

#Keep doors and windows closed

It is a no-brainer that if you leave windows and doors opened, mosquitos and other bugs will surely find a way in. So, keep them shut, especially during the summer. In addition, think about installing window screens to specifically keep bugs out of your home, while still letting fresh air inside. Teach your child that it is important to be careful with the doors and windows in order to limit the amount of bugs in the house!

Keeping windows and doors closed will limit the number of insects in the house

how to protect children from mosquitos

#Create an insect-free environment

The area outside of your home affects the number of insects you will encounter on a daily basis. For example, standing water will attract mosquitos, so you need to make sure there are no rain collecting flower pots in your garden. In addition, overgrown greenery close to the house will also boost the number of bugs in the region. So, trim and maintain the vegetation around your home in order to protect your kids from bugs and insect bites.

Maintaining the vegetation around the house is a must for reducing insects in the area

insect bites on my child

#Using mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are a creative way to surprise your child with a bed decoration that is also going to protect them from bugs while they sleep. If you place a mosquito net over the baby crib or the bed, your kids will be able to sleep without disruptions.

A mosquito net can keep your child safe while they are sleeping at night

what to put on child's bug bite

#Avoid peak times of mosquito activity

Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and at dusk, so keep that in mind. You can limit your children’s outdoor activities at these times, or make sure that they are wearing appropriate clothing. In addition, do not forget to apply insect repellent. If your kids tend to attract mosquitos like honey, consider avoiding these times of the day to keep them protected from insect bites.

Insects are most active at dawn and at dusk

how to protect my child from insects

#Educate your children

Make sure to teach your kids about the importance of protecting themselves against insect bites. Don’t just tell them what to do and expect them to follow. Help them understand how this would benefit them, and why it is so important in the summer. This will help children gain control over their safety!

Educate your children why it is important to protect themselves against bites

why does my child get so many bug bites

Now you know how to protect your kids from nasty insect bites!

child insect bite on face

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