90 ideas for a gorgeous aesthetic wallpaper for both your phone and laptop

by John Griffith

We live in the era of technology. Screens have become an inseparable part of our lives. According to researchers and statistics, the average US citizen will spend approximately 3 hours a day on their phone. Needless to say that these statistics don’t include the time we spend on our laptops or tablets. Even more so if, for example, you are working on a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. What that goes to show is that we spend so much time in front of a screen it has become a part of our lives, which we should also pay attention to. Which is why, today we have gathered 90 gorgeous examples of an aesthetic wallpaper you can use to decorate the screen in front of which you spend so much time. So, browse through our gallery and find the most suitable background for both your phone and your laptop.

90 ideas for an aesthetic wallpaper to grace your screen

aesthetic wallpaper, black and white photo of a snowy mountain, full moon in a black sky, mountain landscape

Aesthetic wallpaper for phones and laptops – cute aesthetic backgrounds

Tell us the truth, can you spend even a day without looking at your phone? Let’s be honest, the answer is no! But we are not judging! Having your phone in your pocket means that you have access to any information you may need at all times. Phones are handy and necessary in today’s world. What’s more, nowadays, there are lots of different accessories being sold for all phones. I guess we can say that to accessorise your phone is just as important as your own accessories. Beautiful phone cases, or even headphones in different colors are a nice way to let your personality shine through. Another way is your phone’s screen and specifically, the wallpaper. That is why, we have gathered the most gorgeous examples of an aesthetic wallpaper to grace your phone. We bet you can find exactly what you are looking for in our gallery!

We are getting summer vibes from this wallpaper

tall palm trees arranged in line, aesthetic wallpaper, photographed at sunset, yellow orange pink sky

Aesthetic wallpaper reminiscent of spring

pink and white flowers with branches, arranged on pink background, aesthetic wallpaper

Bring the colors of the rainbow to your screen

photograph of palm trees, illuminated in green pink and blue, aesthetic wallpaper, dark aesthetic

Transfer your mind to a magical world every time you unlock your phone

animated mountain landscape, aesthetic wallpaper, river flowing ending with a waterfall, mountains in the background

Aesthetic wallpaper ideas for the desktop computer at your office

If you have an office job, you probably have a nice, neat desk, which has started to feel like home by now. After all, you spent 40 (or even more) hours a week on your desk. Needless to say that the more you decorate it, the more it feels like a second home. A small plant, a few photo frames with photographs of family members, a few inspirational posters – all of these things showcase your personality. Hence, what your desk looks like, speaks volumes on who you are as a person. Therefore, you should not overlook your desktop computer’s background. Whether, you like a clean, monochromatic background, inspirational quotes, or beautiful sceneries, we have it all. You can definitely find a little something in our gallery for every mood.

Fuel your passion – inspirational quote to motivate you any time you look at your screen

fuel your passion, white neon sign, hanged on greenery wall, aesthetic backgrounds, black background

Get those city vibes with this beautiful dark aesthetic wallpaper

queens and poker signs with led lights, aesthetic backgrounds, placed over the entrance of a casino

This is one beautiful background

dark castle on a mountain covered with snow, aesthetic backgrounds, dark clouds in the sky, animated wallpaper

Enjoy those summer vibes with these cute sunflowers

animated sunflowers falling from the sky, field of sunflowers, aesthetic backgrounds, blue sky with white clouds

Transfer yourself into the clouds

animated amusement park in the clouds, aesthetic backgrounds, ferris wheel and castle, pink and purple clouds

Cute aesthetic wallpapers for your phone

aesthetic iphone wallpaper, back wing of a plane, flying in the air, blue sky with white clouds

photo collage of pictures in black, different neon signs, different quotes and flowers, aesthetic iphone wallpaper, aesthetic phone backgrounds

A little something for all the art lovers out there

color palette neon sign, hanged on pink wall, aesthetic iphone wallpaper, pink background

photograph of sky at sunset, aesthetic iphone wallpaper, moon already visible, pink and purple clouds

blue pink purple white grey and gold marble, aesthetic iphone wallpaper, colors intertwining

“The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo is one of the most famous paintings in the world

piece of creation of adam by michelangelo, pinterest wallpaper, fingers touching on blue background

You go, girl

cunning and ambitious, written over grey background, pinterest wallpaper, above green plant, aesthetic phone backgrounds

dark sky filled with stars, above a dark forest with tall trees, forest landscape, photographed at night

We are getting fun, yet rebellious vibes from this aesthetic iPhone wallpaper

pinterest wallpaper, drawing of a woman with blue hair, smoking a cigarette, drawn on pink background

drawing of a boy and girl, standing on rocks, large star between them, pinterest wallpaper, blue and pink arrows in the sky

She’s got the world at the palm of her hand

female hand with red nail polish, holding planets on yellow background, cute aesthetic wallpapers

drawing of a girl in a school uniform, astronaut's helmet on her head, cute aesthetic wallpapers, pink and blue colors

The Eiffel tower reimagined

photograph of the eiffel tower in negative, photo with a filter, cute aesthetic wallpapers, yellow orange and blue colors

ferris wheel with fairy lights, photographed at sunset, surrounded by tall palm trees, cute aesthetic wallpapers

I love you still – romantic and nostalgic blue aesthetic background

i love you still, written over the background of blue sky, cute aesthetic wallpapers, flower bush in the corner

forest landscape covered with fog, cute aesthetic backgrounds, tall dark trees, mirrored in a puddle of water

There is nothing better than crazy time spent with good friends

group of friends, standing or sitting on top of a jeep, parked on a road, cute aesthetic backgrounds, sunset purple sky, aesthetic phone backgrounds

heart shaped neon lights, in the colors of the rainbow, cute aesthetic backgrounds, hanging on wooden wall

It was all a dream neon sign

it was all a dream, red neon sign, cute aesthetic backgrounds, hanged on white wall

ouroboros snake, cute aesthetic backgrounds, drawing of snake or japanese dragon, painted in blue and red

Let it be as the famous song says

let it be written in gold, over blue background, tumblr aesthetic backgrounds, blue paint brush strokes

live forever neon sign, animated orange sun in the middle, tumblr aesthetic backgrounds, futuristic wallpaper

michelangelo's david sculpture, tumblr aesthetic backgrounds, rendering filter on it, purple aesthetic

Queensboro Bridge in New York City doesn’t get all the credit it deserves if you ask us

queensboro bridge in new york city, photographed at night, tumblr aesthetic backgrounds, city skyline in the background, aesthetic wallpapers for phone

no disappointments, written over painting of yellow sunflowers, tumblr aesthetic backgrounds, painted on white canvas

waves crashing into a beach, dark aesthetic wallpaper, white sky in the background

Red aesthetic wallpaper

photo collage of different photographs, red aesthetic, dark aesthetic wallpaper, it was all a dream, after and exit neon signs

photo collage, consisting of space photos, phases of the moon, dark aesthetic wallpaper, black and purple aesthetic

lost my head neon sign, placed on top of a building, dark aesthetic wallpaper, city skyline in the background, aesthetic wallpapers for phone

Pink aesthetic background

three pink roses, dark aesthetic wallpaper, animated paint leaking from them, painted on pink background

photograph of a bust sculpture, with a rendering filter, pink aesthetic background, dark red purple background

plane flying in the sky, pink aesthetic background, blue and pink sky

Aesthetic lockscreen

photo collage in purple colors, pink aesthetic background, neon heart shaped light and fairy lights, quotes and photos

photograph of a sky, pink aesthetic background, purple sky with white clouds

red heart shaped neon light, hanged on grey wall, pink aesthetic background, dark grey background

aesthetic lockscreen, dark sky covered with stars, over a snowy mountain landscape

black outline of a heart, aesthetic lockscreen, pink background, pink aesthetic

snowy mountain landscape, glass like like at the forefront, aesthetic lockscreen, blue sky with purple pink clouds

sponge bob inspired animated image, house with dun written on its roof aesthetic lockscreen, pink and blue sky

Futuristic wallpaper for your phone

futuristic wallpaper, aesthetic lockscreen, square neon light in the middle, illuminating in different colors

blue aesthetic background, dark purple pink sky, shooting stars across it, dark forest wit tall trees underneath

Suddenly I was a lilac sky – beautiful photo collage for your phone

suddenly i was a lilac sky, photo collage with purple colors, blue aesthetic background, city skyline on one photo, aesthetic wallpapers for phone

sun setting over a mountain landscape, blue aesthetic background, orange sky with pink and red clouds

waves crashing into rocks, blue sky with white clouds above it, blue aesthetic background, beach landscape

photograph of clear water, blue aesthetic background, waves in the water

Aesthetic desktop wallpaper

animated landscape, tall electric poles with electric cables, hanging from them over a river, pink aesthetic wallpaper, aesthetic wallpaper for laptop

animated sky, with dark purple clouds and lots of stars, pink aesthetic wallpaper, over a dark mountain landscape

Black and white gorgeousness

black and white photos, single flower in the middle of the photo, pink aesthetic wallpaper, dark blurred background

blue and white marble, pink aesthetic wallpaper, both colors intertwining together, waves like aesthetic

broken glass effect, pink aesthetic wallpaper, black background, lines recreating broken glass

aesthetic desktop wallpaper, brush strokes in different colors and forms, pink white green and gold

Sunsets are breathtaking

city skyline, photographed just after sunset, aesthetic desktop wallpaper, lights illuminated in the ocean

a flock of birds, flying over a beach at sunset, aesthetic desktop wallpaper, waves crashing into the beach

amusement park on a pier, photographed at sunset, aesthetic desktop wallpaper, lights illuminated in the ocean

dandelion flower, photographed up close, seeds flying away, blurred background, aesthetic desktop wallpaper

Lit neon sign – simple, yet aesthetically beautiful

yellow lit neon sign, aesthetic phone wallpapers, black background

green plant, photographed up close, aesthetic phone wallpapers, green aesthetic, aesthetic wallpaper for laptop

A bit of motivation for the work day – hustle

hustle written in rose gold, over white black and grey marble background, aesthetic phone wallpapers

aesthetic phone wallpapers, a group of friends, standing on top of a large rock, next to the ocean, blue sky with white clouds

lake with glass surface, surrounded by snowy mountains, photographed at sunset, aesthetic phone wallpapers, mountain landscape

New York City skyline with its staples – Empire State Building and Chrysler building

new york city skyline, red aesthetic wallpaper, purple clouds in the sky, empire state building, chrysler building

photo of a forest landscape, covered with fog, red aesthetic wallpaper, tall green trees in it

red aesthetic wallpaper, photo of a street, animated sky in purple and pink, electricity cables hanging above the street

photograph of a man, dressed in all black with a hood, carrying a backpack, red aesthetic wallpaper, rendering filter on the photo

satellite photo from above the earth, photographing another planet, red aesthetic wallpaper, sky covered with stars

painting of green palm leaves, arranged at the bottom, on pink background, aesthetic phone backgrounds, different leaves

large ferris wheel, photographed from below, aesthetic phone backgrounds, blue sky with white clouds in the background

painting of pink and white peonies, roses and orchids, aesthetic phone backgrounds, white background

palm trees appearing black, photographed at sunset, aesthetic phone backgrounds, sky in purple pink colors

Radio City Music Hall – one of the most famous concert venues in the world

aesthetic phone backgrounds, radio city music hall neon sign, on the side of the entrance, photographed at night

vintage aesthetic wallpaper, recreation of space, galaxies in yellow and orange, lots of stars, dark background

large sea tortoise, walking on the bottom of ocean, half of it above water, vintage aesthetic wallpaper, aesthetic wallpaper for laptop

recreation of space, black sky with lots of stars, vintage aesthetic wallpaper, galaxy in red and yellow

“The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh – to showcase your appreciation for art

vincent van gogh's starry night painting, vintage aesthetic wallpaper, turned into background

sun shining on tree with yellow blooms, vintage aesthetic wallpaper, clear blue sky in the background

aesthetic computer wallpaper, sunset over a pier, two lines in the sky, airplanes flying above the ocean

The littlest things is where we find the most joy

the littlest things is where we find the most joy, written over dark starry sky background, aesthetic computer wallpaper

animated city skyline, sun setting over the city, aesthetic computer wallpaper, pink and black buildings

animated city skyline, aesthetic computer wallpaper, point of view from a bridge, pink purple sky with clouds

lots of light bbulbs, hanging on strings of cables, aesthetic computer wallpaper, black background

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