8 Things You Should NOT Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner

by Maria Konou

You probably cannot imagine cleaning your home without using a vacuum cleaner. This appliance is an indispensable helper in every situation, and most of us use it on a daily basis. We clean with a vacuum cleaner so often that we don’t even think about whether we can really clean everything with this appliance. Is there any danger of damaging it if we try to clean something that is not meant to be cleaned in this way? The answer is yes! There are certain things that you should not vacuum, but instead clean some other way. In this article, we will explore the things you should not clean with a vacuum cleaner under any circumstances. If you do, your appliance can easily break and stop cleaning anything at all.

There are some common things you should not clean with a vacuum cleaner 

what not to vacuum

8 Things You Should NOT Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner

#Spilled Liquids

If you spill anything on your floor, do not head off to grab the vacuum cleaner. The wet dust will literally cement itself in the nozzle and suction tube of your vacuum cleaner. The result is an unpleasant, rotten smell, which is difficult to get rid of. So, when you spill something on your floors, make sure to absorb the liquid first before doing anything else.

Cleaning liquid with a vacuum cleaner is a recipe for disaster

things you should not vacuum

#Different types of cosmetics

Even if a product is considered “dry”, it still contains various oils and substances that begin to melt when exposed to hot air. Cleaning the filters from such a mass is almost impossible. That is why, you need to clean broken cosmetics and makeup with a moist paper towel first. After the dust is gone, you can proceed to clean with the vacuum, just to make sure.

Cosmetics contain oils that instantly melt when coming into contact with hot air 

things you should not clean with a vacuum cleaner


Flour is a very fine substance, as many bakers can confirm. Once it gets on your clothes, it is very hard to brush away. Vacuum cleaner filters are not designed to catch such small particles, so your vacuum will clog very quickly if you use it to clean spilled flour. Instead, use a moist paper towel to dispose of the dusty substance.

Flour is a fine substance that can easily clog your vacuum cleaner

what can you not vacuum with a dyson

#Coffee grounds and cocoa powder

If used coffee grounds are collected with a vacuum cleaner, they can develop a mold colony in the bag very quickly. And dry coffee grounds and cocoa powder can clog the filters and easily damage the engine. So, keep your vacuum cleaner away from these substances!

Coffee grounds and cocoa powder can cause a variety of issues when vacuumed 

what should you not vacuum with a dyson

#Dirt and dry parts of houseplants

You will be surprised to hear that dirt and dry parts of plants should not be vacuumed. If you see dead leaves or dirt on the floor, it is better to pick them up with something else. The same goes for any soil that has fallen from the carpet. These particles can easily clog the flexible hose or filters, as well as retain moisture, which is detrimental to the vacuum cleaner parts.

Soil and dry parts of plants should not be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner

what should you not vacuum

#Small pieces of paper and confetti

Sadly, the fun and vibrant confetti clogs the vacuum cleaner very quickly. Then the unit overheats and the motor gets damaged. So, you might want to lay off the indoor festivities, or you might be cleaning confetti all day with a broom!

Small pieces of paper and confetti should be cleaned with a broom, and not vacuumed 

what should you never vacuum

As you can see, there are many common things that you should not clean with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is an amazing appliance that can help you maintain the look and cleanliness of your home. However, a vacuum cleaner also requires special care and maintenance to work properly and for a long time. If you use this appliance to vacuum coffee grounds or plant soil, you will soon see just how damaged it can get! So, be smart and remember these tips the next time you are cleaning your home!

Now you know which are the things you should not clean with a vacuum cleaner!

what not to vacuum with a dyson

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