8 Creative Uses for Nail Polish You Need to Know

by Maria Konou

Nail polish is a key part of every beautiful manicure. However, many people do not know that this product has many other alternative uses that can make your everyday life easier. From sealing envelopes to color coding your household items – the list is very long and definitely creative! The best part is that nail polish is very cheap, and it can be a fast solution for a variety of day-to-day situations. So, if you want to explore all the creative uses for nail polish, continue reading:

Let’s explore the most creative uses for nail polish you need to know

all the uses for nail polish

8 Creative Uses for Nail Polish You Need to Know

#Stop a run in your tights

Nylon tights and stockings are extremely vulnerable and prone to runs, especially the thinner ones. And, while you cannot stop a loop from dropping, you can prevent it from spreading. Simply dab on some nail polish, preferably clear on the run, and let it dry. This is a great hack for busy mornings when you do not have any other option. This quick fix will surely help you save money, and prolong the life of all of your tights!

Some clear nail polish can stop a run in your favorite pair of tights

other uses for clear nail polish

#Fix frayed shoelaces

Over time, your favorite shoelaces can easily unravel and have fibers sticking out of them. Until you find a new fit for your shoes, you can stop the untying with some nail polish. Just coat your laces with a nail polish similar to the color of your shoes. You can always use clear nail polish if you are in doubt. This hack will seal the fabrics of the laces and slow down the fraying.

Nail polish can help save your shoes laces until you buy a replacement 

alternative uses for nail polish

#Remove rust

Nail polish can help protect various metal objects and surfaces from rust. It works best on metal containers. Just coat the bottom of the container or object with some nail polish. It will protect the metal from any contact with water and air, reducing the risk of rust forming.

Nail polish can protect metal objects from rust when applied directly 

creative uses for old nail polish

#Fix up wooden furniture

Scratches often appear on wooden furniture, and they are difficult to prevent. Daily use increases the risk of scratching and depreciation of your favorite pieces of furniture. But you can easily cover up the scratches using nail polish. Just dab on a little clear polish on the scratched area, and wait it to dry. It will help smooth and fill the surface and make the scratches less visible.

Nail polish can help bring wooden furniture back to life

creative uses for nail polish

#Tighten loose screws

Loose screws happen most frequently if they are screwed into wooden furniture. Over time, holes in wood expand, especially with frequent use, such as wooden door handles. You can tighten the screws by unscrewing them first, removing them, applying some nail polish on the area and screwing them back in. This will help tighten the screws again, giving them a better hold.

This hack can help salvage the situation while you find a more permanent fix

maria lupan ziz4q21w9vc unsplash

#Close a letter envelope

If you don’t have glue on hand, you can actually use nail polish to seal letter envelopes. Just reach for a clear nail polish and use the brush to apply a thin layer on the edges. Voilà!

No glue? No problem! Reach for some clear nail polish instead

different uses for nail polish remover

#Color code your items

Another creative use of nail polish that you probably did not expect is to color code your items with colorful nail polish. If you have several members in your family under one roof, things can get confusing. So, use some nail polish to color code your items. You can use it for your keys, or boxes that you use for storage. This simple trick can help organize your home, and add a touch of personalization.

Color code, various household objects using some colorful nail polish

cool uses for nail polish

#Prevent jewelry from tarnishing

You can easily extend the life of your jewelry with some nail polish. Just apply a thin layer of clean nail polish to your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The nail polish creates a protective layer that stands between the jewelry and your skin, thus limiting the chances of tarnishing!

A thin layer of clear nail polish can protect your jewelry from tarnishing

different uses for clear nail polish

As you can see, there are many creative uses of nail polish that can easily save you in a last-minute situation. Remember to buy some inexpensive clear nail polish, so you can use it for a variety of things around the house. With a dash of creativity, your nail polish can be a practical tool you use on the daily!

These were the most creative uses of nail polish!

practical ways to use nail polish

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