7 Creative Ways to Use Baby Powder You Wish You Knew Earlier

by Maria Konou

Every practical housewife and vain lady should have baby powder handy in her home or in her handbag at all times. Why? Despite its name, baby powder is not just for babies. This ordinary product actually hides unsuspected magical properties and creative uses. This sweet-smelling white powder can do far more than just prevent a baby’s diaper rash. In reality, you can do so much with this special powder – from keeping your pets smelling fresh to using it for a good night’s sleep. This is a multi-purpose tool that will definitely come in handy around the house. The best part is that baby powder is also super reasonably priced. You can substitute a variety of more expensive goods with one single container of the powder and still get A LOT done. So, here are the most creative ways to use baby powder:

Let’s see all the different uses of baby powder

cool ways to use baby powder

Brilliant Ways to Use Baby Powder

#For Your Shoes

Shoes get smelly very easily, especially in the summer months. So, to combat that, sprinkle some baby powder in your shoes, and it will absorb the unpleasant smells. What’s more, you can also rub a small amount of the powder on your feet to prevent unpleasant rubbing and sweating when wearing heels! So, to keep your feet happy and fresh, keep some of this magical powder on hand! Also, see these tricks for eliminating odors in your home!

Baby powder is great for eliminating odors in your shoes 

can i use baby powder as foot powder

#For Good Sleep

Are you one of those people who overheat easily while sleeping? If you also happen to sweat a lot during the night, this hack is for you! Use some powder and sprinkle it on your sheets to ensure a nice, cool, and moisture-free night’s sleep. This is a great way to keep cool during the summer!

Did you know that a powder for babies can help you sleep better?

different ways to use baby powder

#To Remove Sand

With some baby powder in your beach bag, you can immediately remove the unpleasant sand clinging to your feet. When you are ready to go home after a long beach day, just take some of the powder, sprinkle it on your feet, and dust away the sand with a towel or your hand.

Easily remove the sand from your feet on the beach with this hack

how to use baby powder to get sand off

#For Hair Removal

Whoever says waxing doesn’t hurt is either a liar or has high-pain tolerance. If you apply some powder on your skin before waxing, the strips will only pull out the hairs without hurting your skin. So, if you are an experienced fan of waxing or want to try it for the first time, make sure to use some baby powder for pain-free hair removal.

Baby powder is great for protecting your skin when waxing

are you supposed to use baby powder before waxing

#As a Deodorant

Forgot to put on deodorant when you were rushing out of your house in the morning? That’s not a problem if you have some powder for babies on hand. Use a pinch of it to freshen up your underarms during the day. It will keep the moisture away from your armpits. If you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated, see these tricks for getting rid of bumps.

Use baby powder as a deodorant to keep your armpits moisture-free

use baby powder as deodorant

#For Your Pet

Did you know that your pet will smell better if you gently rub a small amount of powder into his fur? This might be the easiest grooming hack ever. However, this is not a good hack for cats, as they like to lick and bathe themselves daily!

Make your furry friend smell nice and fresh 

can you use baby powder on dogs

#As Dry Shampoo

Yes, baby shampoo is the ultimate dry shampoo ingredient. If you don’t want to spend money on a hair product, use some baby powder instead. Just sprinkle some of it on your roots and gently rub it in until the white cast is gone! Voilà! Your hair is grease-free and super voluminous, just like that. Did you know that this baby powder trick was actually one of Marilyn Monroe’s best-kept beauty secrets?

Baby powder doubles as a dry shampoo that keeps your hair voluminous

how to use baby powder for greasy hair

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