6 Ways to Save Electricity While Ironing Your Clothes

by Maria Konou

Ironing your clothes is a chore everyone faces at least once a week. However, not many people know that this simple chore is actually one of the most energy-consuming household tasks. From heating the appliance to the right temperature to keeping it hot for minutes on end while you are ironing, ironing sure takes up a lot of energy. But what if we told you that there are a couple of ways to save electricity while ironing your clothes? By making a few simple changes in your laundry and ironing routine, you will be able to cut back on your costs and enjoy a more eco-friendly way of ironing your clothes. In this article, we will explore a few different ways to cut down your costs, while still maintaining your clothes super sooth and crinkle free. So, let’s take a look at these smart and effective ideas for ironing on a budget!

There are many creative ways to save electricity while ironing your clothes

clothes iron energy saving tips

Ways to Save Electricity While Ironing Your Clothes

Start with the laundry

If you think the secret to ironing your clothes perfectly is in the iron – you are actually wrong. The way you wash your clothes also directly affects the condition of the fabrics and the appearance of wrinkles. If you overfill the washing machine drum, your clothes will come out a lot more wrinkled, and therefore they will take a lot more time and effort to iron. The second trick is stretching and drying the clothes before ironing. If you hang your damp clothes to dry on hangers, they will have far fewer creases. Some fabrics may even not require any ironing. Once the clothes are somewhat dry, go over them and iron any creases. Then fold them neatly or stash them in the wardrobe straight on the hangers.

Overfilling your washing machine drum will make your clothes more wrinkly

ways to save electricity ironing clothes

Don’t iron every day

If you have a day-to-day ironing habit, you need to quit. Daily ironing means turning on the iron and heating it up for a few clothing items, which definitely wastes more electricity than if you iron all the laundry together. Many people prefer to iron all the laundry at once, as soon as it is dry. And, we have a trick that can make the process even easier. When ironing, sort the clothes by the type of fabric. Start ironing the faux fabrics, since they require the lowest iron temperature. Gradually work your way up to the hardest clothes to iron – your jeans, for example. This will not only save you a lot of effort, but will also reduce your electricity consumption in the long run.

Wait until laundry day to iron all of your clothes

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Iron clothes slightly damp

When your clothes are slightly damp, they are much quicker and easier to iron. This also means that you will be using the iron for a shorter period of time, which is great news for your electricity. Not only that, but your clothes will be super smooth and crinkle-free thanks to all the steam! So, wait until your clothes are almost dry to iron them, or take a little spray bottle filled with water.

This trick will cut your costs and make your clothes super smooth

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Make sure to deep clean your iron often

Irons are generally resistant to dirt, but they do require some maintenance on your part. It is especially important, so that the steam vents don’t get clogged. If this happens, you will make ironing a lot more difficult, and you will have to use your iron for much longer to achieve the desired result. Irons have different coatings, so make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them. What’s more, some models come with a special self-cleaning feature, while others require a little more specific care. But either way, this care will pay off. A universal way to clean an iron is to scrub the plate with a soft cloth and dishwashing detergent, then wipe it with a cloth soaked in clean water. Then clean the steam holes with some white vinegar or a special anti-limescale cleaner. Take a look at our iron cleaning guide to find the best cleaning methods and hacks.

You can easily take care of your iron with basic kitchen ingredients

how to save energy while ironing

Purchase an iron with a high energy efficiency class

The newer models of irons are getting better and better at saving energy while still keeping their ability to iron your clothes perfectly. To save electricity, make sure to choose an iron with an A or B energy efficiency rating. These models use minimal electricity, but they still get the job done! In addition, some models have steam features to penetrate the fabric deeper and stretch out any creases.

Choose an iron that uses minimal electricity, but still works great

how to save electricity when ironing clothes

Use a good ironing board

You might have never given a single thought about your ironing board. However, there are models on the market that are able to save you electricity while ironing. Some models of ironing boards have surfaces that reflect the heat from the iron and return it to the clothes. This will make ironing your laundry twice as quick and easy. As they say, work smarter, not harder!

Your ironing board can help you save money on the electricity bill

how can we help conserve electricity when ironing the clothes

In conclusion, ironing your clothes does not have to a tedious and energy-consuming chore. If you implement these simple changes in your day-to-day life, your electricity bill will go down, and your clothes will be perfectly ironed with minimal effort. From ironing your clothes when they are slightly damp to making use of smart laundry practices, there are many ways to be more eco-friendly and save money in the process. So, the next time you are doing the laundry, keep these ironing tips and tricks in mind!

Now you know the best ways to save electricity while ironing your clothes!

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