5 Clever Tricks for Ironing Clothes Without an Iron

by Maria Konou

The iron is one of the most useful household tools that not only keeps our clothes crinkle-free, but it also kills bacteria. You might think skipping the ironing is okay, but in reality, it keeps our clothes free of bacteria and allergens. But what should you do if your iron is broken, or you don’t have one at the moment? You can’t just leave your pile of wrinkled clothes! Well, if that is the case, we are here to help. In this article, we will show you the most clever and easy tricks for ironing clothes without an iron. That way, you will never have to worry if you find yourself in this situation. You can also use these genius hacks when you are travelling or camping! So, without further ado, let’s see how you can easily tackle wrinkled clothes without using a clothing iron:

Wondering what to do if your clothing iron is broken?

ironing clothes without an iron

Let’s take a look at the most clever tricks for ironing clothes without an iron!

ironing clothes without using an iron

Clever Tricks for Ironing Clothes Without an Iron

#With a Hairdryer

A hairdryer can be your best friend for those times when you don’t have an iron. Its hot stream can help you quickly iron your wrinkled clothes when you are vacationing. To do that, just point the dryer’s jet at the garment at an angle. Start moving the hairdryer in a top-down direction so as to straighten the creases. If the clothing is made of very delicate fabrics, apply a cheesecloth on top to avoid damaging it with the hot hair dryer.

A hairdryer can help you straighten creases while you are vacationing

how to unwrinkle a shirt without an iron

#Using a Wet Cloth

For this trick, you need to moisten a cloth with warm water. Squeeze it as hard as you can so there is no excess water running off. Then just apply it to the wrinkled clothing you want to wear. Press the top with some kitchen paper and then a heavy object with a flat surface. Leave the clothing like this for a while until the cloth dries and the creases are smoothed out. You can also use a hairdryer to further smooth and perfect the results.

An ordinary piece of cloth and some water can help iron your clothes

can you iron clothes without an ironing board

#Use The Moisture of The Shower

A steamy shower can not only relax you, but also help iron your wrinkled clothes. Just hang your clothes on hangers and run the hot water of the shower. Let the clothes sit like that for a while to let the steam do its work. You can then press the clothes with a heavy object or pillow to further smooth them out. The best time to do this trick is after a hot shower, so you don’t waste any water!

A hot, steamy shower can double as a way to iron your clothes

how to iron clothes without iron

#Use White Vinegar

Dissolve one part vinegar in three parts water. After that, spray the clothes with this mixture and hang them on hangers on the balcony or outside. This will both smooth out the creases and air out the clothes to remove the vinegar smell. Vinegar has the ability to help straighten wrinkled fabrics. You can also use the tea kettle by boiling some water and vinegar in it. Then place the wrinkled garment over the kettle so that the steam can go into it. This will help smooth out any creases. Voilà!

Who knew, vinegar can help you iron your clothes when you don’t have an iron!

ironing a shirt without an iron

#Use a Hair Straightener

An ordinary hair straightener can also be used instead of an iron. If you don’t currently have an iron, simply iron the thing you want to wear using a hair straightener. This appliance has hair-friendly features, which can also protect your clothes from damage.

Remove wrinkles using an ordinary hair straightener

how to iron a shirt without an iron or dryer

And, here are some more suggestions for when you don’t have an ironing board

how to iron clothes without using an iron

These were the most clever tricks for ironing clothes without a clothing iron. Remember to always check the labels first and see what the manufacturers advise. Nevertheless, these tips and tricks can easily save you when you don’t have access to an iron!

Now you know the best tricks for ironing clothes without a clothing iron! 

how to get wrinkles out of clothes without iron

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