6 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Coffee Table

by Maria Konou

Finding a coffee table may seem like an easy task, but it is actually very far from it. In order to make the perfect choice for your home and way of living, make sure to take into account everything! In this article, we will show you the most common mistakes people make when choosing a coffee table, so you can avoid them! Let’s see the six most common mistakes:

It is time to help you choose the perfect coffee table for your home

how to choose round or square coffee table

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Coffee Table

#Mistake 1: A Hasty Purchase

It often happens that you see a beautiful coffee table in a store or on Instagram. And you immediately want the same one for yourself, and you rush to buy it. A hasty purchase, however, can make your dream coffee table a bulky object that will be more of an annoyance than anything else. That is why it is important to first consider how often and what exactly will you be using your coffee table for. For example, if you like to eat in front of the TV, then maybe you need a taller model. Or maybe you need somewhere to put a coffee mug and a book on? Then a side table will be ideal. And, if you want to display vases and decoration items, then the model should be impressive, but at the same time not too much for the space. Always base your coffee table choice on your actual needs, not on how good everything looks in a picture.

A coffee table you found on Pinterest might not be practical for your everyday life

how to choose a coffee table style

#Mistake 2: Wrong Size

Another common mistake is oversizing the model. A large coffee table or group of tables may be too bulky for a small living room. On the contrary, a model that is too small in a large living room will be dysfunctional, as it is unlikely to hold everything you need.

Another common mistake when choosing a coffee table is oversizing the model

how to choose the size of a coffee table

When choosing a coffee table, always consider the dimensions of the living room and adjoining furniture. In a spacious living room with a large sofa or group of sofas, it would be appropriate to use a large table or a group of tables. For small living rooms, choose compact models with glass tops (they are visually lighter). Also, there should always be a passage between the sofa and the table so that it does not obstruct free movement.

In a spacious living room, it would be appropriate to use a large table or a group of tables

how to pick a coffee table

#Mistake 3: Incorrect Height

Knees resting on the countertop, a tall vase blocking the TV – these are minor issues related to the wrong choice of coffee table height. This can significantly spoil your living room rest. That is why it is important to consider this issue in advance. A low coffee table is an elegant solution for the living room, especially if you decorate it with a beautiful vase with an arrangement of flowers.

A tall vase blocking the TV is an issue related to the wrong choice of coffee table height

choosing a coffee table

However, this option is not suitable for you if you are going to dine in front of the TV, or you have small children or animals in the house. There is a simple rule you need to follow – choose a coffee table at approximately the same height as the sofa seat. That way, it will be suitable for most of your everyday needs.

Choose a coffee table at approximately the same height as the sofa seat

how to choose a coffee table shape

#Mistake 4: Wrong Material

When choosing a coffee table for the living room, pay close attention to the material. It directly depends on how and for what you will use your coffee table for. There are many nice models made of shiny metal, but the sharp corners and glossy finish that shows off fingerprints are not the best options for families with young children. The clear glass and black lacquer are for those who plan to eat pizza and chips at the table while watching TV shows. Marble, polished metal, and mirrored glass are good options for those who are willing to constantly care for the surface and keep it in good condition. But these materials are not the best option for families with young children. A more practical solution for a family is a coffee table made of wood, laminate, or acrylic, which is easy to clean.

When choosing a coffee table for the living room, pay close attention to the material

choosing coffee table size

#Mistake 5: Wrong Shape

There are many shapes of coffee tables – round, square, rectangular, polygonal, etc. Choosing the right shape is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In order for the interior to appear balanced, it is important not to make a mistake here. Round and oval coffee tables allow you to make the interior more welcoming, and homely, and help balance rectangular and square objects. On the other hand, rectangular and square tables require more space and emphasize the strict lines of the room. For a large sofa group with two sofas facing each other, a rectangular table is more suitable. A round one, on the contrary, looks better with a sofa and an armchair with a pouf (or chaise). A compact table is a good option for a small living room where every square inch counts. A square coffee table is also perfect for displaying beautiful decorations and sculptures.

Round and oval coffee tables actually make the interior more welcoming and cozy

mistakes when choose coffee table just right for you

#Mistake 6: Wrong Location

Finally, another common mistake is to place the coffee table too far away from the sofa. This means you have to get up whenever you need to put down a cup, pick up a magazine, or place the TV remote on the table. It is very inconvenient. A rectangular table fits perfectly between two sofas, especially if they are slightly rounded. Be sure to place it in such a way that it is convenient to approach it from all sides. Move the table closer to the sofa, so it is easily accessible from where you usually sit. This will make your free time in the living room as comfortable as possible!

Make sure to place your coffee table somewhere your pets cannot easily reach

how to choose coffee table height

These were all the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a coffee table. The most important tip to remember is to never rush into any rash decisions that affect your daily life. If you take your time to find the perfect coffee table, it will surely be worth the effort!

Now you know how to choose the perfect coffee table for your home! 

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