6 Clever Cornstarch Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

by Maria Konou

Starch will not only help you make the perfect sleek sauce for dinner, but it will also make your everyday life easier! How? Well, you would be surprised to learn that you can use cornstarch to do almost anything! From cleaning and polishing to deodorizing and removing stains – starch does it all! This tasteless and odorless white powder is usually made from potatoes, corn, wheat, and rice. It is mainly used in cooking, but as we will show you in this article it has many benefits in the home. So, if you want to see the most clever cornstarch hacks that will literally change your life, keep on reading:

Cornstarch is an ingredient that is usually used in cooking 

hacks for cornstarch

But these cornstarch hacks will literally make your life easier

cornstarch cleaning hacks

Cornstarch Hacks That Will Change Your Life

#Removes Stains

Mix some starch and water to make a thick mixture, and rub it on a blood or ink stain. Then let the clothes dry and remove the excess starch. If necessary, repeat the process and then wash the clothes normally. Starch is excellent at removing traces of grease or dirt, as well. To do this, sprinkle the powder on the dirty area, rub it lightly with a sponge and set aside for 20–30 minutes. Finally, wash as normal and voilà!

Starch is great for removing traces of blood and ink stains

corn starch household hacks

#Polishes Furniture, Silverware and Cars

Polish your wooden furniture with some starch and water! To do so, first clean the furniture thoroughly and then spread the starchy paste on a soft, clean cloth. Then polish the wood until it shines. What’s more, you can also polish your car and silverware using the same method.

Polish your wooden furniture, silverware, and car with a starchy paste

how to use corn starch in home

#Purifies and Absorbs Odors

Starch is also great for purifying and absorbing bad odors from textiles, shoes, toys, etc. To do so, take a cotton bag and place the items you want to deodorize in it. Then sprinkle with some cornstarch, tie the bag tightly and shake it a few times. Leave the bag unopened for a day at least, and then shake the starch off the items. Voilà!

Starch can easily deodorize and purify your shoes, clothes, bags, textiles, and toys

how to use corn starch in household

#A Natural Antiperspirant

If you sweat a lot, but you are sensitive to industrial deodorants and harsh ingredients, then use cornstarch! The ingredients in deodorants are not good for the body or the environment, so switching to a more natural deodorant alternative is a must. You can powder your armpits with some starch, which prevent sweating and bad odor.

Starch acts as a natural deodorant that prevents sweating and bad odor

can you use cornstarch without cooking

#Treats Sunburn and Insect Bites

If you burn a lot in the sun or tend to attract mosquitos like honey, then consider giving cornstarch a go. Apply a thick paste of starch and water on the affected skin area. Once it is dry, rinse with cold water.

Starch can help with skin conditions like sunburn and insect bites

ways to use corn starch

#Cleans Windows and Mirrors

You might not suspect it, but starch can actually help you clean your windows and mirrors. Just add some starch and white vinegar to hot water. Spray the mixture on the glass surface and polish with a soft cloth or a sponge. The result is sparkling clean windows and mirrors!

Mix starch and white vinegar to clean your windows and mirrors

surprising ways to use corn starch

These were the best cornstarch hacks that you need in your everyday life! Scroll down to find more interesting articles about common ingredients and products and their unusual uses in the household.

Use these unusual cornstarch hacks to make your life easier!

corn starch life hacks

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