5 Vitamins & Minerals That Relieve Allergy Symptoms in Summer

by Maria Konou

No matter how many fruits and vegetables we snack on during the warmer days, our bodies have specific needs to fill during this season. And while we see all sorts of temperature fluctuations, right now allergens are at their peak and their unpleasant effects can’t pass us by. That is why it is important to do something to alleviate the symptoms. Experts say that there are several vitamins and minerals that actually help relieve allergy symptoms in the summer. You can get enough of these valuable nutrients with a healthy, balanced diet, and by taking them in the form of supplements. In this article, we will show you the vitamins and minerals that relive allergy symptoms, so you can enjoy your time outside as much as possible!

Let’s explore the vitamins and minerals that help relieve allergy symptoms in the summer!

what supplements can help with allergies

5 Vitamins & Minerals That Relieve Allergy Symptoms in Summer


One of the most effective tools in treating allergy symptoms is actually zinc. Increasing the amount of it in the body can prevent an allergy attack or even limit an allergic reaction. Specialists say that zinc deficiency in the body can be a prerequisite for allergies. Zinc also improves the condition of the sinuses and breathing, which is crucial for all allergy sufferers. The recommended daily amount of zinc is around 9.5 mg for men, and around 7 mg for women.

A zinc deficiency in the body can be a prerequisite for allergies

do vitamins help with allergies

So, eat more of these zinc-rich foods to up your daily intake

vitamins relieve allergy symptoms


Selenium is also important for people suffering from allergies. People who are deficient in selenium actually have a higher chance of developing respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma. On the other hand, an appropriate selenium consumption has been linked with a reduced risk of the severity of allergic reactions.  However, remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplements, as your individual health has to be evaluated.

A selenium deficiency is actually more common in Europe 

what vitamins are good for allergies

These selenium-rich foods will give you a healthy boost of this nutrient

vitamins for allergy relief

#Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an expert at boosting immunity. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that also helps with the presence of allergies. According to a study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, people who regularly get optimal amounts of vitamin C through food or supplements have less frequent allergic reactions. Or, they do not suffer from allergies at all caused by external factors like the environment, pollen, dust, and pets. People between the ages of 19 and 64 should take around 40 mg of immune-boosting vitamin per day.

Vitamin C is a great immune-boosting antioxidant that helps with allergies

does vitamin c help allergy symptoms

Eat more of these vitamin C-rich foods to up your natural intake 

can vitamin c help with allergic reaction


According to studies, daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of allergies by up to 30%. Therefore, pregnant women are often advised to take this dietary supplement to prevent the baby from being born with an intolerance to certain foods. In addition, omega-3s increase blood flow, strengthen the heart and boost your immunity. The recommended daily dose of this supplement is 450 mg. You can get a good amount of this fatty acid if you consume one to two servings of fish a week.

Omega-3s are extremely important for your overall health, as well as reducing the risk of allergies

vitamins and minerals for allergies

Eat more of this omega-3-rich foods to give your body a good boost

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#Vitamin D

The last vitamin on our list of allergy relievers is vitamin D! This vitamin is great for reducing inflammation in the body and supporting your immune system. Furthermore, research shows that this vitamin is also beneficial for alleviating allergy symptoms. So, try to get as much vitamin D from the sun as possible, and include certain healthy foods like fatty fish in your menu!

Vitamin D is a great nutrient for supporting your overall health and alleviating allergies

does vitamin d help with allergic rhinitis

Consume more of these vitamin D-rich foods for a strong immune system

best vitamins and minerals for allergies

Now you know which vitamins and minerals help relieve allergy symptoms! Remember to do your research and consult your general practice before taking any supplements. Better safe, than sorry!

These were the main vitamins and minerals that help relieve allergy symptoms in summer!

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