5 Reasons Why Your Dishes Aren’t Washing Properly

by Maria Konou

Washing the dishes is a terribly tedious duty for many people. This is why we turn to the help of technology and choose to use a dishwasher for this unpleasant part of the household chores. In many cases, however, disappointments also occur when dishes come out dirty from the dishwasher. This literally doubles the job, instead of making things so much easier! The result is that you will have to wash everything all over again. But, what causes dishes to come out of the dishwasher dirty, and how can you fix these mistakes? In this article, we will give you all the answers. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why your dishes aren’t washing properly and what you can do about it!

Sometimes dishes come out dirty even after washing them in the dishwasher

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Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why your dishes aren’t washing properly

dishes aren't drying in dishwasher

Reasons Why Your Dishes Aren’t Washing Properly

You are NOT rinsing them well (before placing them in the dishwasher)

Many people save themselves this crucial step, and it is one of the main reasons dishes come out dirty of the dishwasher. Not rinsing them at all or enough, means you are left with dried-on residue that may not wash well in the dishwasher. That is why you always need to rinse your dishes immediately after eating. That way, you will have no problem getting rid of any food residue!

Make sure to rinse your dishes immediately after you are finished eating or cooking

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You are NOT using hot water

Hot water can very easily help dissolve dried food and drink residue on dishes and cups. This will make washing them in the dishwasher much easier and the result better quality. If you rinse your dishes and utensils with cold water or run a cool-to-cold water wash cycle in the dishwasher, don’t be surprised if the dishes come out dirty.

Cold water does not wash dishes very well, even in a dishwasher

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You are NOT stacking the dishes in the right direction

If you stack the dishes in different directions without thinking about where the dishwasher stream is coming from, this could be a reason why your dishes are dirty. It is very important to arrange everything according to the nozzles so that the jet is well directed. Also, make sure not to overcrowd the basket, so the water can flow freely and do its job. At the end of this article, you will find a guide for how to properly load and arrange your dishwasher, so stay tuned!

You need to load and arrange your dishwasher properly 

dishes aren't getting clean in dishwasher

You place cups in the bottom of the basket

This is a common mistake that many people don’t know about. Cups and mugs can easily block the path of the water in your dishwasher, causing the dishes to stay dirty. Since the cups act as an umbrella for the water, it is important to place them at the top of the basket so that the water and detergent can pass freely.

Place cups and mugs at the top of the basket, so they can wash properly

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You are grouping utensils by type

It may seem logical to separate utensils into forks, spoons, and knives in the basket, but this is actually the wrong strategy. When you stack lots of spoons next to each other, for example, they stop water from spurting much more steadily than if they were arranged randomly. The uniform shapes of the utensils help block the water, causing the utensils to come out dirty. That is why, you shouldn’t group utensils by type!

Don’t group your utensils by type and category in the dishwasher

dishes are dirty after dishwasher

These were the most common reasons your dishes aren’t washing in the dishwasher. Correcting these common mistakes and using our handy tips will give you sparkling-clean results every time! Scroll below to find our best dishwasher articles that will make you a pro at loading and arranging your dishwasher!

Now you know the most common reasons your dishes aren’t washing properly!

dishes aren't clean after dishwasher

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