5 Odd Tricks That Will Help Keep your Plants Healthy

by Maria Konou

You know how healthy plants are happy plants? Well, we will argue that a happy plant is a healthy plant! What this means is that by keeping your plants happy, they will in return grow bigger, stronger, and healthier! And, by that we don’t mean doing the usual things like watering, fertilizing, pruning, and repotting. These are the basics that every beginner gardener knows and hopefully does. What we are talking about are the little, extra, odd ways to keep your indoor plants happy. In this article, we will share with you 5 weird tricks that will help keep your greenery healthy and super happy:

Let’s see which are the weirdest but coolest ways to keep your plants healthy and happy

Weird Tricks That Will Help Keep your Plants Healthy

#Name your plants

Naming your plants might sound odd, but hear us out. Naming your indoor plants will make you more connected to them. You will remember to water them more regularly, and it solidifies the idea that your plants are here to stay long-term. If your plants have a name, you will most likely view them as thirsty rather than an object that needs water. This will make you more empathetic towards your plants, which in return will make you take care of them better!

Naming your plants gives them personality and creates a stronger bond


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#Talk to your plants

Talking to your plants has more benefits than you might have thought. Researchers have proven that talking in a positive way to your plants will actually make them grow bigger and healthier. On the contrary, being negative and mean, will stunt their growth and make them miserable. So, just tell your plants that they are doing great, that they will grow big and healthy, and that you absolutely love them!

Talking to your plants in a positive way, will make them grow bigger and stronger

#Shower with (some) plants

Some tropical plants love moisture, mist, and humidity. However, if you do not have these conditions naturally at your home, you can try a few tricks. For example, take your humidity-loving plants into the bathroom the next time you are showering. The steam from the hot water will be like a gift to these plants! Moreover, you can also purchase a humidifier that you keep close by these tropical beauties at all times. We promise that your plants will absolutely love this! Here are the best plants to place in your bathroom!

Try putting your humid-loving plants in the bathroom while you shower

#Gently shake your plants

Yes, that’s right, give your plants a good shake every now and then. In nature, the wind and breeze gently shake plants. By mimicking this natural motion using your hands, your plants will be stimulated and happy. This will also make the roots and stems more durable and stronger. Just be careful and use a gentle motion, you don’t want to rip your plants out of their pots.

Gently shaking your plants will stimulate their root system and stem

#Take your indoor plants outside

Plants naturally grow outside, right? So, why not take your indoor beauties outside from time to time? When the weather is nice, this will be a wonderful way for your plants to take in some natural sunshine and fresh air. It is best to do this in the morning and early afternoon. During the evenings and nights, however, it is most likely too cold for your plants.

Leave your plants outside for some sunshine and fresh air 


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These were all of our odd ideas to help keep your plants super healthy and happy at all times! Make sure to do your research, depending on what your plants like individually. Some might like to spend more time in your humid bathroom, while others might love to spend some time outside in the sun.

Now you know all the ways to keep your plants healthy and super happy

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