5 High-Maintenance Cat Breeds That You Will Love Unconditionally

by John Griffith

Cats are famous for being relatively low-maintenance pets. They are also often considered to be self-sufficient. However, this isn’t really the truth. Contrary to popular belief they don’t do great when left alone for long periods of time and actually prefer spending time with their humans. These furry felines are usually way more affectionate than many people expect them to be. In general, all cats require some level of care and attention. However, there are some breeds that need a lot more maintenance than others. Despite these breeds being high-maintenance, you will still love them unconditionally. They make excellent companions and will bring you copious amounts of joy on the daily. These furry friends will reward you with their unconditional friendship and affection for all the extra work you put in. Check out some high-maintenance cat breeds that are worth all the extra care.

There are some breeds that need a lot more maintenance than others

high maintenance cat breeds sphynx cat

High-Maintenance Cat Breeds

Cats make wonderful companions. They are loving, fun, and cute as a button. While most breeds tend to be relatively low-maintenance, there are some that need extra care in order to thrive. Based on their grooming needs, health concerns, or energy levels some cats are thought to be high-maintenance. Check out some cat breeds that may need extra maintenance but are worth the work.

Cats make wonderful companions

munchkin cat in gray


Persians are generally calm and quiet cats that love to snuggle with their owners. They have a sweet temper and make great family cats. However, the cute Persian has a long and thick coat. While it’s delightful to pet, this type of coat is very prone to matting. This means that this breed needs daily brushing to prevent any mats and tangles from appearing. Not only that but due to their flat faces these kitties may experience problems with breathing and are prone to dental problems. Due to their facial structure, their eyes also require special attention as tear staining is common in this breed. Their facial folds will also need regular cleaning in order to prevent skin infections.

Persians are generally calm and quiet cats that love to snuggle with their owners

high maintenance cat breeds white persian cat


Even though you won’t have to deal with shedding, the hairless sphynx cat still requires a lot of maintenance. Their lack of fur means that they are prone to skin issues and will need baths on the regular to remove excess oils that build up on the skin. You will also need to keep their skin hydrated. Since they don’t have any fur they are also extra sensitive to temperature extremes, so you will need to keep them in a climate-controlled environment. On the bright side, you can dress them in cute sweaters. Their large ears may be charming, but they also accumulate a lot of ear wax, so you will need to clean them regularly. Other than that they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to feel their best.

The hairless sphynx cat requires a lot of maintenance

high maintenance cat breeds hairless sphynx cat

#Maine Coon

These friendly giants are very social and love spending time with their loved ones. They make great pets if you work from home, as they can quickly become lonely if left alone for a long time. The beautiful coat of the Maine coon can also become matted and easily tangled if it doesn’t get brushed on the regular. Since they are larger than most cat breeds they will also need plenty of space where they can freely move around and get some movement in. It’s also important to keep in mind that due to their large size, they are at a higher rate of obesity, so make sure you feed them a healthy diet, and they get plenty of exercise.

These friendly giants are very social and love spending time with their loved ones

orange maine coon


Similar to the Persian, the Himalayan also has a long, fluffy, and luxurious coat. It’s beautiful to look at and heavenly to pet. However, it requires regular maintenance in order to look its best and to lower the risk of matting and tangling. This breed also has a bit of a squished face, so regularly cleaning in between their folds is a must to avoid skin irritation and tear staining. Himalayan cats have a very gentle temperament and are super affectionate. While these are great qualities, it does make them a bit dependent on human companionship, so they tend to get lonely quickly. Once again like the Persian, this breed also can struggle with dental issues and respiratory problems.

The Himalayan has a long, fluffy, and luxurious coat

himalayan cat breed


This kitty is famous for its adorable short legs and fluffy coats. You can find this breed in a variety of coat lengths. So, if you choose one with a longer coat, expect to do a lot more grooming than one with a shorter coat. We don’t want any tangles and matting to occur. While their short legs are super cute, it does make it harder for them to reach certain places, so you may need to make adjustments around your home to make it more accessible for them. Munchkins are also quite playful and active in nature, so they need plenty of playtime and exercise to stay happy and healthy.

This kitty is famous for its adorable short legs and fluffy coats

small munchkin cat

These are some of the most high-maintenance cat breeds. We hope you found this article useful. Even though these kitties need some extra care, they are worth all the love and attention you will give them. These furry felines will love you unconditionally for all the care you give them.

These are some of the most high-maintenance cat breeds

high maintenance cat breeds two persian cats

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