Eat More Chocolate! 5+ Amazing Benefits Of Eating Chocolate Everyday

by John Griffith

Who said eating chocolate can’t be a part of a healthy diet? Well, technically not all chocolate. Cacao beans in their natural form are full of nutrients and antioxidants. Since dark chocolate is the closest we can get to natural cacao, it’s considered to be the best for our health. Other types of chocolate are often full of added sugars and milks which significantly decreases chocolates health value. This tasty treat’s nutritional value also depends on how it’s processed. However, having a piece or two of milk chocolate won’t do any harm. Not only, but studies show that people who tend to indulge from time to time in chocolaty treats are more successful at maintaining their weight. Of course, as long as everything is in moderation. So, what benefits can we get from enjoying chocolate every day?

Cacao beans come out of cacao pods

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Benefits Of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate is as much for the body, as it is for the soul. This delicious treat brings us immense happiness when we munch on it. Don’t feel guilty from enjoying some chocolate. A healthy and balanced diet can include all our favorite snacks and treats as long as everything is kept in moderation. The portion recommendation of dark chocolate is one to two ounces or 30 to 60 grams. So, feel free to enjoy in those limits to lower the chances of weight gain. Adding some chocolate to your diet can help you enjoy the following benefits:

Then the beans get treated and roasted and create chocolate

is chocolate good for you chocolate bars and cacao beans

Good For The Heart

Dark chocolate is good for the heart! It’s rich in antioxidants which are great at lowering blood sugar levels. This helps for a healthy blood circulation and reduces the chance of clots appearing in the heart. Consequently, reducing the potential chances of heart disease and strokes. Having some dark chocolate and a low cholesterol diet can be very beneficial for the heart.

Dark chocolate is good for the heart

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Helps With Diabetes

It’s a myth that people with diabetes cannot enjoy chocolate. When chocolate is consumed in moderation it can be a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Just keep in mind to stick to it’s recommended portion size and to have it after your meal. This way the body can absorb it slower. Chocolate contains epicatechin. This compound help protects the cells in the body. This makes them stronger and helps them process the insulin in the body better and easier. So, chocolate can help diabetics control it, as well as prevent diabetes.

Chocolate consumed in moderation can be a part of a healthy diet

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Stress Relief

Studies show that people who eat dark chocolate feel less stressed after snacking on it. Dark chocolate is amazing at reducing the body’s cortisol hormone. This may also be linked with chocolate’s positive effects on the heart. Cortisol is the hormone is responsible for stress. Stress can cause weight gain and other problems. Make sure to go for chocolates that are low in sugar. Sugar has been linked with many cases of feelings of depression and anxiety. So, switching up normal chocolate for its darker substitute may also help for mental health.

Dark chocolate is amazing at reducing the body’s cortisol hormone

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Magnesium Boost

Magnesium is a very important mineral for the human body. It’s found in every cell of the body and helps it carry out a lot of it’s daily functions. Magnesium is vital for good brain health, energy levels, keeping moods in track and more. Darker chocolate has a better nutritional value than other chocolates, and it’s more rich in magnesium. So, if you need more of this mineral in your daily diet, add some chocolate.

Chocolate is rich in magnesium 

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Helps The Brain Function

Once again, dark chocolate takes the win here. In darker versions of this treat there are plenty of flavonols, which have a pleasant impact on how our brains function. This includes having a stronger memory, faster reaction time and visual awareness. This is due to the fact that chocolate helps regulate blood flow and more blood reaches the brain, helping it function properly.

Improve brain function by eating some chocolate 

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Immune Booster

Having a strong immune system is very important. Thanks to the flavonols, again, chocolate can help strengthen the immune system. These types of antioxidants help reduce any oxidative stress and prevent the immune system from going into overdrive. This is a common imbalance which is caused by the cells fighting free radicals.

Chocolate is delicious in any form 

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These were all the ways eating chocolate every day can help benefit our health. Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean always restricting ourselves. Make sure to enjoy the foods you eat and eat them in moderation to ensure a balanced lifestyle. Too much of anything is bad, including chocolate.  However, as we saw, adding some dark chocolate can help us in many ways. So, go enjoy those bites.

Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean always restricting ourselves

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