110 + Unique, Beautiful and Scrumptious Baby Shower Cakes for Boys and Girls

Von John Griffith / June 20 2018

Welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting and joyous event and should be celebrated accordingly. That’s precisely why organizing and attending baby showers is so much fun! Picking a theme and a menu, coming up with entertaining party games, and choosing the right baby shower cakes for boys and girls, can be challenging at times, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Deciding on the right cake is particularly fun, a baby shower pastries come in numerous varieties, ranging from simple, minimalistic classics, to extravagant art pieces. Nevertheless, most of them fall into one of the following five categories – gender specific, neutral, themed, gender reveal and faux (nappy) cakes. In order to help you choose the right cake for your shower, we will examine each of these categories in more detail.

Beautiful Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

baby shower cakes for boys, cupcakes with turquoise frosting, decorated with white and blue fondant shapes, little feet and alphabet blocks spelling boy

1. Gender specific baby shower cakes

A classic and widely used option, gender specific cakes are perfect for announcing whether the expected baby is a boy or a girl. As a result, these cakes traditionally come in pink or blue hues, and feature decorations associated with either little girls (bows, flowers, little dresses) or boys (toy cars, tiny blue clothes).

While pink and blue cakes were the norm in the past, nowadays you can find many different variations. Turquoise, green and grey are more and more frequently being used for boys, while purple and yellow are becoming increasingly more popular for girls.

The perfect set-up for a traditional baby girl shower

baby shower cakes for girls, a selection of different cupcakes and pastries, in pink and white, on a grey table, near a three-layered cake, and several flower vases

2. Gender neutral cakes

Gender neutral cakes are currently seeing a huge surge in popularity, as they are very versatile and work in many different circumstances. Parents who don’t believe in gender stereotyping will love them, as will those who want to keep the sex of their baby a secret.

In addition, these cakes can easily fit with any party theme, as they are usually in neutral colors such as cream or beige, and feature tasteful decorations like fresh flowers and chic toppers.

Classy, understated, stylish! We love this gorgeous cake topped with fresh flowers!

gold cake topper, with the words hello baby, on a creamy white cake, decorated with fresh flowers, in yellow and pink

Here are some cute baby shower DIY ideas you can try!

3. Themed cakes

One way of making a baby shower even more fun and unique is opting for a special party theme, and choosing a cake to match. Here the possibilities are virtually endless! You can choose a set up inspired from your favorite film or book series, or go with something seasonal and cute. Nautical themes, for example, are very popular at the moment, and are ideal for baby showers held in the summer. Other popular motives include sports, owls, flamingos, unicorns and elephants.

How cute is this nautical cake, complete with an adorable little whale?

nautical baby shower cakes, smiling whale figurine, made from dark blue fondant, topping a turquoise cake, decorated with red and white details, sailing boat and lifebelts

4. Gender reveal cakes

If you want to keep the sex of your baby a secret until the very end of your shower – this is by far the best way to do it! On the outside, gender cakes are usually either neutral in color, or feature both blue and pink hues, accompanied with question marks. Inside, however, they are either blue or pink, and once the mom-to-be cuts the first slice, everyone present finds out if the baby is a boy or a girl.

He or she? Cut the cake to find out!

he or she written on a white cake topper, placed on a tall cake, with smooth white frosting, decorated with pink, blue and white macaroons

5. Faux (nappy) cakes

Although not edible, these cakes are a great choice for baby showers. They are usually made from diapers, towels, pacifiers, toys and various other items necessary in the first days of the baby’s life. It’s a very thoughtful way of extending a helping hand to the new parents, as babies go through hundreds of nappies each month.

An excellent gift for expectant mothers

stuffed teddy bears, in pale pink and blue, with the words my first teddy, embroidered on their tummies, topping a diaper cake in pastel colors, twin baby shower cakes

Some great suggestions for baby girl showers:

And a few ideas for little gentlemen:

And now, on to our gallery! We have selected over 110 amazing baby shower cakes for boys and girls, as well as plenty of gender neutral options. Enjoy and let us know what you think! And if you are looking for some nursery decoration ideas, check out our special article.

Why not opt for cupcakes instead? 

dozen of cupcakes in a cardboard box, pale yellow frosting, and blue and white fondant decorations, little feet and shoes, baby head and bottle, baby shower cakes for boys, pram and the words it's a boy

elephant baby shower cake, white with two layers, decorated with shiny blue ribbons, and blue zig-zag shapes, the word boy, written with blue frosting

sugar pearls and decorations, made from blue and white fondant, pair of small shoes, stripes and oval shapes, on a two-layered cake, baby shower cakes for boys

Beautiful homemade cakes are always a good idea!

sweet baby parker, written on a cake topper, with two pale turquoise, round paper decorations, placed on a creamy white cake, by two hands

turquoise and white cake, shaped like a present with a fondant bow, cookies shaped like various baby-related items, baby shower cakes for boys, cupcakes and cake pops

frills in white and different shades of pink, made from frosting, decorating a cake, topped with a tiny, realistic baby figurine, and flowers made from fondant, baby shower cakes for girls

Welcome your baby in style

hello world written in white, baby shower cake toppers girl, on top of a five-layered cake, decorated with fresh flowers, in pink and white

owl baby shower cake, in pale pink, and light cream, decorated with a large fondant bow, white edible pearls, a large faux white flower, and a pink owl figurine

minimalistic cake with white frosting, decorated with several flying saucer candies, and a little blue cloud, on a white cake stand, with a blue topper, reading baby boy

Exquisite cake toppers

emma spelled out by pink alphabet cubes, with white letters, made from fondant, and decorated with a realistic sleeping baby figurine, in a pink flower nappie, baby shower cake toppers girl

baby shower cake toppers girl or boy, a little fondant sailing boat, in white and red, blue and yellow, containing a smiling baby figurine, in a sailor's outfit

three images showing a light blue cake, decorated with pale fondant shapes, and topped with a little grey elephant figurine, holding a blue balloon, elephant baby shower cake

We love this adorable present-shaped cake

gift-shaped cake in pink, decorated with pale yellow fondant stripes, and polka dots, baby shower cakes for girls, with a large pale yellow bow, and a bunny toy fondant figurine

welcome baby girl, written with brown frosting, on a rectangular cake, baby shower cakes for girls, decorated with a little pink onesie, and white and pink flowers

larger and smaller elephant figurines, made from blue and white fondant, topping a two-layered white cake, elephant baby shower cake, decorated with violet and blue details

Usually the baby gets all the attention – why not celebrate the mom to be?

mum to be written in yellow, on a cake topper, with pale blue, yellow and pink ribbon, light colored feathers, and various baby-related shapes

smooth white frosting, on a cake seen in close up, decorated with building blocks, in pastel pink and pale blue, with little clothes line, featuring small white blue and pink clothes, made from fondant

pram figurine in pale grey and pink, on top of a two-layered cake, bottom layer decorated with pink frosted roses, upper layer with the words baby written in silver, baby shower cakes for girls, shiny grey bow, and three cake pops

Sweet little baby cribs

cradle made from brown fondant, containing a checkered blue and pink blanket, pillows and a sleeping baby figurine, on top of a square white cake

crib in dark brown, made from fondant, with a yellow blanket, a teddy bear and other baby items, on a cake with smooth blue frosting, baby shower cakes for boys, decorated with the words it's a boy

sneakers in pale blue and white, made from fondant, on top of a white cake, with smooth frosting, and pale blue stars, baby shower cakes for boys, star-shaped toppers

If you love spending time at the beach, this is the perfect cake for you

beach-inspired cake in white, decorated with dark blue anchors, sand made from brown sugar, and white shell, starfish and anchor shapes, made from fondant

roses made from frosting, in teal and turquoise and pale minty green, on a cake decorated with tiny blue flags, spelling the words it's a boy, baby shower cakes for boys, glass cake stand

baby shower sheet cakes, a rectangular white cake, divided into two halves, one decorated with pink shoes and other items, and the other with bluer sneakers and items

A celebration fit for a little king!

crown made from dark blue, and gold fondant, on top of a cake shaped like a pillow, in light blue and gold, with tiny gold shoes, and a blue ribbon, with white writing

onesie cake in baby pink, decorated with a fondant flower, in yellow and turquoise, green and pink, with the name hannah

party hat on a small elephant figurine, made from grey and blue fondant, topping a grey cake, elephant baby shower cake, decorated with yellow details, and tiny fondant flags

Expecting twins? Why not opt for this cute topper?

twin baby shower cakes, cake toppers in white and pink, and white and blue, shaped like opened gift boxes, with white bows, with a set of two baby figurines in each

seven cupcakes with pale pink, and light yellow frosting, decorated with little fondant shapes, duckling and a teddybear, little footprints and blue and white buttons

beige and white owl, with large blue eyes, made from fondant, owl baby shower cake, on a few brown fondant branches, decorated with pink cherry blossoms

A gorgeous gender neutral cake

beige and cream cake, decorated with a topper reading baby, and surrounded by pine branches, and little wooden decorations

frowning and smiling baby figurines, one covered in a blue blanket, and one in a striped, red and pink blanket, twin baby shower cakes, smooth white cake with fondant decorations

it's a boy written in turquoise, on a topper, decorating a white and turquoise, ombre effect cake, placed on a white ceramic cake stand

Onesies are a very popular baby shower cake motif

turtle and frog shapes in green, and a duckling shape in yellow, decorating a pale yellow cake, with blue frosting, onesie cake

ornate pale blue plate, containing seven pastries, decorated with white, doily-like fondant shapes, and tiny gold-colored baby onesies, onesie cake ideas, white edible pearls

child and mother elephant, made from yellow and grey fondant, topping a grey and yellow elephant baby shower cake, decorated with frills and white polka dots

How cute are these tiny sparkly shoes?

bejeweled pair of tiny lace-up sneakers, made from pink and white fondant, topping a cake in light lavender, baby shower cakes for girls, decorated with pink and white details, and a large pink fondant bow

meringues in white, with red and blue stripes, topping a tall white cake, with blue frosting, and sparkly blue decoration

steering wheel of a ship, in brown and beige, and a blue anchor, painted in frosting, on a white rectangular cake, nautical baby shower cakes

The nautical theme is a great choice for girls, too!

ombre-effect layered cake, in white and four shades of pink, decorated with a pink boat, and containing a realistic baby figurine, baby shower cake toppers girl, pink anchor and white rope, made from fondant

A charming idea for parents expecting twins:

blankets in blue and pink, revealing two baby nappies and tiny legs, made from fondant, and decorating a white rectangular cake, baby shower sheet cakes, blue and pink frosting

teddy bear figurine holding a blanket, made from brown and blue fondant, decorating a large cream-colored cake with blue, brown and turquoise details, baby shower sheet cakes

feet and nappy made from fondant, under a blue fondant blanket, topping a white cake, with a festive message, and blue and silver stars

Baby shower cakes for boys made from nappies and other useful supplies

diaper cakes in white, with blue and grey patterns and bows, and two elephant stuffed toys, in blue and dark grey, elephant baby shower cake, a set of two

mustache toppers in black, decorating a large white cake, with small dark grey baby shoes, and a smiling baby drawing, baby shower sheet cakes, surrounded by dozens of dark blue cupcakes

clouds and raindrops, decorating a white, two-layer cake, elephant baby shower cake, featuring a pink and a blue elephant, holding grey umbrellas, with the names rocco and isabella

Another endearing twin cake suggestion

star shapes in blue and white, and two sleeping baby figurines, on a large square cake, baby shower sheet cakes, with a festive message

smiling sleeping baby figurine, resting a grey and pink pillow, baby shower cake toppers girl, with grey diaper, and a pale pink cap, with a tiny purple flower, made from fondant

tiny feet and white nappies, under two blue and white blankets, made from fondant, decorating a rectangular pale blue cake, twin baby shower cakes, with white frosting

Owls are another wildly popular cake theme

bubblegum pink two-layered cake, decorated with brown owl figurine, made from fondant, and green buttons, with pale pink frosting, spelling out the name sophia, owl baby shower cake

the name sophie written in pink frosting, on a two-layered cake, baby shower cakes for girls, decorated with pink frosted roses, tiny pink fondant shoes and flowers

sleeping baby girl figurine, with little pink wings, on a pink fondant flower, topping a smooth white cake, baby shower cakes for girls, decorated with little pink steps, and alphabet blocks, spelling baby shower

Bring some humor to the party with this cheeky cake

round cake shaped like an open blue present, with cream and white stripes, a big pale blue bow, and a baby peeking from within

horse in brown, with pink bandana, brown cowboy hat, with pink ribbon, two pink horseshoes, and a brown cowboy boot, with pink spurs, baby shower cake toppers girl, on four pink cupcakes

ribbons in pale blue and grey, plain and patterned, on a white diaper cake, with a little owl decoration, owl baby shower cake, grey and white zigzag pattern on the wall behind

figurine of a baby elephant, made from dark grey fondant, topping a two-layer cake, in pale blue and white, with grey and white polka dots and stripes

Like peas in a pod!

mackenzie and meghan, written in white, on two pink onesies, decorating a smooth white, square-shaped cake, twin baby shower cakes, topped with a green pea pod, containing two baby figurines

umbrella in grey, held by a small blue elephant figurine, topping a smooth white cake, with blue sprinkles, and a shiny blue bow, elephant baby shower cake, and three elephant cupcakes

socks for a baby and a white blanket, baby bottle and toys, made from fondant, and topping a round, pale blue cake

A dapper onesie cake for your little gentleman

bowties in yellow and dark blue, plain and patterned, decorating a onesie cake in white, with blue suspenders, and three white buttons

wide-eyed owl figurine, made from purple and pink fondant, with a little pink bow, topping a smooth cake, in four shades of pink, owl baby shower cake, dark purple fondant bow

carriage-shaped cake, with a baby peeking from inside, baby shower sheet cakes, decorated with light and dark blue, and cream-colored frosting

What a charming idea!

balloon in metallic blue, held by a grey elephant figurine, with turquoise ears, placed on top of a layered cake, with pale grey and yellow details

cupcakes with white and blue frosting, each decorated with a small yellow ducking, made from fondant, on a cake stand, with a small round cake on top

confetti in different colors, strewn on a white cake, with pink frosting, baby shower sheet cakes, decorated with a fondant baby figurine, in a purple onesie, and several alphabet blocks, in different colors, spelling out a festive message

We love this funny cake, inspired by the timeless, imaginative works of Dr. Seuss!

cat in the hat, dr. seuss-inspired cake, in white and blue, red and brown, baby shower sheet cakes, with a little funny rhyme

neon green and pale pink frosting, on a white cake, decorated with two sets of baby legs, in pink nappies, under a white blanket with green polka dots

clothes line with a brown teddy bear, little white shoes, a baby's bib, and other items, decorating a pale blue cake, topped with a pair of white baby booties, with pale blue ribbons

A great baby shower cake for sport lovers!

football and soccer, basketball and baseball balls, made from fondant, and placed near a pale blue baseball cap, and little pale blue sneakers, on top of a light turquoise cake, decorated with balls, and yellow stars

buttons in metallic gold, and pale pink colors, decorating a white cake, topped with a pink owl figurine, owl baby shower cake, the name arianna sofia, written in pink

pea pod made from green fondant, containing two smiling baby figurines, and two peas, topping a light green two-layered cake, twin baby shower cakes, with pea shoots and dark green leaves

Sweet nautical cake with touches of contrasting color

sailing boat in blue, red and turquoise, decorated with little stars, on a light blue square cake, nautical baby shower cakes, with a little grey whale, and a festive message in red

identical pair of white cakes, with brown and blue frosting, onesie cake, with tiny bow ties, and polka dots, on a smooth white surface

beige stuffed elephant toy, placed on top of a nappy cake, decorated with pale pink ribbons, little socks and tulle bows

Adorable and useful – the ideal nappie cake for a baby girl shower

lamb soft toy in white, with a pale pink ribbon, on top of a faux cake, made from a pink towel, and white nappies, and decorated with ribbons and tulle

mother and baby owl, made from blue fondant, perched on a brown branch with green leaves, on top of a white, square-shaped cake, owl baby shower cake, with pale blue details

basket-shaped cake, made from brown fondant, and filled with baby items, teddy bear and bottle, dummy and blue onesie, all made from colored fondant, onesie cake with toys

Ahoy, it’s a boy!

ahoy it's a boy, written in blue frosting, on a round pale turquoise cake, with a red and white drawing of a sailing boat, nautical baby shower cakes, surrounded by cupcakes topped with anchors

green owl figurine, with big white eyes, decorated with a pink and white floral pattern, on top of a blue and pink cake, owl baby shower cake, with a festive message, done in peach-colored frosting

princess' crown made from gold fondant, on top of a three-layered cake, in white and pale pink, with purple and white details

There are so many cakes to choose from…

five images showing different cakes, pink and white cupcakes, a blue and white cake with frills, a white cake with little birds, colorful cakes decorated with fondant

baby shower cake toppers girl, close up of a pale pink cake topper, reading baby girl, placed on a white cake, with pink decorations

lime green and pink frosting, on a white round cake, decorated with a set of baby legs, in pink nappies, covered in white blanket, with green polka dots

rope and a string of pearls in white, an anchor and a lifebelt, and a dark blue whale figurine, all made from fondant, and topping a creamy pale turquoise cake, nautical baby shower cakes, big white bow

A true work of art

moon and stars in gold, decorating a two-layered cake, with frills in three shades of blue, little white clouds, and a gold cake topper

couple of sleeping baby figurines, one covered in a pink blanket, and one in a blue blanket, on top of a white cake, twin baby shower cakes, decorated with a message, done in blue frosting

lifebelts in white and red, white rope and dark blue anchors, decorating a smooth light blue cake, nautical baby shower cakes, with a festive message, written in white fondant

toy train and teddybears, and building blocks with letters and shapes, made from yellow and blue, green and white fondant, decorating a blue and white cake, with ribbons and bows

Oh baby! A scrumptious sprinkle cake

multicolored sprinkles covering a tall cake, placed on a white ceramic cake stand, and decorated with a topper, saying oh baby

little man written in black, on a cake topper with a mustache, decorating a blue and white, ombre effect cake, with a mustache and a grey ribbon

boat made from red, white and blue fondant, and containing a little baby figurine, topping a light blue, two-layered cake, decorated with an anchor and lifebelts

footprints in yellow, brown and blue, decorating a layered light blue cake, topped with a white onesie shape, made from fondant, onesie cake, yellow and blue blocks, spelling out the word baby

For those expecting a little rock star:

sneakers in white and blue, and a small sleeping baby figurine, in a pale blue onesie, topping a colorful patchwork cake, decorated with two blue fondant guitars

bib in blue, decorated with the words baby Jy, made from fondant, and topping a white onesie cake, with blue trims, and four grey buttons

whale shape in dark blue, and the words it's a boy, decorating a white cake, with three dark blue stripes, and two strings of pearls

starfish and seashells, strewn around a white and blue cake, decorated with little red sailor crabs, and a small sailing boat, nautical baby shower cakes, various sea-related items

Owl love you – an adorable cake for a little princess

pair of pink owl figurines, placed near a small, white and silver heart, baby shower cake toppers girl, on top of a cream and pink cake, decorated with multicolored pearls, and the words sweet baby

question mark cake topper in gold, placed over two fondant bows, one pink and the other blue, on a white cake, with gold buttons, and pink and teal roses, made from frosting

it's twins written in blue frosting, on a white fondant ribbon, decorating a white cake, twin baby shower cakes, topped with two cookies, shaped like baby bottles

train and duckling, and other shapes, made from pale blue fondant, and placed on a creamy cake, lined with pretzel sticks, dipped in light blue and white frosting

Baby shower cakes for boys and girls- a very original gender reveal cake

paint-like fondant in pink and yellow, pouring from two beige fondant buckets, over a two-layered cake, in a matching color

pastries and biscuits, decorated with pale turquoise, and white frosting, bottles with milk and turquoise straws, and a cake in the same colors, on a decorated table, with the word baby in large letters

cookies decorated with pale blue and white frosting, little knitted baby booties in light lavender, forget-me-nots and a cupcake

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection! Have fun planning your beautiful and unique baby shower!

dummy and bib, baby bottle and balloon, little footprints and buttons, nappy and a sleeping baby figurine, all made from fondant, decorating a dozen of cupcakes

congratulations written in pale blue frosting, on rectangular white sheet cake, with teal and light blue details, and colorful fondant shapes

grey fondant figurine of an elephant, holding a pale pink balloon, on top of a layered cake, covered with white frosting, and decorated with pale pink, and light grey polka dots, and two pink ribbons with bows

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