Modern kitchen design ideas for your 2019 home renovation

by John Griffith

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where the whole family spends time together and talks about their day. The kitchen can also be a very social place. When you have friends come over, for example. If you feel like something is missing from your kitchen and are looking to renovate, you have come to the right place. Nowadays, all modern homes consist of a large room that serves as living room, kitchen and dining room. So, how can we make our kitchen stand out and not only be beautiful, but functional, as well. We have gathered some of the best kitchen design ideas, which are going to be very popular in 2019.

If you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen, you should consider a few things:

  1. How much space do you have? There are many options for creating a kitchen that is functional, beautiful and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  2. How much are you willing to spend? Kitchen remodelling can be a costly task. There are, however, some ways to compromise and still keep the idea of an amazing kitchen design.
  3. How much time are you going to spend in your kitchen? If you love to cook, or have a large family and children then you probably need more countertop space. What’s more, you will need more space for all of your utensils, pans and pots. Consider adding more cabinets and keeping the kitchen clutter free.

Kitchen design ideas in all white were the big hype in 2018. 2019, however, brings more interesting designs. First of all, adding a pop of colour to your kitchen makes it look modern and timeless. Furthermore, mixing textures and colours will be a big deal in 2019. Don’t be afraid to mix wood with marble, for example. As you can see in the pictures below, this kitchen screams modern and stylish.

Kitchen design ideas in 2019 mix colour and texture for a modern and stylish look

marble floor with golden geometrical shapes, kitchen design ideas, metal golden stools, wooden cabinets

Gold and marble on the floor for a “wow” effect

marble kitchen island and floor, white cabinets, kitchen design ideas, golden geometrical shapes on the floor

Kitchen islands are also going strong as a trend this year. However, instead of creating a taller island, surrounded by bar stools, kitchen island decor is getting the functionality treatment. Level it with the rest of your countertops and use it as a dining table. Furthermore, a taller island can cast a shadow and conceal light. So, two birds with one stone. Interior designers are also getting more and more creative with the materials they use for islands. Countertop waterfalls are going to be very popular, too. What is a countertop waterfall you might ask? Well, it’s when your countertop extends all the way down to the floor and looks very stylish. If you don’t have enough space for a kitchen island, opt out for a peninsula instead. This is a great option for L-shaped kitchens.

Breathtaking example of a multi-functional kitchen island

grey floor, wooden cabinets and kitchen island, kitchen design ideas, grey tiled cabinets

Another trend is to conceal your appliances. Stainless steel is gone, instead, people choose to have built-in appliances for a cleaner look. What’s more, in 2017 and 2018 open shelving was on the rise. However, people quickly realised that it is not very functional. Collecting dust on your glasses and dinner sets is probably not a very good idea. Hanging your pans is also not very functional, unless you love dusting all the time, in which case, go right ahead and hang your pans on the wall. Smart kitchens are all the hype right now. A wi-fi coffee machine, which prepares your coffee before you’ve even gotten out of bed. I’m sold! When creating a modern kitchen, it is important to be in with all of the trends and technology. So, a smart kitchen is a good choice.

Kitchen design ideas in moody hues

brown marble counters, brass handles and lamps, kitchen design ideas, black cabinets and drawers

A key factor in all kitchens is the backsplash. The most important thing is that it is functional and easy to clean. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should compromise the effect it has on your entire kitchen. Beautiful marble and tiled backsplashes can create a focal point in your kitchen. Forget about subway tiles, though, they are everywhere. If you want your kitchen to be different than the rest and leave a lasting impression choose beautiful patterned tiles or marble, instead. 2019 brings the tall backsplash trend, as well. Your backsplash doesn’t have to be just above the countertop. Extend it to the ceiling and you will have an accent wall in your kitchen.

Connecting design for the backsplash and the kitchen island

marble kitchen island, grey cabinets, wooden floor, black stools, kitchen remodel

To sum up, 2019 kitchen design ideas give a lot of freedom. You can mix colours, textures and materials. Be creative and make sure that when you are planning your kitchen you choose functionality first. After all, this is going to be the heart of your home. You should feel comfortable in it. The good news is, that, at least, nowadays functionality doesn’t necessarily mean compromising the design. Plan ahead and you will have an amazing kitchen to show off with.

Beautiful kitchen mixing grey minimalism and wood

grey cabinets and drawers, wooden shelves, kitchen design ideas, black stools

Beautifully tiled backsplash brings the colour in this kitchen

 geometrical tiled backsplash, black cabinets and drawers, kitchen remodel, white counter

Mixing colour and wood gives off a modern vibe

white cabinets and drawers, kitchen remodel, wooden kitchen island, wooden floor

Beautiful pendant lights make a statement

golden lamps, white velvet stools, kitchen remodel, black kitchen island, white counters

There are many examples of minimalistic white mixed with wood for a stylish kitchen

white cabinets and floor, wooden kitchen island, kitchen remodel, wooden stools

Granite is also very popular among the kitchen design ideas

black cabinets and counters, kitchen ideas, grey marble kitchen island, yellow shelf

black wall with gold sequinned tiles, grey cabinets, small wooden stool, kitchen ideas

black bricks backsplash, kitchen ideas, black stools, wooden kitchen island and cabinets

Glass and metal finishes are very trendy

grey cabinets and kitchen island, tiled backsplash and floor, kitchen ideas, hanging lamps

marble backsplash, kitchen ideas, white cabinets and kitchen island, black stools

white cabinets and kitchen island, kitchen remodel ideas, black stools and lamps

wooden and white cabinets and drawers, kitchen remodel ideas, grey sofa, wooden dining table

wooden backsplash drawers and cabinets, tiled floor, kitchen remodel ideas

white cabinets and drawers, wooden cabinets and shelves, kitchen remodel ideas, yellow chairs

beige cabinets drawers and kitchen island, kitchen remodel ideas, white counter and shelves

black wooden wall cabinets and kitchen island, wooden bar stools, kitchen decor ideas

black cabinets and drawers, grey counters, metal bar stools, kitchen decor ideas, tiled floor

black tiled floor, kitchen decor ideas, black cabinets and drawers, grey counters, metal bar stools

Black and white minimalism

black cabinets drawers and dining table, white kitchen island, kitchen decor ideas, wooden counter

black kitchen island, metal black stools, kitchen decor ideas, black cabinets, white counters

wooden floor, black and white wooden cabinets and drawers, kitchen cabinet design, white counters

Metal finishes for a statement look

golden lantern chandeliers, gold and plastic bar stools, grey cabinets, kitchen cabinet design

wooden floor, kitchen cabinet design, grey walls, white cabinets and drawers, black stools

grey drawers and cabinets, kitchen cabinet design, wooden cabinets and shelves

Mixing colours for a fun vibe in your kitchen

turquoise backsplash, blue cabinets, red kitchen island, kitchen cabinet design

kitchen renovation, marble tiled wall, white cabinets and dining table, grey cabinets and chairs

glass pantry, kitchen renovation, white cabinets and counter, marble tiled wall

white and wooden cabinets, white tiled floor and counters, kitchen renovation, grey chairs

wooden floor, kitchen renovation, white cabinets and drawers, hanging chandelier

L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula

white and wooden kitchen island, metal black bar stools, kitchen renovation, white cabinets

wooden kitchen island drawers and shelves, beautiful kitchens, black counters, grey floor

black cabinets and counters, white cabinets and drawers, beautiful kitchens, wooden floor

black cabinets and drawers, wooden cabinets and counter, beautiful kitchens, wooden floor

black cabinets and drawers, beautiful kitchens, wooden kitchen island, tiled backsplash, beautiful kitchens

black kitchen island, wooden floor, beautiful kitchens, white cabinets and drawers, hanging lights

wooden cabinets and drawers, kitchen wall decor ideas, brass kitchen island, white counters

white tiled floor, white counters, kitchen wall decor ideas, dark wooden cabinets drawers and kitchen island

white cabinets, dark wooden kitchen island, kitchen wall decor ideas, black counters

black brick wall, black stools, grey kitchen island and shelves, kitchen wall decor ideas

Interestingly shaped kitchen design

grey cabinets and kitchen island, wooden and white counters, kitchen wall decor ideas, grey stools

white cabinets and drawers, grey tiled floor, yellow armchair, modern kitchen ideas

black cabinets and drawers, modern kitchen ideas, stainless steel drawers and counters, hanging chandelier

white cabinets and counters, modern kitchen ideas, dark grey chairs, marble backsplash

modern kitchen ideas, wooden cabinets and bar stools, marble kitchen island, tiled backsplash

Colourful kitchen design ideas

purple cabinets, wooden cabinets and drawers, modern kitchen ideas, grey sofa

purple walls, purple chairs, white kitchen island, kitchen cabinets pictures, white wooden floor

turquoise backsplash, navy blue walls, white cabinets and drawers, wooden floor, kitchen cabinets pictures

wooden dining table, white kitchen cabinets and drawers, grey counters, kitchen cabinets pictures, grey tiled floor

white brick backsplash, kitchen cabinets pictures, wooden counters and stools, white cabinets and drawers

white marble wall, white cabinets and counters, grey floor, kitchen cabinets pictures, wooden backsplash

kitchen designs photo gallery, white cabinets shelves and counters, grey kitchen island, marble backsplash

white kitchen island, kitchen designs photo gallery, white cabinets and drawers, black stools

wooden wall and cabinets, kitchen designs photo gallery, blue sofa, white counters

white cabinets and drawers, kitchen designs photo gallery, black counters and shelves, white stools

wooden kitchen island, white marble counter, white cabinets, wooden stools, kitchen designs photo gallery

wooden walls and cabinets, grey stainless steel kitchen island, white stools, kitchen island decor

red cabinets and drawers, white cabinets, black counters, kitchen island decor, wooden floor

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