8 Things You Should NEVER Pour Down The Drain

by John Griffith

Have you ever given a thought if the thing you’re about to pour straight into the drain is okay or not? Yea, you’re not the only one. Rarely do we sit and think if the tablet or paint I’m about to flush is going to create a problem or not. And we’re not talking about just the pipes. Sometimes the things we flush also have repercussions to us, animals and the environment. That why today we are going to take a look at 8 things you should never pour down the drain.

There are some things you should never pour down the drain

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Things You Should Never Pour Down The Sink

Most of don’t even sit to think about if what we are pouring down the drain is okay or not for the pipes, the water system, or the environment. All we think about is, that we manage to get rid of it as fast as possible. And while this may be relatable, it shouldn’t be a common practice. Things we would have never thought were damaging may have been causing all of those annoying clogs all along. So, let’s see what we should never pour down the drain.

Clogged pipes can be a result of improper disposal 

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Oil or Butter

It’s important to know that pouring oil down the sink is probably one of the worst things you can do to your pipes. Things like oil, butter, and grease create thick layers of slime that stick and remain on the pipe. Half of all household drainage problems are caused by such sticky grease. This can lead to you having to unclog the sink. Not only that but such substances can pollute the environment and cause danger to animals and plants. That’s why we recommend pouring any remaining oil or grease you have in a jar that you can throw in the trash.

Oil should not go down the drains

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Kitty Litter

While it may seem like common sense to throw items such as wet wipes and kitty litter down the drain, it’s not where they are supposed to go. Things like this only cause harm to the pipes and clog the pipes as well as some serious damage. The worst that can happen is if you try to unclog the sink and the chemicals of the litter and wipes react with the chemicals in the product causing even more of an issue. So remember, no kitty litter or wipes down the drain!

Kitty litter should go in the trash 

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When we say paint, we don’t mean water paints that are used for school projects. Some types of pain are considered toxic due to the high chemical content such as biocides. Such substances are a threat to the environment, animals and humans. So, if you have such pain leftover, and you’re wondering what to do with it, don’t go for the sink. Rather pour it in a small container and give it to someone who may be in need of paint or dispose of it in a specific trashcan.

Some paint has toxic compounds 

what not to pour down the drain colorful empty paint buckets

Coffee Grounds

Who would have though that coffee grounds could be such a menace when it comes to kitchen pipes. However, according to plumbers these little, fine grounds can get stuck in the pipes and mix with all other types of waste. Creating a huge block over time. Instead of disposing of your ground in the sink. Use them for fertilizer.

Use your coffee grounds as plant fertilizer 

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Pills, drops and all other types of medication don’t pose a direct threat to your plumbing system and pipes. However, there are one of the biggest pollutants. While some doctors may advise you to throw away any expired medication down the drain or in the toilet, it’s not a good idea. These things contain a bunch of chemicals that are hard to be eliminated in the wastewater treatment plants. This means that the clean water you are getting back may have some pill chemicals.

Medications can be toxic to the environment and animals 

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All of us our guilty of pouring expired milk or milk we haven’t drunk down the drain. However, it’s best to avoid pouring such dairy products into your sink. Milk consumes a lot of oxygen, which means that when your sewer water reaches the sea or the river, the milk in it will make it harder for marine animals living to have a good oxygen flow in the water. And yes, there is oxygen in water, just in smaller amounts.

We’ve all poured milk down the drain

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Cleaning Products

Cleaning products have a high chemical content. After all their job is to remove germs and dirt from various surfaces. While these products may not clog your pipes, they will for sure pollute the environment. Chemicals that manage to enter the water system, pollute the water resources. Try to use up all of your products, instead of throwing them down the drain and then recycle the bottles.

Cleaning products are for cleaning, not pouring down the drain

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Fruit Stickers

Throwing fruit stickers down your drain is a no – no. These little sticky pieces of paper can stick to your pipes and help other pieces of dirt to latch onto them. This may become a problem in the long run. Throw them in the trash.

Fruit stickers are secret cloggers 

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These were all the tips and tricks we have for you on what NOT to pour down the drain. We hope you found this article helpful. Now, you won’t have to worry about changing your pipes and unclogging your sink!

No more flushing these things 

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