7 Surprising Things You Should NEVER Store in The Attic

by Maria Konou

They say that when something is out of sight, it is out of mind – which is why the attic is so great for storage. It is the ideal place to put all the things you are not using on a regular basis. That way, your home can be tidy and clutter-free. However, if you have continually stacked things up there over the years without much thought, it might be a good idea to check exactly what you are storing. Attics are often a subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as pests, making them an unsuitable place for certain things. That is why, in this article, we will explore which things you should never store in the attic. They can get damaged and quite frankly ruined, so pay attention:

Let’s take a look at the things you should never store in the attic 

what shouldn't you store in an attic

These common items can easily get damaged or completely ruined

is it safe to store things in the attic

Surprising Things You Should NEVER Store in The Attic

#Wooden Furniture

Have you perhaps recently inherited antique wooden furniture that isn’t your style? Or, maybe you are looking for a place to store your old wooden cabinets? The attic may seem like the perfect place for them, but unfortunately it is not. Variable humidity and temperature changes can cause the wood to expand and crack. Don’t get us started on termites…

Never place your wooden furniture in the attic because it will get ruined

what not to store in attic

#Kid’s Toys

Anything that belongs to children has no place in the attic, especially plush animals. If your kids can’t bear to part with their favorite stuffed animals when they have outgrown them, it is no wonder that you want to keep them in the attic. However, keep in mind that moisture as well as mice, mites and other critters will completely ruin them in time. So, if you want to keep them in the attic, store them in closed plastic bags and then place the bags in sealed boxes.

Keep children’s toys like stuffed animals away from the attic

what should you not store in a loft

#Carpets and Rugs

Moths, mites, wasps – they all love carpets, rugs, and other textiles and will gladly damage them for you. If these textiles are expensive or important to you, don’t keep them in the attic!

Expensive or important textiles like rugs and carpets have no place in the attic

things you should never store in your attic

#Old Equipment

VCRs, TVs, smartphones, laptops, and game consoles – any delicate electronics should not be kept in a place with temperature fluctuations and high humidity levels, such as a ceiling. Under no circumstances, think of placing such items anywhere near your attic! Еver!

Make sure to never store any of your electronics in the attic

things you should never store in the attic

#Vintage & Leather Clothing

We all have that dress that we have only worn once years ago, but we really don’t want to get rid of. Instead of placing clothes in the attic, better store them in a closet or drawers under the bed. The same goes for leather clothes, since all of these clothes will get damaged by the conditions in the attic. Pests would also love to snack on all of your leather clothing items and shoes.

Keeping your clothing pieces in the attic means that they will get ruined

what should you not store in your attic

#Photos & Photo Albums

Photos are precious and irreplaceable memories that should be cherished and kept safe. While many of us now store most of our photos on our phones and in digital storage spaces like Google Drive, your older memories can probably be found in photo albums. If this is the case, make sure to keep them away from the attic because the environment will ruin them!

Old photos and photo albums have no place in your attic

what should you not store in an attic


Books stored in the attic can also get damp and if this happens, mold and mildew can appear and cause damage. They are delicate objects, so it is better to display them in a library rather than to leave them in the attic to get damaged.

Books are susceptible to lots of external factors like mold, mildew, as well as pests

should i store things in the attic

In conclusion, the attic might seem like the most convenient place to store all of your rarely used items, but this is far from the reality. External factors like water, mold, changing temperatures, and pests are just some of the culprits that are abundant in the attic. Instead, look for other storage solutions that will keep all of your items safe and sound. This will surely save you a lot of troubles and headaches in the future!

Now you know which things you should never store in the attic!

what not to store in the attic

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