7 Good Reasons to Paint Your Home Walls White

by Maria Konou

White is probably the most popular color when it comes to home interiors. And, it is understandable why – it is a safe bet that it will never go out of style. Now only that, but white walls and ceilings help visually enlarge the room, and they bring much more light. With some white paint, any room can be changed dramatically without much effort or thinking. Sure, white walls also have their disadvantages, especially if you have small kids who love to express their creativity everywhere. Nevertheless, in this article, we will show you why white walls are worth it regardless! Here are seven good reasons to paint your walls white, according to interior designers:

There are many good reasons to paint your walls white, according to interior designers 

is it bad to paint your walls white

Reasons to Paint Your Walls White, According to Interior Designers

#Visually Expands The Space

If space and light are the most important things for you in your interior, don’t hesitate to paint your walls white. Nothing bounces off light better than white walls and ceilings, combines with lots of glass and mirror surfaces. If your room isn’t as big as you would want it to be, consider giving your walls a fresh coat of white paint! The paint can be matte or semi-matte.

White walls and ceilings bounce off light like no other color

reasons to paint your walls white

Paint your home white if you want to expand the space visually

should you paint your walls white

#Essential for Scandinavian Style

White walls are a must for Scandinavian interior style. That is because against a white background, the materials, furniture, and accessories typical for this style will stand out the best. The room will feel airy, clean, and minimal, just like the sleekness of Scandinavian style.

If you love Scandinavian style, consider painting your walls white 

reasons to paint your home white.jpg

The furniture and decorations will look amazing paired with the light walls

how to paint your walls white.jpg

#Brings Simplicity and Minimalism

Those who prefer clean shapes and simplicity in the interior space, it does not getter better and easier than painting your walls white. This way, everything will look airy and relaxed without overloading the senses with excess. White minimalism is ideal for those of you who love natural light and freshness.

White walls and ceilings are the ultimate symbol of simplicity

benefits of painting your walls white

Light colors are ideal for people who like to keep it fresh and simple

why you should paint your walls white

#A Great Background

Strange as it may sound, the lovers of bright colors also need white walls. Why? Simply because against their backdrop, anything colorful will stand out even better – textiles, accessories, paintings, furniture. If you love art, colors, and bold decorations, the white walls will make all of your prized possessions pop out.

White walls are the perfect backdrop for anything colorful

is it good to paint your walls white

#Pefect for Antiques

Old antique furniture that is well maintained and cared for looks dignified and absolutely stunning against white walls. This applies especially to furniture and elements in a dark colors, as well as wood. That way, every individual element will shine and attract people’s attention.

White walls perfectly compliment old antique furniture

can you paint your walls with ceiling paint.jpg

#Excellent Combination with Wood

For many, white walls might be boring, but when paired with wood, it is quite a different story. White is the perfect backdrop for wood. It doesn’t matter if it is a wooden floor, furniture, or decorations – they all combine perfectly with white to create a stunning organic style.

White and wood go so well together in home design

painting your walls white advantages

#In Harmony with Nature

Those who love houseplants must have at least one white wall in their homes. Against it, your green collection will look more beautiful and vibrant than ever!

White walls will make your plants the center of attention

houseplants that remove dust woman watering her plants

Now you know all the good reasons to paint your walls white! Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this color, because it has the power to make everything around you pop. In addition, white walls will make your rooms look bigger, wider, and full of natural light!

Now you know why you need to paint your walls white! 

painting your walls white.jpg

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