5 Places in Your Home You Should Never Hang a Mirror

by Maria Konou

You might have never thought about what are the right or wrong places to hang a mirror. And while the ultimate decision lies with you, we are here to help with this task. There are some places in your home that are not ideal for mirrors, and they can even cause you inconveniences in your everyday life. In terms of practices such as Feng Shui, various decorative elements and their arrangement can attract positive energy as well as drain the atmosphere of the house, making the occupants feel tired. If you are decorating the interior according to the rules of Feng Shui, you should choose the right places to install mirrors. In this article, we will show you the 5 most common places in your home where you should never hang a mirror:

There are some places in your home where you should never hang a mirror

where should you not put a mirror in a bedroom

5 Places Where You Should Never Hang a Mirror

#In front of doors and windows

Yes, hanging a mirror in the hallway is a great and rational idea. However, try to place the reflective surface so that it doesn’t face the front door. For example, hang it on a side wall or hide it in a closet. The fact is that a mirror hung in front of a door or window can “extract” positive energy, prosperity, and success from the house, according to Feng Shui experts. The positive will “leave” through the energy portal you formed. So, keep your mirrors away from doors and windows.

You should not place a mirror in front of a door or a mirror

where should you not hang a mirror

#In the kitchen next to the stove

If you want a mirror in the kitchen, try to find a place for it that is far away from the stove, not opposite it. There is a belief that a reflective surface near a hot zone provokes energy fatigue and takes twice as much power from the hostess. The ideal place for a mirror in the kitchen is opposite the table where the whole family eats. This will attract harmony and prosperity.

Do not place a mirror in the kitchen, especially anywhere near heat

mirror over the sink kitchen idea 11

#In the bedroom

In terms of esotericism, mirrors are portals through which the souls of sleeping people can temporarily leave their bodies and “walk” between worlds. In order not to get “lost”, experts do not recommend placing mirrors in the bedroom. It is believed that a sleeping person should not reflect himself in the mirror – otherwise trouble may happen to him. In addition, the mirror can bring discord into family relationships, especially if the couple has just started living together.

Placing a mirror in the bedroom is not such a great idea

places you should not hand a mirror

#Near the entrance door

Your entrance door is a highly energetic place in your home. This is the one place where everyone goes through when entering your home. A mirror near the entrance door is not a great idea, especially if it is paired with a dark and narrow hallway. If your hallway is small, never think about placing a big mirror, because the space will feel cramped and crowded. Instead of a mirror, place some of these plants that protect your home from negative energy near your entrance!

Mirrors near the entrance door, and in narrow hallways are not a good idea

how to properly hang a mirror

#Near a cluttered place

Mirrors are all about reflection, and you do not want to reflect double the clutter, right? If you have an area that is cluttered with a lot of objects and decorations, you might want to skip the mirror. In addition, do not place mirrors near areas that get easily cluttered throughout the week.

Mirrors are not ideal for areas that are cluttered with objects and decorations

where should you not put a mirror

Now you know which are the places in your home where you should never hang a mirror. Remember that these tips are more like suggestions, and not strict rules that everyone needs to follow. There are always exceptions.

Now you know which are the places in your home where you should never hang a mirror

where should you not put mirrors in your house

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