5 Clear Signs It’s Time To Declutter Your Home

by John Griffith

Clutter is kind of inevitable. Well, unless you live a truly minimalistic lifestyle. However, most of us are guilty of hoarding quite a bit of stuff. Sometimes without even realizing. While you may think you will notice if you have that big of a clutter problem, the signs are usually subtle. Suddenly you’ve got a pile of receipts on the counter, books are everywhere, and you’re spending hours tidying up. The worst thing about clutter is how quietly it creeps in without you even noticing. However, there are some tell-tale signs that it may be time for a change. Today, we will share with you some of the signs that it’s time to declutter your home.

Clutter is kind of inevitable

time to declutter your home cluttered night stand

Signs It’s Time To Declutter Your Home

Sometimes signs of clutter can be obvious. For example, when you open the wardrobe, it’s near bursting. However, more often than not clutter slowly creeps in. Then one day you suddenly start to wonder where all this stuff came from. On the bright side, with a bit of decluttering you can easily fix the issue. If you’re not quite sure if you have a bit of a clutter problem, check out this checklist.

Sometimes signs of clutter can be obvious

clutter of clothes

#You can’t seem to find anything

If frantically looking for misplaced items has become a daily occurrence for you, then this is a strong indicator that the clutter has officially started taking over. Once the essentials, like car keys, documents, or even utensils start to disappear in the chaos, it’s a clear sign time to declutter. And we are not talking about simply forgetting where you put something. It’s more like you put something and it simply got lost in between a bunch of stuff.

If you can’t seem to find your essentials then you have a lot of clutter

time to declutter your home cluttered desk

#Tidying up takes ages

While tidying up and cleaning was once a quick chore, now it seems like it takes ages. Why? Well, clutter is likely the culprit. When surfaces are covered with a bunch of different items, it can take a lot of time to move everything around just so you can clean said surface. Not only that but trying to put clutter into order is quite the losing game. As hard as you try, unless you start decluttering, you will have to clean and tidy all day long.

Does cleaning take ages?

woman carrying boxes with clutter

#You’re buying items you already have

This is one of the easiest way clutter grows. Buying items you already have because you couldn’t see them in between all the existing clutter is a red flag. No matter what it is, from a spice to a cup. Duplicates only make even more clutter and the cycle continues. That’s why it’s best to declutter and ensure you have a clear vision of what you have in your home.

This is one of the easiest way clutter grows

time to declutter your home woman covered with clothes

#There is no space left

When your living areas, storage spaces, bookshelves, closets, and drawers are overflowing with belonging, it’s clear that clutter has made itself at home. All this excess can be really overwhelming and will eventually restrict your ability to move around freely in your own home. Too many things that take up too much space means barely any left for you. Clearing these spaces out can help not only tidy your space but also your mind.

All this excess can be really overwhelming

time to declutter your home clutter of hardware items

#You avoid inviting guests over

If the thought of inviting guests over causes you anxiety or embarrassment, then this means the clutter has taken over your life and is impacting it quite negatively. It may be at a subconscious levels where you simply can’t invite people over without realizing it’s because of the clutter, but it is obvious something is stopping you. Too much clutter will take hours if not days to clean before guests come and that is exhausting. By decluttering often this will be resolved quickly.

Don’t let clutter ruin your social life

clutter from paint brushes

These are some of the clear signs it’s time to declutter your home. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can start clearing out all the clutter and finally regain your space and a sense of serenity.

These are some of the clear signs it’s time to declutter your home

woman laying in between clutter

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