How to decorate a bedroom: 10 tips to create a beautiful bedroom

by Maria Konou

The bedroom is a multifaceted space, allowing us to do various things. From having a good night’s sleep to taking a power nap to simply lying down and working, people’s takes on the bedroom have transformed enormously. That is to say: the bedroom is no longer perceived as a place to recharge our batteries during the night. It’s now more than that. That’s why the question of “How to decorate the bedroom and make it vibrant” has recently arisen. We’ve put together ten practical tips to help you create a memorable space suitable for resting, working, and enjoying your time.

how to decorate a bedroom apartment

Spruce up your walls

Walls take up most of the visual space, grabbing our attention upon entering the bedroom (and any room, practically). It would be excellent to kick off your decorating session by jazzing up the walls. In our previous article, we’ve encapsulated the most trendy colors for walls, with lavender, sage green, and light gray being our top choices. Feel free to check out the article yourself. In addition to painting the walls, don’t hesitate to hang posters or artwork. If you have a knack for creating visuals, you can customize poster design templates and come up with something unique and remarkable that will complement the colors, the bedroom’s contents, and the ceiling.

posters from bedroom inspo

Mind the ceiling

Also known as the fifth wall, the ceiling is an essential element you can’t overlook when making your bedroom cozier. You don’t need to have a considerable budget to upgrade your ceiling. We suggest painting it the same color palette as the walls, but making the color one or two tones lighter. It will make your bedroom less spacious, in a good sense. You can also add some architectural elements and paint them in a different, softer color. 

Dress the windows

Dressing the windows will endow your bedroom with a sense of intimacy and softness, making the room appropriate for activities like working and sleeping. It’s for you to decide whether you want to have drapes, curtains, shades, or blinds. While they are all fantastic, look at what suits your decor best.

how to decorate a bedroom with white wall

Get remarkable linens

Luxurious linens might be costly, but they will improve your sleep and elevate the bedroom’s overall look to an entirely different level. High-quality fabrics look beautiful and are pleasing tactilely-wise, and they will serve for many years. 

how to decorate a one bedroom apartment

Secure a sheltered and secluded place

As said earlier, the concept of the bedroom has developed throughout the years. Nowadays, people use the bedroom to sleep, work, and spend their leisure time reading a book or listening to music. Organize a spot where you can sit and read or meditate peacefully. Get a comfortable chair and place it before the window.

ideas on how to decorate a bedroom

Compartmentalize the bedroom wisely

Piling up drawers is an old-fashioned way to get more space. We advise staying away from that, compartmentalizing the space more effectively. For instance, use the area beneath the bed by DIY a drawer or several boxes. You can even get plastic containers from IKEA and hide them under the bed. 

Pay attention to furniture

The mentioned idea doesn’t mean you should give up on the furniture. The latter is still important and can make the room look complete and considered. Things like bedside tables are practical and useful, so think of getting one or two. You may also want to craft them yourself if you strive to stand out from the design point of view. Just make sure it’s the right size and augments other elements in the bedroom.

how to decorate a bedroom wall

Make your feet snug

A rug is a game-changer, as it can structure your bedroom and give the right texture to the floor. Besides softening and warming your footfalls, the carpet has an aesthetic feature. It adds patterns and improves the room’s visual aspect. Getting a rug will hit the scene no matter the size and quantity.

how to decorate a bedroom dresser top

Invest in high-quality lighting

Whatever you use the bedroom for, having an excellent lighting scheme is a must. Overhead lamps are fine, but it would be much better to install the light that comes from various angles. Not only will it make the bedroom brighter, but it will also provide multiple moods and improve the space’s visual component.

how to decorate a bedroom dresser

Consider adding remarkable decor components

Weird as they may seem, exciting decor elements often prove impressive and complementary. You are highly encouraged to include items you like, even if they look unrelated to the whole decor at first. From little accessories to bigger-size things, don’t be afraid to add such elements if you adore them. 

Let your imagination run wild

2022 is a year of transformations in interior design. What used to be voguish several months ago is no longer in the limelight. So hurry up and jump on the bandwagon if following trends is crucial to you. In turn, if you opt for practical solutions rather than trendy ones, the provided are top ideas to create a beautiful and functional bedroom. The great thing about these tips is that you can easily modify them and tailor them to your space, making your bedroom one-of-a-kind. 

Hopefully, you find this article handy. Also, we encourage you to read other articles placed on our page. We are sure you’ll find something useful there. 


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