Thanksgiving wallpaper to start off the holiday season

by John Griffith

Although 2020 has been absolutely insane, there is still some home. As we are approaching its end, everyone’s favorite time of the year begins. The festive season might look a bit different this year, but if we take all precautions and follow the instructions, we can still celebrate our favorite holidays with our loved ones. With that being said, we all know that once Halloween passes, we begin our preparations for the festive season and, in particular, Thanksgiving. So, we have prepared 50 ideas for a Thanksgiving wallpaper for both your phone and your desktop computer. These backgrounds will definitely get you in the festive mood and will make you start dreaming of turkey and pumpkin pie. So, scroll through our gallery and find the ones you love the most and steal them for your own screens.

The day to give thanks is just around the corner

background thanksgiving wallpaper arranged table with pumpkins apple pie pumpkin pie apples cinnamon sticks on brown surface

When is Thanksgiving in 2021?

In 2021 Thanksgiving Day fall on the 25th November, which is the last Thursday of the month. When the holiday was first introduced in the US, the senate decided that it will always fall on the last Thursday of November. Later, however, they changed their minds after taking into account the fact that the month sometimes has five Thursdays. That is why, they decided to have the holiday fall on the fourth Thursday of November. In Canada, on the other hand, the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of October and in this year it was celebrated on the 11th October.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA

black and purple gray green watercolor drawings of pumpkins thanksgiving desktop backgrounds pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes

What is Thanksgiving and why is it celebrated?

The tradition of Thanksgiving was first brought to the USA by the Pilgrims and the Puritans from England in the 1620s and 1630s. It is believed that the first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1621 with a special feast, organized by the Pilgrims as a thank you to the Native Americans, who helped them survive the winter. The holiday was first proclaimed as a national holiday by George Washington in 1789 “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God”.

George Washington declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1789

black background happy thanksgiving wallpaper pumpkins cranberries leaves arranged together on the side

What week does Thanksgiving fall on?

In the beginning Thanksgiving was celebrated on different dates across different states. In a1863 Abraham Lincoln decided to proclaim that Thanksgiving will be celebrated nationwide on the final Thursday of November. However, in 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt changed that, proclaiming that the holiday will be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. And that has been the official proclamation ever since.

Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November

black cursive font thankful written over drawings of two pumpkins free thanksgiving wallpaper light pink background

How is Thanksgiving celebrated?

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. The Friday after Thanksgiving Day is also known as Black Friday. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping. On the day of Thanksgiving, it is customary to enjoy a meal with your family. The menu usually includes a stuffed turkey, pumpkin or apple pie. Some of the most iconic parades also take place on this day. Everyone has heard, of course, about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in new York. Did you know, however, that parades are being held in Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans and Plymouth, Massachusetts?

The stuffed turkey is a must have for the Thanksgiving dinner

cute thanksgiving backgrounds orange background drawings of turkeys houses trees baskets full of apples

Why do you need a Thanksgiving wallpaper?

Listen, we all know the kind of year we’ve had. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t still enjoy the holiday season. What’s more, Thanksgiving is the perfect day for that. In general, it is a holiday, celebrated with family, with the people closest to you. Therefore, if you are all healthy and you take all precautionary measures, you can all sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner together. Furthermore, it is a day to give thanks, to be grateful and what better time to appreciate the things we have and show people how grateful we are to have them in our lives. So, scroll through our gallery and pick your wallpaper to lift your spirits and get you into the festive mood.

Get yourself into the festive spirit with a Thanksgiving wallpaper

drawings of pumpkins lattes pumpkin pies on light purple background free thanksgiving wallpaper

Creative Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper

drawings of turkeys pumpkins apples fall leaves thanksgiving written under them cute thanksgiving backgrounds wooden background

And remember there is always something to be grateful for, even in times like these

fall leaves in orange yellow purple thanksgiving wallpaper hd theres always something to be thankful for written on purple background

Celebrate the holiday and show your loved ones how grateful you are to have them in your life

fall leaves pumpkins arranged on the side on blue wooden surface happy thanksgiving wallpaper thanksgiving written in the middle

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to appreciate what you have

fall leaves pumpkins cranberries on the side thanksgiving wallpaper hd arranged on blue wooden surface

Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

free thanksgiving wallpaper happy thanksigivng writte in orange in the middle drawings of pumpkins fall leaves around it

Give thanks with a grateful heart – words to live by

give thanks with a grateful heart written in the middle thanksgiving wallpaper hd fall leaves above it give thanks written in the middle of white background cute thanksgiving backgrounds surrounded by drawings of fall flowers leaves branches give thanks written with white cursive font in the middle background thanksgiving wallpaper drawings of orange yellow brown fall leaves

Gobble and stuff – funny phone wallpaper

gobble and stuff written under drawing of small turkey happy thanksgiving wallpaper purple background

Gobble till you wobble or get stuffed – we all know how much we eat on Thanksgiving, so no judgement here

gobble till you wobble written under drawing of turkey cute thanksgiving backgrounds white background with drawings of golden leaves gray background thanksgiving desktop backgrounds drawings of cranberries fall leaves pumpkin spice lattes pumpkins candles hazelnuts gray orange pumpkins surrounded by green golden leaves thanksgiving desktop backgrounds happy thanksgiving wallpaper brown background drawings of turkeys pumpkins corn cooked turkey

Happy Thanksgiving – the day to celebrate this year

happy thanksgiving written in brown cursive font background thanksgiving wallpaper fall leaves wreath around it on white background happy thanksgiving written under kawaii drawing of turkey with pilgrim hat thanksgiving wallpaper hd happy thanksgiving written with black cursive font next to drawing of tree with fall leaves in orange yellow free thanksgiving wallpaper white background

Lord, I’m thankful

lord im thankful written in yellow cursive font happy thanksgiving wallpaper drawings of orange purple leaves lots of pumpkins in different shapes colors and sizes arranged together cute thanksgiving backgrounds lots of turkeys drawn on dark orange background free thanksgiving wallpaper drawings of small leaves

orange background happy thanksgiving written around drawings of pumpkins fall leaves background thanksgiving wallpaper

Be thankful not just on Thanksgiving, but on any other day as well

orange red blue garland on white background background thanksgiving wallpaper be thankful written on it pies turkeys pumpkins corn drawn on yellow background thanksgiving desktop backgrounds give thanks thanksgiving wallpaper hd drawing of pumpkin pie slice on cake stand with pumpkin cranberries fall leaves

Happy Thanksgiving from Snoopy

white snoopy drawing in the middle thanksgiving desktop backgrounds happy thanksgiving written in the middle on orange background

Beautiful Thanksgiving desktop wallpaper

close up photo of branches with dried leaves in yellow and orange thanksgiving desktop wallpaper happy thanksgiving written in white cursive cute thanksgiving wallpaper digital drawing of corn pumpkin apples peppers in wooden crate digital drawing of android logo with pilgrim hat trees standing on a field thanksgiving wallpaper with trees and pumpkins drawing of fall leaves in orange yellow red brown on the side cute thanksgiving wallpaper happy thanksgiving written in black cursive font

fall leaves and pumpkins in the corners of the photo thanksgiving iphone wallpaper white background in the middle

Give thanks to everyone who matters to you

give thanks written in black on white background surrounded by dried fall leaves pine cones thanksgiving wallpaper

Gobble, gobble, gobble – funny desktop wallpaper

gobble written three times in orange next to drawing of turkey sitting cute thanksgiving wallpaper yellow background gradient orange yellow background thanksgiving iphone wallpaper happy thanksgiving written under drawing of pumpkin fall leaves happy thanksgiving written in orange cursive above drawing of pilgrim hat corn pumpkin fall leaves thanksgiving desktop wallpaper orange background happy thanksgiving written in orange cursive font on brown background thanksgiving wallpaper drawings of pumpkin apple grapes pear fall leaves

Happy Thanksgiving from Charlie Brown and Snoopy

happy thanksgiving written next to drawing of charlie brown eating thanksgiving dinner with snoopy thanksgiving iphone wallpaper yellow background photo of arrangement with pumpkins pears apples corn grapes cute thanksgiving wallpaper fall leaves in the background

thanksgiving wallpaper table arrangement with carved out pumpkins with flowers in them surrounded by candles

And always, and we can not stress this enough, always be thankful for pie

thankful for pie happy thanksgiving written around drawing of piece of pie thanksgiving desktop wallpaper orange background thanksgiving desktop wallpaper give thanks written with dough next to pie background in purple and orange

Happy turkey day!

thanksgiving iphone wallpaper happy turkey day written above drawing of turkey lots of fall leaves in the background thanksgiving wallpaper table arrangement with carved out pumpkins with flowers in them surrounded by candles three pumpkin with three fall leaves in brown green orange on wooden surface cute thanksgiving wallpaper

Today I am thankful! What are you thankful for?

today i am thankful written in the middle of yellow background thanksgiving wallpaper drawings of fall leaves around it turkey with stuffing placed on a table with plate settings thanksgiving iphone wallpaper wine water glasses

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