Valentines Day Background For All The Love Birds Out There

Von John Griffith / January 15 2021

Well, here we are in 2021. Although we do not know what year has got in store for us, we have to be happy about the fact that we have a special holiday to look forward to. Since February is almost here, we though this is the perfect time to start spreading the love. With all the things that happened in 2020, we all need some positivity in our lives. So, this February the 14th, we all need to show the people in our lives how much we appreciate them and make them feel special. So, if you are already hyped about the holiday and want to start feeling the love in the air, it is time to change your wallpaper. Today we have prepared Valentines Day background ideas for both your phone and your laptop. We all need some love in our lives after all.

Start spreading the love with a nice wallpaper

black and white striped top red skirt worn by girl with brown hair in a bun valentines wallpaper holding a red heart shaped balloon drawing

When is Valentine’s Day?

Each year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is a celebration for one of the Christian martyrs called Saint Valentine. He was a priest in Rome who was martyred on this day in the year 269 and was recognized as a saint by Pope Gelasius in the year 496. Not much is known for Saint Valentine, but the legend says that he was in love with his jailer’s daughter and the day before his execution he wrote her a letter signed with “Your Valentine”. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the holiday is celebrated on July 6th.

Love is in the air

black gray background with dark frame valentine's day 2021 red neon heart in the middle

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

There are a few legends associated with the holiday and its martyr Saint Valentine. One of these legends states that he was a Christian priest who officiated weddings for couples who weren’t allowed to be marries. Hence, that’s where the celebration of love comes from. Other legend says that he was a healer, who healed his jailer’s daughter from blindness. He fell in love with her and wrote her a letter the day before his execution. He signed the letter with “Your Valentine”. That is where the well known term comes from. The last legend says that Saint Valentine offered soldiers and persecuted Christians hearts, cut out from parchment. And that is where the wide spread use of hearts for the holiday comes from.

The holiday is celebrated in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome

blue background cute valentines day wallpaper heart shaped lolipop in red and white in the middle

St. Valentine’s Day traditions

The traditions of St. Valentine’s Day originate from England. The acts of gifting flowers, chocolates and cards, known as “valentines” are now popular all over the world. The holiday has become quite commercial nowadays with couples going above and beyond to showcase their love for each other. While hearts, candy and flowers are synonymous with the holiday, people can also gift their significant other special presents. Valentine’s Day surprises have also become a big thing. Always remember, however, that you should express your love for your significant other every day, not just on February the 14th. However, celebrating the holiday is a nice way to make someone feel special and appreciated.

Celebrate your love on the 14th of February

blue background with white clouds valentine's day 2021 three pink heart shaped hot air balloons

Valentine’s Day 2021 celebration ideas

As we already know the world has been in a state of a pandemic for almost a year now. But, St. Valentine’s Day is probably the best holiday to celebrate under quarantine. Organize a date night for you and your significant other at home. Whether you decide to cook for them, put on a cute date night outfit and turn your dining room into a restaurant. Other option is to surprise them with a home theater. Put on their favorite film, prepare a few snacks and give yourselves a romantic night where you can enjoy each other’s company.

On this day your significant other has to feel like the most special person in the world

box wrapped in pink with golden dots on it filled with rose gold heart shaped balloons valentine's day origin pink background

Valentines Day background

As we have already mentioned 2020 has been a difficult year. Which is exactly why we would understand if you are not really in the mood for celebrating. However, don’t overlook the good vibes that this holiday brings. Celebrating love is always a good idea, even in times of hardship. A good way to start getting yourself in the mood is to surround yourself with hearts. So, why not start with lovely images and Valentines Day background which are going to put a smile on your face every time you look at your phone or laptop. We have prepared an extensive gallery for you, from which you can choose lots of romantic images to make you feel the love that is in the air.

Conversation hearts are a must have Valentine’s Day item

candy conversation hearts in different colors with different sayings valentines day wallpaper close up photo

Browse through our gallery and pick out the images that you love the most

chocolates cards lots of small candy hearts scattered around pink surface valentine's day origin

Roses are one of the symbols of the holiday

close up photo of bouquet of red roses why do we celebrate valentine's day

Meaningful Valentines Day background

conversation hearts in different sizes and colors why do we celebrate valentine's day dark pink background

Red and pink are the colors of the holiday, but you can always add some glitter in there

cute valentines day wallpaper pink background red and silver hearts garland red heart shaped balloon two presents wrapped in black white wrapping paper

An image that makes you feel the love

dark gray background valentines day wallpaper lots of hearts drawn with rose gold outlines drawing of red heart on white background valentines wallpaper made with paint brush strokes drawings of different hearts in shades of red and pink valentines day wallpaper light pink background

Simple Valentines Day wallpaper, yet very beautiful

drawings of hearts in different shapes and sizes in pink why do we celebrate valentine's day light pink background front of a card with love written in white on it valentines wallpaper two red hearts in different sizes

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone

happy valentine's day written in black on white background why do we celebrate valentine's day two red flowers on each side

beige background valentine's day 2021 lots of gold hearts spread out around it in the same size lots of hearts in different shapes and sizes and colors cute valentines day wallpaper brown pink blue happy valentine's day written on one lots of peony flowers in different shades of pink and red valentines wallpaper close up photo lots of red hearts drawn on black and white striped background valentines day wallpaper

Funny Valentines Day background – you are my type

pink background cute valentines day wallpaper white drawing of outline of typewriter you're my type written underneath pink background pink hearts in the bottom in different sizes valentine's day 2021 minimalistic wallpaper pink background with hearts in red white and pink valentine's day origin happy valentine's day written in cursive pink background with light pink hearts in different sizes cute valentines day wallpaper valentine day written in cursive

If you are preparing a surprise for your significant other it is good to prepare some balloons and garlands in pink and red

tassel garland in gold pink and red lips shaped balloon valentine's day origin pink red hearts garlands hanging on white brick wall valentine's day 2021 drawings of hearts with black outlines colored in different shades of pink and purple on white background valentine's day origin lots of hearts in different shades of red and pink white drawn on pink background valentines day wallpaper red and pink ombre background with red and pink hearts happy valentine's day written in white

xoxo – hugs and kisses

valentines wallpaper white background with pink and gold dots xoxo written in black in the middle why do we celebrate valentine's day cartoon drawing of cartoon character wearing blue and white striped top red hat holding a heart

Cute Valentines Day wallpaper for your laptop or desktop computer

blue background valentines day background pink hearts drawn as hot air balloons with smaller hearts floating around them digital drawing of a field covered with red flowers and grass when is valentines day tree in the middle shaped as a heart

Celebrate love this year

drawings of champagne flutes hearts love birds valentines background happy valentines day written in white on red background gold red and pink watercolor hearts drawn in different shapes and sizes on white background valentines day background

Happy Valentines Day

happy valentine's day written in black cursive font in the middle when is valentines day red hearts around it white background with gray hearts

happy valentine's day written in cursive on white background valentines day background two red hearts made of smaller hearts

happy valentines day wooden background five pink boxes in the shapes of hearts with different decorations on them buttons and twine

This St. Valentine’s Day ask your crush to be yours

hearts garland in red blue pink and white hanging on white wall happy valentines day be mine written underneath light beige background valentines day background red white and pink hearts drawn with outlines lots of red white and pink hearts in different shades shapes and sizes arranged together valentines background lots of wooden blocks in the shape of hearts arranged together happy valentines day red wooden heart on top pink yellow roses peony flowers arranged in the shape of hearthappy valentines day pampass grass

Once you have given the key to your heart to someone, you are committed to them

red background three white cardstock hearts tied with red ribbon valentines background gold key under them three red hearts hanging tied with red ribbon happy valentines day blurred lights in the background two red hearts placed next to each other placed on wooden surface valentines background blurred lights in the background

A box full of candy and hearts – yes, please

valentines background close up photo of red heart shaped box filled with small felt hearts candy and pink red roses 02 2017 wallpaper retina when is valentines day pink background two rocks drawn as male and female male rock holding a red heart

I heart you

white background when is valentines day lots of hearts drawn on it in red and pink i heart you written in red in the middle

wooden background when is valentines day lots of small hearts in one of the corners in different shades of pink and red

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