The Art of the She Shed – 60+ Beautiful Ideas for Creating Your Own Little Garden Sanctuary

by John Griffith

Have you ever dreamed of having a little space of your own, where you can relax undisturbed, read a nice book, or enjoy your hobbies in peace? While men have their man caves, women’s needs for private recreational rooms have been largely neglected so far. Luckily, a new architectural trend is about to change this. The so called “she shed” has gained a lot of popularity lately, and for a good reason – hundreds of women in the US and Europe are transforming their plain garden sheds into gorgeous little oases of tranquility. All it takes is a nice coat of paint, some tastefully picked furniture and, of course, a few decorations. And if your property doesn’t have a shed, you needn’t worry – a number of construction companies have already included customized she sheds in their product lists, and you can get one delivered directly to your door for as cheap as $450 or lower!

A charming she shed in yellow and white

she shed in yellow and white, with open doors, revealing a swing, an acounstic guitar, and other items inside

What is a she shed?

She sheds come in a variety of styles, ensuring they are just as unique as their owners. While lots of ladies opt for classic and simple wooden structures, there are some who choose cottage-type designs. Others prefer slick modern solutions, orangery-style sheds, or unique, custom made huts. In this article, we will briefly describe some of the most popular she shed varieties at the moment, in order to help you choose a design that is right for your needs.

We are in love with this stunning and luxurious she shed

The traditional wooden shed – a true garden classic

grey and brown wooden shed, with open double doors, revealing a vintage, duck's egg blue table, with flowers and potted plants, she shed

What is the most popular type of she shed?

The most popular she shed option at the moment is, undoubtedly, the traditional wooden garden shed. Simple and affordable, it nevertheless possesses a unique rustic charm, especially when decorated with country chic or shabby chic furniture. This shed type is ideal for passionate gardeners, who like feeling close to nature. If you are one of them, we advise you to furnish your shed with a vintage table in pastel colors, combined with matching chairs or a wooden bench. Naturally, a selection of indoor plants is an absolute must!

The cottage-style she shed

cottage style she shed, tiny house with a brown door, and a window with wooden shutters, inside a garden, with various potted plants

Cottage style sheds

Cottage-style sheds are the ideal choice for romantic and sensitive souls, who possess a rich imagination. While the interior usually resembles that of the traditional shed, the exterior is significantly different. Sheds of this variety are usually painted and decorated so as to resemble small country houses, complete with cute wooden window shutters and colorful plant pots.

The modern she shed

purple and orange flowers, in a garden, containing a blue and dark orange, modern she shed, small garden table, and a chair nearby

The modern she shed

The modern she shed is the female equivalent of the man cave, and as such, it is the perfect place for women with interests involving gaming, films and music. These sheds are usually equipped with smooth floors and surfaces, state of the art furniture, a home cinema, and/ or a selection of gaming consoles.

How to transform your old garden shed into a beautiful she shed for under $500:

The orangery she shed

orangery building made of glass, with white frames, two open windows, various potted plants visible inside

Orangery style shed

One of our personal favorites, the orangery-style she shed is truly a thing of beauty. As it is predominantly made of glass, this structure is bright, airy and inviting. While this makes it very fitting for gardeners, it is also quite suitable for artists of all kinds, and also a great choice for dreamers, who enjoy observing the natural world around them. Although this sounds heavenly, orangeries have one major flaw – they get very cold in winter!

The meditation she shed

rug with faded ornamental pattern, and white tassels, inside a wooden she shed, with lots of windows

Use your shed for meditation

As its name suggests, the meditation she shed is ideal for those who like to relax their mind and body, and practice mindfulness. Because of this, it usually has aa minimalist interior, emphasizing on comfort, rather than usefulness. Incense and candles, a soft rug, a chair or some cushions are everything you need to transform an ordinary shed into a tranquil space for meditation.

The custom-made/ designer she shed

pod-like oval she shed, with a small window and a narrow door, opened to reveal a heater inside

When it comes to custom-made she sheds, only the sky (and your bank account) is the limit. You can opt for truly unique and spectacular designs, innovative pod-like structures, or even a tree house, if you like.

Another very satisfying she shed makeover video:

What would your perfect she shed look like? If you’re still having trouble deciding, check out our gallery – we have compiled the most extensive selection of she shed designs available anywhere on the web! Enjoy, and don’t forget to visit our Architecture Section for more great articles.

Like something out of a fairytale…

tiny square house, with a gabled roof, covered by green grass, she shed, inside a garden, with various flowers and shrubs

Red and white – a gorgeous combination

shed ideas, red and white structure, with an open door, and a small window, garden table and two chairs, standing in front of it

The perfect place for an artist’s studio

gabled roof on a small house, in off white and dark grey, several pots with plants, and a swing chair, shed ideas

red and white shed, inside a garden, with potted plants and shrubs, shed ideas, tiled roof in light grey

wooden shed ideas, small structure with open glass doors, built on a pebbled surface, and surrounded by trees

Make things even cozier by installing a fire pit

light yellow small hut, in a garden with flowers and trees,shed ideas, two white garden chairs, a small table with a potted plant, and a firepit

woman sitting on a small staircase, in front of a pale grey shed, with three windows, and open doors, shed ideas, furniture visible inside

she shed interiors, small white structure with open doors revealing a striped blue and white rug, a blue stool, and various shelves with tools

She sheds can also be used as a home office

grey and yellow cube-like shed, surrounded by other similar structures, shed ideas, inside a garden with trees and shrubs

desk and an office chair, inside a small garden shed, containing a yellow cupboard, she shed interiors

tiled roof on a wooden shed, with open double doors, and windows with wooden shutters, shed ideas, garden with sprinkler, and many plants

Beautiful both inside and out

side by side images of the outside and inside, of a small rustic shed, she shed interiors, chair and a desk, table and shelves

garden shed ideas, structure in creamy light grey, and pale blue, with dark grey roof, two open windows, and two visible doors

blackboard attached to the vintage wooden door, of a white shed, decorated with several potted plants, garden shed ideas

We love this cute watermelon she shed

pink and green shed, resembling a watermelon, garden shed ideas, two doors with small stairs and a ramp

greenhouse style shed, with glass panels on the roof, lots of windows, and two glass doors, garden shed ideas, brown and white and pale blue color scheme

lots of plants growing around a wooden, vintage style shed, garden shed ideas, with open door, and two big windows

Lovely minimalist design

a set of brown shelves, inside a white shed, with open doors, she shed interiors, teal garden table, and two matching chairs nearby

home office shed, with double doors made of glass, and two big windows, garden shed ideas, two modern teal chairs nearby

table and two chairs, in front of a white shed, with open doors, revealing a red modern chair, a multicolored rug, and some shelves inside, she shed interiors in red and white

A gorgeous she shed in purple and blue

purple hut with blue roof, garden shed ideas, open double doors reveal a wooden chair, and several shelves inside

deck made of wood, with a small pastel green shed, featuring a door and a wndow, garden shed ideas, two light green garden chairs nearby

hut in the forest, made of dark grey wood, with two windows and one door, rustic she shed idea

Don’t you just love this stylish combination of yellow and grey?

wide open yellow doors, attached to a small, dark grey she shed, desk and chair, and lots of colorful frames visible inside

coffee table in white, dark grey rattan couch, and a few chairs, in front of a modern she shed, with an open door

fuchsia pink garden chairs, placed on a dark grey wooden dock, near a modern shed, with open doors

Cozy and inviting

panels made of glass, and white frames, making up the roof, of a wooden shed, with several windows, and an open purple door

Adorable she shed with overgrown roof

roof overgrown with green plants, on top of a small, cottage-like shed, in pale creamy grey and white

sheer curtains in white, on a small tree-house style shed, accessible via a wooden ladder, and surrounded by various shrubs and flowers

vintage cottage-style garden shed, in black and white, with open glass doors, revealing a rustic interior

Even the tiniest of sheds can be transformed into a beautiful and comfortable space!

very small white shed, with three tiny windows, next image shows an inside view, with table and chairs, and various tools, she shed interiors, ideas for saving space

smiling blonde woman, with hand on her hip, standing in front of a blue wooden shed, its door is open, revealing an artist studio inside, she shed interiors, framed artworks and flowers

large glass panels, on an orangery style shed, with grey tiled roof, and a partially open door, revealing various tools inside

A gorgeous garden shed

bucket with a floral towel, hanging inside a bright, orangery-style wooden shed, containing an off-white sofa, covered in cushions

antique greenhouse style shed, with lots of glass panels, and white frames, containing a small cream sofa, with a sheer white baldachin

classic garden shed, with large windows, a gabled roof, and open doors, surrounded by trees, with a statue of a little girl nearby

Woodland paradise

fairy lights decorating a brown wooden shed, surrounded by trees, next image shows a slim, blonde woman holding a small dog, and standing in front of a white hut

mint green garden shed, with large windows, and open double doors, containing a small white coffee table, a chair and other furniture, weeping willow growing next to it

bushes and plants, growing on and around a small, pale grey shed, with white doors, and skylight windows, she shed ideas, for your garden

So many pretty styles to choose from!

five different she shed ideas, two orangery style constructions, two small simple sheds, and an image, showing a colorful shed interior

autumn leaves on multiple trees, surrounding a small pastel green hut, she shed ideas, glass double doors, and small narrow windows

mother and young daughter, sitting in a shed, made of white wood and glass, in a garden with lots of flowers, she shed ideas, orangery style building

The best place to spend a lazy Sunday

bright orangery style shed, made of wood and glass, she shed ideas, doors opened to reveal a sofa, with lots of cushions inside

ladder made of rope, leading up to a small tree house, made of wood, she shed ideas, little house on top of a tree

different shed styles, family in front of a small house, with a tiled roof, a cottage-like shed, a wooden forest hut, she shed ideas

Every gardener’s dream

she shed ideas, small wooden hut, with two windows, inside a garden, with lots of different flowers, and a pebbled path

simple small white shed, with grey tiled roof, a double window, and a white door, she shed images, three green shrubs, grass and trees surrounding it

bubblegum pink shed, with open doors, revealing a bench with cushions, and various tools inside, she shed images, next image shows a small, simple wooden shed

A perfect forest getaway

forest hut made of wood, painted in pale grey, white and brown, with two little wndows, and a foor, she shed images, surrounded by trees

narrow and sharp gabled roof, on a small wooden hut, she shed images, built on a dock, near a lake

gazebo style shed, containing a sofa, a chair and a lantern, she shed images, inside a garden, with potted plants, and two lit lanterns

More wonderful ideas

inside and outside views of garden sheds, a marquee style shed in white, an orangery seen from within, she shed interiors, a large shed with six windows, and teal double doors

sofa in pale pink and white, on the porch of a small house, in white and dark grey, she shed images, oneof its double doors is open

rattan garden furniture, and a white dog, in front of a shed with open doors, woman standing next to an easel inside, she shed images

Nothing is as cozy as a small wooden house!

she shed images, light brown wooden shed, with open doors, revealing a black sofa inside

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