The 4 Best Evergreen Climbers For Year Round Beauty

by John Griffith

Climbing plants are a real gem to have in the garden. Not only are they absolutely breathtaking but they are also quite useful. These plants hide unsightly features in the garden while adding beauty, interest, and helping out wildlife. You can adorn your walls, fences, arches, and trellises with them. Climbing plants can also help add some privacy to your outdoor space, provide you with shade, and spice up your landscape design. Plus, these plants take up barely any soil space, so you will still have plenty of free space for other flora around the garden. As long as they have a place to climb, these plants will be happy! And the best part is that some varieties can extend your garden’s beauty all year round. You simply need to choose climbers that are evergreen. That’s why today we will show you some of the best evergreen climbers for your garden.

Climbing plants are a real gem to have in the garden

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The Best Evergreen Climbers

Climbing plants make a stunning addition to any garden. They add color, texture, shade, and shelter to your outdoor space. Adorn your fence with them and get privacy, let them climb the trellis on your wall to hide any imperfections, or let them cascade over your pergolas for shade. These plants have plenty of uses. It’s the best of both worlds, really, you get the beauty and the practicality. Not only that but these perennials’ will bring you joy all year round!

Climbing plants make a stunning addition to any garden

best evergreen climbers pink honeysuckle flowers

#English Ivy

English Ivy is a loved by many. Its small, green leaves create a dense carpet of foliage. This plant can climb pretty much anything you put it on to. Its foliage is around all year round and during fall it produces clusters of flowers in green and yellow. English Ivy also makes wonderful shelter for nesting birds, hibernating insects, and other wildlife.

English Ivy is a loved by many

english ivy leaf


Clematis is known as the queen of climbers. This evergreen climbing plant has strong wooden stems and an abundance of flowers and lush foliage. It comes in a variety of colors and will bloom from late winter to spring. Not only are the varieties of this plant beautiful but they also smell mesmerizing. You smell them before you even see them! This plant has dense foliage so it is perfect for creating coverage. Just give it something to cling to and it will grow like wildfire. Make sure you the Clematis is receiving partial shade and the soil is well-draining and fertile.

Clematis is known as the queen of climbers

purple clematis in clusters


Honeysuckle is a real beauty. The two best varieties of this plant are the Japanese honeysuckle and Henry’s honeysuckle. The latter of the two can grow up to eight meters long and has stunning green foliage and beautiful tubular flowers in the summer. The Japanese honeysuckle is even bigger as it can grow up to ten meters in height. It has a long blooming period and also has gorgeous flowers and small ornamental berries. These plants do best in partial shade and need well-draining, fertile soil.

The Japanese honeysuckle can grow up to ten meters in height

japanese honeysuckle flowers


This shrub is a popular evergreen plant. It will grow against your wall covering everything you want it to. The spindle, also known as winter creeper, has lush green and white leaves that will adorn your walls throughout the whole year. There are several cultivars of this plant you can choose from that will fit your needs. While this plant does well in full sun, it does prefer partial shade and moist, well-draining soil.

This shrub is a popular evergreen plant

best evergreen climbers planting spindle

These are some of the best evergreen climbers for your garden. We hope you found this article interesting. Now you can add some of these beautiful plants to your home and enjoy all the benefits that come with them!

These are some of the best evergreen climbers for your garden

clematis growing on structure

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