Summer Gardening: How to Care for Geraniums in the Summer Heat

Von Maria Konou / July 24 2023

Geraniums are among the most suitable flowers for summer that are resistant to the heat. The geranium originates from South Africa, which explains why it loves the sun and the heat. Moreover, thanks to its stems and fleshy leaves, it can also withstand droughts for a long time. A well-maintained geranium can turn your balcony into a waterfall of color and delight you with abundant blooms until late autumn. The same goes for your garden, of course! But let’s go back to the hot summer. How do you maintain this beautiful flower so that it can withstand extreme temperatures? Well, in this guide, we will show you how exactly to care for your geraniums in the summer heat, to ensure that they grow healthy and bloom as much as possible! So, grab your gardening kit, and let’s get into these gardening tips and tricks:

Time to learn how to properly care for your geraniums in the summer heat

how to care for geraniums in summer

Summer Gardening: How to Care for Geraniums in the Summer Heat

#Watering specifics

The geranium, like any flower, needs water, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Many people think that since it is so hot outside, this flower should be watered every day. In reality, it is best to check and feel the soil to judge. If the soil is moist, there is no need to water your geraniums today. If the soil is dry, however, or you can see that it is starting to crack, it is high time to water them! It is true that in the summer the geranium requires a little more watering, but it is very important not to overwater. Also, avoid watering the leaves, and try to water directly to the roots! This will prevent diseases and other potential issues with your plant. In addition, use water with room temperature, not cold tap water.

Geraniums need water in the summer, but you should not overdo it 

how to take care of geraniums in summer

#When to water

An important rule of thumb is to water your flowers early in the morning or late in the evening. Then the sun is low in the sky and less water evaporates when you are watering, compared to the midday hours. This is a tip that you can apply to all of your flowers, not only geraniums.

Knowing when to water your flowers is just as important 

how to care for geraniums in the garden

#Quality soil

This tips mainly concerns potted geraniums. The quality of the potting soil will make a huge difference with your geraniums. If water literally runs through the soil and doesn’t stay in the pot, then it is not good. Quality soil holds many times its own weight in water and will absorb water evenly. And most importantly, high quality soil is also important for the roots.

Geraniums need good quality soil to grow happy and healthy

how to care for geraniums in hot weather


Because of the rapid evaporation of water in hot weather, experts advise fertilizing your geraniums twice a week. It is better to split the full amount of fertilizer into 2 separate sessions, instead of supplying the full amount all at once. Also, it is important to remember to never pour liquid fertilizer on dry soil as this can cause root damage.

In the summer, water evaporates from the soil quicker, so more frequent fertilization is needed

how to care for geraniums in pots outside in summer

#Cut off dry flowers

When you see that a flower has wilted, remove it immediately. This is important because wilted blossoms continue to suck nutrients from the plants. As the weather gets warmer, the plant needs more vigor to flower, so you need to be there to help. We suggest checking for dry flowers every other day to ensure that they do not continue receiving nutrients from your plant.

Wilted, dry flowers continue sucking valuable nutrients from your plant if not cut

how to care for geraniums in the summer

#Remove any yellow or brown leaves

Just like wilted flowers, yellowing or browning leaves continue to suck up nutrients that your plant desperately needs in the heat. Brown and yellow leaves are also not very nice to look at. At even the slightest sign of yellow or brown on the leaves, be quick to remove them. The fewer brown leaves there are, the prettier the flowers, and the healthier your plant will be!

If you see leaves that are getting brown or yellow, remove them

how often should you water geraniums in hot weather

#Inspect the leaves for pests

Geraniums, like most flowers, can be attacked by a variety of garden pests, such as aphids. So, keep an eye on your plants to make sure that they are clean of attackers. Obvious signs of infestation are flowers with shredded petals and flower buds that won’t open. Fortunately, there are easy ways to remove them, such as spraying with Neem oil or an aloe vera solution. Always try home remedies first, before purchasing any strong chemicals! Geraniums, like any flower, require a little love and attention. However, with a minimal effort, you will still be able to enjoy beautiful and abundant flowers!

Make sure to keep an eye on your geraniums for garden pests 

how often do you water geraniums in the summer

Now you know how to care for your geraniums in the summer heat!

how to care for annual geraniums

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