Enjoy the hot summer days with these cool outdoor bar ideas

by John Griffith

Now is the perfect time to organize your garden and get it ready for the summer season. If you have a large garden and you are not exactly sure what to do with it, the truth is there are so many options. Whether you decide on a swimming pool, otdoor kitchen and lounge area or just a garden, these are all great options. The question is what do you need? If you are not ready to commit to a pool or are not really into gardening, we have the perfect idea for you. So, in this article we are going to discuss a few outdoor bar ideas. Not only is an outdoor bar be the great place for a family party, but it will also be perfect for those summer days when you just want to be out and breath some fresh air.

An outdoor bar is the perfect idea for those long summer days

blue cart with potted plants outside bar ideas bowl of ice with bottles inside glasses and bowl of lemons

Multifunctional outdoor bar ideas

If you are not willing to commit to an entire outdoor kitchen, a multifunctional bar might be the next best thing. Separate an area in your garden with some nice stone tiles on the floor, then add a free standing bar. Add a gas grill to add to the bar experience and be able to feed your guests while sipping on cocktails. What’s more, a sink added to the bar is a must have. Otherwise you will need to go in and out of your house to just wash your hands. And by now we all know how important it is to wash your hands. Add some seating for extra comfort and your bar is all done!

This bar has so much character

blue metal bar stools next to small kitchen island home bar ideas on a budget barbecue on the side

Set up a bar cart

Not everyone is blessed with a large garden with lots of space. So, if you are not one of the fortunate ones, you might be thinking that a garden bar is not for you. We are here to prove you wrong, however. Any back yard will have space for a cute bar cart. What’s more, you can totally DIY a bar, especially if you have wooden pallets or crates at your disposal. Another option is to turn an old dresser or cabinet into a bar. Then, decorate it with a few potted plants and just add the liquor.

Look at this super cute bar cart

bottles and different glasses pitcher on pink cart with shelves drawers how to build an outdoor bar

Create the whole bar experience in your back yard

Now if you are someone who loves to throw house parties, this idea is just for you. If you have a more secluded area in your garden, why not turn it into a full on bar experience? Add a bar with shelves, stools and everything a bar needs. Then, add a lounge area where your guests can chat and enjoy the drinks you made for them. Furthermore, if you want those parties to go on all night long, add a fire pit so that you can also keep your guests warm and comfortable. Decorate with lanterns, string lights or solar lamps for the perfect ambience.

If you love house parties, this type of bar is just for you

diy outdoor bar small wooden kitchen island with white countertop bar stools around it lounge area on the side

Take the bar with you around the garden

Nothing beats the practicality of a bar trolley. A small trolley on wheels makes for the perfect bar on the move. If you have a big garden with different separated areas, such as swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge area, a bar trolley would be perfect. Just make sure it is stocked with everything you need for a good cocktail – liquor, ice, limes and glasses and you are all set. What’s more, place it at an arm’s length, so that you don’t even have to get up from your seat or even move in order to make yourself a cocktail or pour yourself a drink.

A bar trolley is definitely the most practical idea we are going to share with you

black metal trolley with different bottles and glasses on it outdoor wooden bar

Wall-mounted outdoor bar ideas that don’t take up any space

No space, no problem. These awesome wall-mounted bars are such a practical idea for any small back yard. What’s more, you can try and recreate the idea yourself. All you need is a wood pallet, a couple of chains which are going to hold the bar together and that’s it. Then all that’s left to do is attach it to your wall securely and stock it up with nice wine and liquor. Of course, you can choose if you want it to have more storage space, so that you can keep bottles and glasses inside when it’s closed. On the other hand, you can leave it empty, decorate it with plants and use it as a place for your guests to leave their glasses.

Not enough space for a bar? No problem!

hanging wooden bar with plants backyard tiki bar different bottles and cocktail glasses on it

Outdoor kitchen serving as a bar

If you already have an outdoor kitchen which is covered, then you have the perfect setting for an outdoor bar. Add a kitchen island, if you don’t already have one, a few bar stools and a few shelves to keep your bottles and glasses on. What’s more, a nice wall-mounted TV will be a perfect addition. Especially, if you are into sports. After all, is there anything better than recreating a sports bar experience in your own back yard?

Outdoor kitchen doubling as a bar

black countertop on wooden kitchen island three chairs in front of it backyard bar ideas shelves on stone wall

Cocktails by the pool

If you are one of the lucky ones and have a whole pool to yourself in your backyard, you should defintiely use the space around it. After all, there is nothing better than coming out of the pool and going straight to the bar for a nice, icy cocktail to keep you cool. What’s more you can always add a full outdoor kitchen for those amazing summer house parties by the pool.

outdoor bar ideas bar below the deck of two storey house with black metal stools around it

Get a backyard tiki bar

Bring in the tropical vibes with a backyard tiki bar. Everyone knows that tiki bars are so much fun. Plus, there are no clear cut rules as to how they should look as long as they are colorful and build with natural materials, such as bamboo. What’s more, if you are an aspiring bartender, there is no better way to indulge yourself. Tiki bars are famous for their elaborate cocktails and mixture of flavors.

A tiki bar will defintely bring the tropical vibes to your back yard

how to build an outdoor bar tiki bar with bamboo different decorations flamingo pineapples hawaii style

Now keep scrolling to find even more outdoor bar ideas

bar stools next to small cart with two shelves filled with potted plants outdoor patio bar mimosa ingredients glasses on topblack cart with wine glasses wine bottles on the shelves outside bar ideas in front of stone wall black metal enclosure over wooden bar with white countertop home bar ideas on a budget black bar stools black wooden card placed in the gravel outside bar ideas iced bottles glasses and limes on it

A bar with a pizza oven? Yes, please!

black wooden kitchen island with white countertop diy outdoor bar black metal stools pizza oven different chairs around small bar outdoor patio bar four shelves with bottles and potted plants enclosed mini bar with four wooden bar stools outdoor kitchen bar glasses bottles limes lemons on top enclosure made of wood outdoor bar ideas island made of wood with white countertop four black stools in front enclosure made with stones with fireplace and barbecue backyard bar ideas three bar stools next to bar with black countertop

If you don’t have enough space in your back yard, turn your garage into a bar

garage turned into bar with brick walls chalkboard behind the bar outdoor wooden bar yellow and pink bar stools green bar sign on top of white wooden trolley made of crates home bar ideas on a budget different bottles and glasses on itblack and orange bar stools next to outdoor wooden bar inside wooden enclosure

A backyard pub is never a bad idea

hanging lights with rope over wooden bar outdoor patio bar shelves with different alcohol and glasses backyard bar ideas bar with closed windows four bar stools in front of it under roof backyard tiki bar small bar with black countertops shelf with different bottles mini fridge gray leather stool home bar ideas on a budget black metal stools next to open windows looking into kitchen large outdoor kitchen with bar lounge area outdoor bar ideas barbecue and two armchairs stone tiled floor large outdoor kitchen with long bar wooden bar stools with whtie cushions how to build an outdoor bar black cabinets

Add some fire to keep you warm even if the nights get colder

lounge area with rattan furniture small fireplace backyard tiki bar next to small bar with two leather bar stools mediterranean style garden home bar ideas on a budget kitchen island with colorful tiles black metal bar stools with orange cushions mini bar inside wooden enclosure how to build an outdoor bar decorated with lanterns crates throw pillows

Keep it simple and minimalistic

minimalistic bar made with black wood siding backyard bar ideas potted succulents on it minimalistic bar with four black rattan bar stools outdoor kitchen bar small tall table outdoor kitchen bar large outdoor kitchen island with wooden cabinets white countertop barbecue outdoor kitchen island made with stones outdoor patio bar black stoold in front of it wooden enclosure outdoor patio bar black rattan stools next to bar with gray granite counterop sink on the bottom level outdoor wooden bar enclosed outdoor kitchen with wooden kitchen island cabinets gray countertop gray bar stools

Make sure you have enough lighting

outside bar ideas brick walls wooden enclosure bar with string lights wine bottle stand two metal bar stools shed turned into bar made of white wood outdoor bar ideas two black stools in front mimosa cart small garden bar made with black and grey wood outdoor bar ideas tv inside lots of bottles on the shelves tiki bar made with bamboo and hay diy outdoor bar led benches shelves with different bottles wooden bar in minimalistic style how to build an outdoor bar tray of lemonade pitcher glasses on top wooden bar with hay decorations on two levels different bottles plants on it outdoor wooden bar wooden enclosure in black with three bar stools diy outdoor bar next to kiddie pool

Add a cover so that you can use your outdoor kitchen no matter the weather

wooden enclosure over outdoor kitchen build with stone outdoor kitchen bar wooden chairs yellow and blue enclosure with dried palm leaves on the roof backyard tiki bar two wooden bar stools

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