How to grow an orange tree from seed: Complete Guide

Von Maria Konou / July 07 2022

Anyone seeking a fun indoor gardening hobby? Why not grow your own aromatic orange tree from a seed! To do that, you can use grocery shop orange seeds or farmer’s market orange seeds! However, keep in mind that it may take up to a decade for your plant to bear fruit. Nevertheless, a vivid green plant with sweet-smelling leaves can still turn your space into Italian scenery. So, continue reading to see how you can grow an orange plant from seed:

Let’s see how you can grow an orange tree from seed

how to orange tree from seed

How to grow an orange tree from seed

Step 1: Prepare the seeds

First, remove all the seeds and set the fruit aside. Remove any seeds that appear unusual—small, flat, empty shells, etc. Remove both the gel coat and the hard shell of the seed to make germination faster. Then snip off the hard, flat-pointed end of the seed shell with nail clippers, being careful not to damage the real seed inside. Gently peel the two shell parts apart and remove them with your fingertips. Your seeds are ready!

Cut up your orange and carefully get out the seeds

how to grow an orange tree indoors

Step 2: Germinate the seeds

First, wet a few sheets of paper towel and set the seeds on it, spacing them at least an inch apart in all directions. Then place them in a food container with a lid or a food storage bag and cover it with another layer of moist paper towel. You want the seeds to be in constant touch with warm fluids. Also, do not allow them to dry out. Store your bag or container in a warm, dark spot like a kitchen cabinet. Check up on them every couple of days.

It is time to clean, and germinate all these seeds

lemon seed orange citrus fruit seeds

Step 3: Plant the seedlings

Time to plant the sprouts! The roots are generally thick and off-white, like bean sprouts. In some circumstances, the plant stem will also begin to grow. Plant the sprouting seed in a tiny cup, pot, or another drainage-holed container. For clay and other non-plastic pots, use a standard organic potting mix. You might also use cacti potting mix in plastic pots, which retain more moisture. You can use individual small pots or one container for the first several months. Place the roots just beneath the soil’s surface. Gently massage the potting mix around the plant to secure it. Water thoroughly, replenish potting mix as needed, and gradually move the plant to a warm, sunny area over several weeks.

You can plant your seedlings in separate pots on one container

how to care for an orange tree

Step 4: Snip off some seedling

Genetic sprouts and vegetative sprouts are the two types of seedling sprouts produced by orange trees. Because the vegetative sprouts have the same characteristics as the mother tree, they will eventually yield high-quality fruit. Because of genetic variances caused by cross-pollination, genetic sprouts may not produce the same quality of fruit and should be removed in this step. Vegetative sprouts are more aggressive and taller than genetic sprouts. Using little scissors, snip off the genetic sprout at the root and discard it so that the vegetative sprouts can grow without competition for nutrients!

Remove the genetic sprouts and only leave the vegetative ones

how to grow orange tree from orange

Step 5: Transplant to a bigger pot

After a couple of months, the orange tree seedlings must be moved into other pots once they have produced multiple sets of leaves. Place the seedlings in 4- to 6-inch pots of citrus formula potting soil. Use pots with drainage holes once more!

As your orange tree gets bigger, it will need a bigger pot

how often to water orange tree in summer

Step 6: Grow and care for your orange tree

Keep the seedlings in a bright, sunny area with southern exposure and water them when the soil on the surface dries out, adding water until the bottom of the container trickles. Every two weeks, fertilize the orange seedlings. You can use our recipes for all-natural indoor plant fertilizers! Fertilize less in the fall and winter. Orange trees grow well in pots, but they do best when planted outside in their ideal climate.

Now you need to take care of this little orange 

how to propagate an orange tree

And, in time, it will turn into a beautiful orange tree

how to orange tree grow

The white orange blossoms smell divine

how to plant an orange tree

And, this is how to grow your own orange tree from seed

how to grow orange tree faster

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