4th of July Outfits For All The Patriotic Ladies

by John Griffith

4th of July is close! So, if you have already prepared the party decorations and have set the menu, there might be one thing left to decide – what to wear. Everyone’s favorite holiday is usally spent at family barbecues, picnics and just hanging out with friends. That is exactly why, your outfit should be all about comfort. However, being comfortable doesn’t mean not having style or not being trendy. So, in this article we have a few ideas for 4th of July outfits, which are modern, trendy, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. We will give you some tips on how to wear the red, white and blue, as well as what pieces of clothing are most popular. After all, it is always great to celebrate such an important holiday in style!

Celebrate the holiday in style

blonde woman wearing denim dress and jacket with the american flag on the inside 4th of july shirts

What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is a very important date in American history. The holiday is also knows as Independence Day. Why? Well, because on this day, in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed. It declared that the thirteen colonies were free from British rule and were now independent states. These colonies were New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The holiday is declared a national holiday and is usally celebrated with fireworks, parades, carnivals, festivals, etc, all over the USA.

The 4th of July fireworks are a sight to behold

blue shorts white blouse platform sandals 4th of july clothes worn by woman with long hair

What are the most popular colors for the 4th of July outfits?

Well, it is pretty obvious what the answer to that question is. The red, white and blue represents the American flag. Therefore, these three colors are a must have in your outfit selection. After all, everything on this day is decorated in these colors. And we have good news, you don’t have to stand out. The red, white and blue are the perfect colors for any type of 4th of July celebration. What’s more, they are great summer colors, which are vibrant and fun. That is exactly what makes them perfect to wear in the beginning of July.

Red, white and blue are, naturally, the colors of the holiday to wear

blonde woman wearing white lace dress girl wearing red white and blue dress baby boy 4th of july outfit holding american flags

Represent the flag with your fourth of July outfits

Now, it is important to understand that when we say represent the flag, we don’t mean wearing the American flag from head to toe. The perfect combination is definitely an American flag top with jeans or white trousers or skirt. However, there are other options. If, for example you want to wear a dress, pick a lacey white dress, which is free-flowing so that you are comfortable in it. Then pick a silk scarf or scrunchie or even a bag with the American flag. Any accessory would work as a combination with your dress. That way, you will be stylish, but you will also represent the flag and be dressed just right for the holiday!

Choose a top with the American flag and pair it with white

blonde woman wearing white denim shorts baby girl 4th of july outfit american flag top

4th of July outfits in red

Now if you love red or you think red looks good on you, this holiday is the perfect time to showcase that. Once again, it is important to note that you don’t have to wear all red. For example, if you have chosen a red top, you can pair it with jeans or a denim jacket. That way, you will also get that blue infusion you need to represent the colors of the holiday. Another option is to opt for a red dress. Then, you can accessorize it with white or nude, so that the red color is the sole focus of your outfit. Another option is to go for jeans and a simple white top and accessorize in red – red shoes, bag and you can even add a red scrunchie or bandana in there.

Red is such a classic and elegant color that you can wear it with almost anything

brunette hair in messy bun tied with white bandana 4th of july dress red bralette denim jacket

Choose blue to celebrate the holiday

Well, the good news is that everything that is denim constitutes blue color. So, that is pretty easy to achieve. Any white or red top, paired with jeans will fit the description of a fourth of July outfit. However, if you love blue color and you want to stand out, a dress in blue might be just what you need. Keep in mind that the blue color that you choose doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the dark blue color on the flag. You can choose a lighter shade of blue and your outfit will still be super patriotic. You can pair it with nude shoes and a bag and add a small red detail – a little scarf tied to your bag or a hair accessory.

This silky blue dress is absolutely stunning

blue satin dress with long sleeves fourth of july outfits worn by woman with shoulder length black hair

Choose an outfit in all white

Well, white has got to be the most versatile, as well as most used color in the world. It can be combined with every other color and can look good even if you are dressed in all white from head to toe. That is exactly what makes it the perfect option for an Independence Day outfit. Whether you choose a white dress, white trousers or white top, you will have so many combinations available. Pair it with red, blue or both and you will look stunning. What’s more, you can keep the all white outfit and add small details in red or blue. Whether it is a print that has those colors or you choose to have accessories in these colors, your look will definitely be patriotic enough. So, if you want to keep things simple and minimalistic, white is definitely the way to go.

A white top with some blue details on it can be a great addition to an all white 4th of July ensemble

blue and white striped top with white jeans and shoes baby boy 4th of july outfit woman with blonde hair

4th of July clothes have to be comfortable

As we have already mentioned the holiday is celebrated with family and friends. Whether it is a picnin in the park, a gathering in someone’s backyard or a fun festival or concert with friends, comfort is key! Any type of outfit you choose to wear, you should feel comfortable in. Not only because you are going to spend the whole day in it, but also because you will spend fun time with your friends and family. And how can you have fun if you are constantly thinking of the clothes you are wearing. So, don’t forget to keep that in mind when choosing your 4th of July outfit.

Make sure your outfit provides comfort so that you can have fun with your friends and family

blue top denim shorts worn by blonde woman 4th of july clothes standing next to grill

Now let’s see some more ideas for fourth of July outfits

brunette woman wearing jeans white top 4th of july shirts american flag scarf

Coordinate outfits with your friends

brunette women standing next to the beach 4th of july outfits wearing red and blue outfits holding american flag

Accessorize with a flag

denim shorts red and white striped top worn by woman holding the american flag fourth of july outfits

Or keep it simple in red, white and blue

denim shorts white crop top red bag baby boy 4th of july outfit worn by woman with braided hair denim shorts white t shirt 4th of july outfits converse sneakers red scrunchie sunglasses bag red lip gloss

Choose a top with the flag, USA or America written on it

denim shorts white usa sweatshirt worn by woman with long blonde hair 4th of july clothes on the beach denim short white t shirt brown leather sandals red scarf 4th of july outfits for women laid out on white surface different pieces of clothing 4th of july shirts denim shorts jacket white red blue t shirts dress

Coordinate your family’s 4th of July outfits

family of three standing on the beach 4th of july outfits dad wearing usa blouse fourth of july outfits blonde woman wearing blue dress with white polka dots red sandals with heels fourth of july shirts white dress red sandals blue and white leather bag layed out on blue surface jeans in white with red and white checkered top worn by woman with long hair 4th of july dress nude sandals and bag jeans white top nude sandals red and white striped bag 4th of july shirts for women worn by woman with long hair lace white dress brown leather gladiator sandals red bag 4th of july shirts worn by blonde woman with sunglasses

Combine red and blue for an eye catching outfit

large hat blue dress red sweater 4th of july dress worn by woman with brown hair long satin dress with red blue dots on it fourth of july outfits worn by woman with short afro standing on green staicase mom and daughter sitting on stairs fourth of july shirts wearing denim shorts red tops mom and son holding american flags 4th of july shirts for women wearing jeans america blouses mom wearing america blouse white jeans baby wearing red and white dress 4th of july dress red and white top white jeans gold sandals 4th of july outfits for women laid out on white surface

Keep it classy in red

red skirt red and white striped blouse 4th of july shirts for women blonde hair in high messy bun red white striped dress denim shirt over it converse sneakers worn by brunette woman 4th of july clothes usa letters 4th of july outfits four kids holding them dressed in red white and blue patriotic outfits woman standing next to table decorated with american flags 4th of july outfits wearing jeans white lace top

Choose a piece of clothing with the American flag print

woman wearing denim shorts gray t shirt american flag jacket 4th of july shirts for women carrying white backpack woman wearing denim shorts gray t shirt with american flags on it fourth of july shirts blonde woman woman wearing gray blouse denim shorts blue bandana around her neck baby girl 4th of july outfit sunglasses woman wearing jeans red and white top baby girl 4th of july outfit hair in ponytailblonde woman wearing red and white dress white platform sandals baby boy 4th of july outfit

Add some stars to your outfit

woman wearing pink satin top with stars gray pants 4th of july outfits for women brooklyn bridge in the background woman wearing white shorts and t shirt fourth of july shirts blue checkered oversized blazer woman with toddler wearing america sweatshirts 4th of july outfits for women sitting on stairs

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