Here’s Some Cool Stuff To Draw When You’re Bored

by John Griffith

Are you bored? Looking to get creative? Are you looking for something fun to do? Or do you simply need to pass some time? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. Lately, I’ve taken up drawing as a hobby again, and it’s been super fun and freeing. Letting go of all the worries and just focusing on the page in front of you is an amazing feeling. Whether you are a seasoned artist looking for some quick inspo or a beginner who is eager to start exploring their artistic side, I’ve got you. I know how annoying it can be to figure out what to draw. That’s why I want to save you some time and share with you these wonderful drawing ideas. There is plenty of stuff to draw, and these ideas will spark your imagination in no time.

Bored? Let’s turn that into creative art inspiration

Fun Stuff To Draw When You’re Bored

Did you know that creating art is not only fun and a great way to beat your boredom, but it’s also great for your health? Yep, that’s right. According to a study done by Girija Kaimal, a professor at Drexel University and a researcher in art therapy, and other researchers, art can help quite a lot. It can lower stress levels, activate the reward center of the brain, improve your focus, and more. That’s the power of art for ya. Whether you’re lounging at home, sitting through a slow afternoon in the office, or simply seeking a relaxing activity, drawing can be a delightful escape. So, if you are ready to turn that boredom into a burst of artistic expression, here’s some stuff to draw. Oh, and remember, you can easily tailor these ideas to your skill level.

Ready to fill those pages?


Who says artwork needs to be difficult? Your best bet for simplicity and spontaneity is a doodle. Let your pencil roam, whether you’re sitting at home or scribbling during a conference, to see what patterns and forms come to mind. Drawings are a great way to express your ideas freely; they may be anything from charming tiny creatures to abstract lines. How about making the most of your next coffee break by doing some drawing?

Doodles are simple and fun


Have you ever seen a mountain range’s untamed beauty or the minute intricacies of a leaf? Nature is motivating in addition to being lovely. Take out your sketchbook and go outside, simply stare out the window, or look at your cactus. Try to capture the spirit of whatever it is that draws your attention, whether it’s a peaceful sunset or a busy bird feeder. Taking inspiration from nature may be a calming diversion from the stress of everyday life.

Nature awaits to inspire your next sketch


There’s a certain magic in putting an animal’s essence on paper. Animals, whether it’s an elephant’s untamed elegance or your pet’s devoted stare, are fascinating subjects because of the energy and motion they convey. If you don’t have any zoo images, start with the creatures in your immediate vicinity. Take note of the feelings and expressions they cause, and then use your drawings to give them life.

Capture the vibrant life and spirit of animals in art

Original characters

Have you ever fantasized about a fictional persona so genuine you wish you could meet them? Now is your opportunity to give them page-to-life action. Make up your own fantastical creatures, heroes, and villains. Imagine the worlds these characters come from and the experiences they’ve had. Tell me the difficulties they encounter. Creating your own characters to draw is like becoming the ruler of your own imaginative universe.

Create and sketch your own unique characters and stories


The act of sketching a person’s likeness is analogous to conveying their story via art without using words. It’s tight and difficult, but the payoff is worth it. Pay close attention to the details that reveal their character, such as the shape of their grin or the glint in their eye. Creating a portrait, whether of a loved one or a distant relative, is an excellent opportunity to hone your craft and forge a stronger emotional connection with the subject.

Portraits tell stories

Fantasy world

Why stay in this mundane, real-life world when you can live out your wildest fantasies? Make a map of an uncharted territory, plan a fairytale palace, or picture a magical forest full of trees that can tell you hidden truths. If you want to get away from reality and test the limits of your imagination, make a dream world.

Let imagination break all rules

Everyday objects

With a little imagination, even the most ordinary things may be turned into works of beauty. Every item you own, from that worn-out pair of shoes to your morning Joe to that antique camera, has a history. Play around with various angles and lighting. When you stop to appreciate it, even the most mundane things may take on an astonishing quality.

Ordinary objects can transform into extraordinary sketches


In the world of high couture, let your imagination go wild. So, what’s the latest season’s trend? How about this? What do you think? Try draping different fabrics, experimenting with different patterns, and accessorizing. Fashion illustration is about more than simply clothes. It’s also about creating a mood and a way of being.

Express attitudes through your art

Comic strips

Have you ever considered retelling a narrative using only a few panels? Humor, drama, and visual art all come together in comic strips. Make up your own people and put them in strange settings. Bring individuality to your discourse, and make sure your pencils are as sharp as your wit.

Tell short, fun stories through your own comic strips


From ancient Gothic cathedrals to futuristic skyscrapers, structures are like ice music. Give building renderings a go. Pay close attention to the brickwork pattern or entryway arch that gives each structure its own personality. As a result, we can better value the art and history that surrounds us.

Sketch the soul of architecture around you


Do you want a thrill? Sketching automobiles is a thrilling pastime. There is a distinct character to every vehicle, from vintage rides to cutting-edge creations. Take note of the distinctive curves, chrome, and clean lines that characterize each model. As if capturing style and quickness were possible on a single page.

Cars offer dynamic shapes and details to draw

Fantastical creatures

Use your creativity to create wonderful beings or recreate beings like Medusa. Create something entirely new by combining traits from other species. In what kind of setting do they reside? How threatening are they? The shape, function, and imagination may all be explored via the medium of fanciful animals when one draws them.

Create and animate your own mythical creatures

Your favorite character

One of the greatest pleasures of creating art is giving life to a fictitious character that you love. It may be a lot of fun to try to put your own spin on a famous figure, whether they’re from a popular book or a blockbuster film. It’s a wonderful opportunity to honor the people who have shaped your imagination.

Bring your favorite characters to life through sketches

You don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci to sit down and draw. The great thing about these ideas is that you can easily tailor them to your skill level. And now you have plenty of stuff to draw when you are in need of something fun to do or simply need inspo. So, sharpen those pencils, or perhaps open a new digital canvas, and prepare to transform your idle time into an artful adventure. Unleash your inner artist and don’t be afraid to explore your creative side. Make drawing a fun experience for yourself, and experiment.

Grab your tools and create

stuff to draw drawing of flowers doodles

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