Egg-citing Art: The Ultimate Guide To Chicken Drawing Ideas

by John Griffith

I grew up among barn animals, but chickens have always held a special place in my heart. I simply adore them. Maybe because of their eccentric behavior, their uncomplicated charm or fun looks. Did you know chickens are thought to be the first descendants of dinosaurs? Pretty cool if you ask me. And thanks to their unique looks, I’ve decided I want to take a go at drawing them. If you, too, are looking for inspiration or want to learn how to sketch these delightful creatures, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a novice or trying to hone your talents, I will walk you through the process of putting the essence of chickens on paper. So, let’s explore the realm of chicken drawing and produce some egg-cellent art.

Discover the joy of drawing chickens

Understanding Chickens: The Foundation of Your Art

One of the most popular and widely kept domestic animals is the chicken. Also, formerly known as Gallus gallus domesticus. According to The Poultry Science Association, these birds are tamed and descended from the wild red junglefowl of Southeast Asia. Since they were first domesticated thousands of years ago, chickens have played a major cultural and symbolic role in many communities. They are also an essential component of global agriculture. Their amazing evolutionary heritage, which can be traced back to the formidable Tyrannosaurus rex, is absolutely fascinating. Because of their rich cultural heritage and lively personalities, chickens have also become quite an interesting subject to artists. The great thing about chickens is that the variety of breeds and their distinctive qualities can help give you unlimited inspiration for your artwork.

Learn about chickens’ origins and their role in human culture and agriculture

Egg-cellent Chicken Drawing Ideas

For any artist, drawing animals like whales, elephants, or even chickens can be a way to tap into new creative inspiration. These farmyard animals present quite an engaging challenge with their expressive faces and various outlines. Every detail, from expressing the character in their eyes to the fluff of their feathers, challenges you to stretch the boundaries of your artistic ability. So, whether your goal is to capture the elegant stance of a rooster or the soft contours of a hen, here you will find an abundance of inspiration.

Get inspired to capture the unique features of chickens in your artwork

Mother hen

In this cute cartoon-style drawing, a mother hen and her chicks are playing in the grass. The picture shows how carefully the mother watches over her playful chicks, creating a warm and calming scene that makes you feel like you are safe and part of the family. The soft lines and bright colors make the scene look even more peaceful, which makes it great for children’s books or nursery wall art.

Illustrate the nurturing relationship between a mother hen and her chicks


A chicken and a rooster stand next to each other in a field in this simple but bright cartoon drawing. They represent friendship and unity. The green field in the background gives the scene a pastoral feel, and the drawing’s bright colors and happy style can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Portray the companionship of chickens with vibrant colors


The illustration has a cute doodle of a chicken and stars made with brightly colored pencils. Doodles are a fun and creative way to express yourself, as they encapsulate the real joy behind drawing. It’s a great example of the fun of making art for no reason.

Embrace the spontaneity and fun of doodling chickens

Chicken stack

This comical arrangement plays with the absurdity and humor of stacking chickens, each layer adding its own quirky character to the overall structure. Each chicken has its own unique color, pattern, and vibe!

Create a whimsical stack of chickens in various colors

Angry birds

This bright piece of digital art shows a chicken that looks very angry. The strong colors and lively features make its mood stand out. The style of the art gives the traditional farm animal a lively and up-to-date look that makes it stand out and have a strong emotional effect. If you like modern art, this inspo art is perfect for you.

Depict an angry chicken with bold colors and expressive features

Fight mode

As if the chicken were really in fight mode, this realistic picture shows it with its wings up and its leg raised, ready to go. The detailed drawing brings out the fluffiness of the feathers and the fierceness in the chicken’s eyes, showing a side of chickens that isn’t often seen: their aggressive side.

Capture a chicken in an action-packed pose

Cottage core

In this sweet scene, a chicken is knitting quietly in a garden, with a daisy on top of her head and a basket of yarn next to her. The main style of the property is beautifully rendered, giving a cute and cozy view that combines hobbies with the ease of country life. This art has a touch of fun and nostalgia.

Draw a chicken enjoying a peaceful knitting session in a garden

The gals

This colored pencil drawing of two chickens in the woods gives us a rough and personal look into the lives of these birds in their natural environment. Using colored pencils gives the art a rough and natural look that brings out the details in the chickens’ faces and the nature setting.

Sketch two chickens exploring the woods in colored pencil

Gallus constellation

This creative rendering of the Gallus constellation, created with watercolors, incorporates chicken imagery into a celestial subject. The colors are softly blended, and the creative constellation gives the chicken shape a mythological twist. This piece is beautiful and would look great in any collection of animal or astrology art.

Paint the Gallus constellation in a celestial theme with watercolors

Realistic chicken

This digital drawing of a chicken’s head is hyperrealistic. The fine details and bright colors in the feathers and eyes stand out as a result of the high level of detail. This brings the chicken’s personality and beauty to life. This drawing, shows the beauty of chickens in a striking and lifelike way.

Focus on the lifelike details of a chicken’s head

How To Draw a Chicken: An Easy Tutorial

Drawing animals or plants can be a delightful and creative project. Here’s a quick, step-by-step tutorial from Sherry Drawings that I found a delight to follow. It will help you easily create a cute drawing of a chicken:

Step 1: Start with the Eye

Start your artwork with the eyes. Draw a circle, then enclose it in a smaller circle. To build the eye, fill in the area between the two circles, leaving the inner circle white to create the appearance of a reflection.

Step 2: Shape the Head

After drawing the eye where you want it, draw the head by drawing an oval shape around the eye. To depict the beak, add a tiny triangle that protrudes from one side of the head. Draw the wattle with a soft, curving line that looks like a droplet shape directly below the beak.

Step 3: Build the Body

The chicken’s body shape should resemble an oval that widens toward the base, with a slight roundness and small flattening at the bottom. Draw a flowing line starting at the rear of the head and curved around to make the chicken’s underside and back. For the tail, to make it look fluffy, draw wavy lines at the back of the body.  This will give it a fanned effect. Then move on to the lower body. Draw the thighs.

Step 4: Add Fluffy Details

Simple lines with little joint bends should be used to depict the legs as they stretch downward from the body. To give your chicken a unique look, add the comb on top of the head using gentle, wavy lines that stand upright. A gentle wavy line along the side of the body will represent the wing.  You can also color your drawing if you’d like. You can opt to be as realistic or as imaginative as you desire when it comes to chickens because they come in a number of hues.

I hope you have found inspiration in these chicken drawing ideas! You can experiment with a variety of styles while drawing chickens, from expressing delicate motions to capturing exquisite feather textures. There are countless opportunities for creativity and development, regardless of your experience level. Never forget that practice and patience are essential to mastering any art form. Continue playing with various styles and methods, but above all, have fun creating these adorable animals on your canvas.

Encourage continuous practice and enjoyment in chicken drawing

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