DIY Dreamcatcher – tutorials and 70 beautiful photos to inspire you

Von John Griffith / October 24 2021

If you are plagued by nightmares and sleepless nights, and traditional methods don’t have the desired effect, perhaps its time to consider an “alternative” method. Why not try making a DIY dreamcatcher? According to Native American legends, it is sure to help you find a peaceful night’s rest.

If you are wondering how to get started, this article is just for you. Stay with us to find out 70 gorgeous designs, as well as several tutorials and lots of tips and ideas, for an exciting and fun DIY project.

But first things first – what exactly is a dreamcatcher and what is its function?

Dreamcatchers are a Native American protection charm, also known as spiderweb amulets. Originally, they were placed over babies’s cradles to prevent evil spirits from harming them, and to ensure peaceful and restful sleep. It is believed that when a dreamcatcher is suspended above a person’s bed, it filter’s the sleeper’s dreams, letting in the pleasant ones, while ensnaring the bad ones in its webs. The captured nightmares are then destroyed by the first sun rays of the morning. Nowadays, dreamcatchers fascinate both young and old, and are perceived mostly as decorative objects. Consequently, they can be placed in any room of the house.

Symbolism of the dreamcatcher

Traditionally, dreamcatchers were made from three main elements. First, there is the hoop – a circular frame, usually created from the wood of a willow tree, symbolizing the circle of life. Then there is the net, woven in intricate thread patterns. Unlike most contemporary societies, Native Americans didn’t perceive spiders a creepy, nor did they associate them with evil forces. On the contrary – the spider was seen as a protector, or a creature that brings light and knowledge. Its net was therefore symbolic of safety and good fortune. In addition to its obvious link to spiders, the dreamcatcher’s net also signifies the threads of fate, and the intricate twists and turns of life. The final element used in the making of dreamcatchers is the decoration. Although it is unique for every model,  there are certain items which are used more frequently. Feathers, for example, are a very popular choice, as they symbolize the lightness and calmness of air.

And now onwards to our very own DIY dreamcatcher tutorial! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to craft this mysterious and aesthetically pleasing item!

So, how do you make a dreamcatcher?

Easy DIY Dreamcatcher tutorial for beginners

diy dreamcatcher, a woman's silhouette, holding a dreamcatcher, with a yellow, orange and purple sunset in the background

Here is what you’ll need

  • A loop or circular frame – you can either buy one, or make it yourself using wooden branch or aluminium craft wire
  • Some white leather rope
  • Some pink string
  • A medium bulldog clip
  • A pair of scissors
  • Various decorative items – beads, ribbons or strips of fabric in different colors

The necessary materials for a DIY dreamcatcher

how to make a dreamcatcher, materials placed on a wooden surface, white leather rope, ribbons in different colors, gold chain and beads, scissors and a bulldog clip, a wire hoop

And here are the step by step instructions for a DIY dreamcatcher

The first thing you need to do is wrap the white leather rope around the loop. When you’re about halfway through, use the bulldog clip to hold the rope in place, while you finish wrapping. This way you will get a tighter, and more even result.

The first step in the DIY dreamcatcher making process

how to weave a dreamcatcher, hand holding a wire hoop, white leather rope, partially twisted around it

Once the entire loop is covered in white leather rope, carefully remove the bulldog clip, and make a tight knot. Cut away any excess rope with the scissors.

This is what your hoop should look like before your remove the bulldog clip

leather rope in white, secured with a bulldog clip, completely covering a wire hoop, how to weave a dreamcatcher, held by a person's hand

Tying the ends of the rope

close up of a knot, made of white leather rope, wrapped around a wire hoop, how to weave a dreamcatcher

Now its time to create the web. Take the pink string, tie it to the loop and wrap it around once. Then tie the free end of the string to the opposite side of the loop, and make another knot. Repeat the process, ensuring that the resulting strips of thread have the same length. Once you have gone around the entire loop, start repeating the process, going inside the circle, and tying string to string. Do it as many times as you deem necessary. If you wish, you can also add colorful beads. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is! Check out the photos bellow for a visual step by step of the process.

Naturally, the string doesn’t have to be pink. You can opt for any color of your liking.

string in pink, held by a hand, near a wire hoop, wrapped in a white leather rope, how to weave a dreamcatcher, wooden surface in the background

The first step of the weaving process

pink thread tied to a wire hoop, wrapped with a white leather rope, how to weave a dreamcatcher, on a light wooden surface

This is what your DIY dreamcatcher should look like, after the first layer of the string has been tied around the loop

hexagonal shape made from pink string, tied to a white hoop, how to weave a dreamcatcher, held by a hand with ling nails

Adding the second and third layers of string

web-like pattern, made with pink thread, inside a white hoop, how to weave a dreamcatcher, placed on a light wooden surface

And here is the completed net

finished woven pattern, made of pink thread, and tied to a white hoop, how to weave a dreamcatcher, held by a hand

When you have finished weaving the net, you can continue to the final step – the decoration. Tie ribbons or strips of colorful fabric to the bottom part of the loop, hiding the white leather rope and pink string knots. Add feathers, beads and stones for a more interesting and unique result.

Almost ready – tying the decorative strips of fabric

tying one pale pink, and two white, crochet lace ribbons, to the bottom of a white hoop, with pink net, how to make a dreamcatcher

This is what your DIY dreamcatcher should look like when completed. Gorgeous, and ready to decorate your wall, or to be given as a gift to a loved one!

off-white wall, decorated with a white dreamcatcher, how to make a dreamcatcher, featuring a pink net, white and pale pink crochet lace tassels, gold chain details, and gold beads

If you want  a more complex and sophisticated, or truly authentic dreamcatcher, you can find some great models in various online shops.

Pretty DIY dreamcatcher, with decorations in gentle pastel blue and pink hues 

baby pink and white, and pastel turquoise feathers, small ornaments and beads, decorating a white dreamcatcher, how to make a dreamcatcher

Create a mysterious atmosphere with this black and orange design. Perfect for Halloween!

orange and black feathers, hanging from a black dream catcher, with four nets, how to make a dreamcatcher, fireplace with lit candles on the mantelpiece

An excellent way to decorate your house. Don’t you just love the flower ornaments?

large dream catcher, decorated with pale pink lace ribbons, and flowers in light cream and pink

How about this boho style DIY dreamcatcher? Feather, lace, flowers and beads – it has it all!

boho-style dreamcatcher, decorated with multiple crochet lace strips, feathers and flowers, how to make a dreamcatcher, hanging on a cream wall

We love this stunning and huge dreamcatcher! What an impressive and complex net pattern! 

intricate woven pattern in brown, on a large dream catcher, with black tassels, dark-haired woman adjusting it, on a pale cream wall

fluffy small feathers, in white and pink, attached to a dreamcatcher, decorated with a pink flower ornament, how to make a dreamcatcher, hung on a blossoming tree

four dimensional dream catcher, in black with a white net, decorated with multiple black feathers, a black and white stone, and dark grey and black beads

Lush turquoise dreamcatcher with matching beads and a crystal amulet

light turquoise dreamcatcher, decorated with white feathers, turquoise beads, and a light blue crystal, large dream catcher

dark brown and black diy dreamcatcher, with a white net, decorated with striped feathers, and brown and black beads

window decorated with a diy dreamcatcher, featuring a small, crescent moon ornament, and black tassels, with white feathers, dipped in brown paint

purple and violet, and pale pink feathers, attached to a small hoop, with purple woven net, and pale beads, diy dreamcatcher

A beautiful dreamcatcher decoration for your bedroom

making a diy dreamcatcher, using crochet doilies, explained in five steps, picture of necessary materials and processes, and an image of the end results

And here is a great video with an easy and fun tutorial:

horseshoe in green, transformed into a diy dreamcatcher, with a dark teal net, and small beads, feathers and stones, tied on multicolored strings

simple white diy dreamcatcher, with one brown branch, and several dark feathers, hanging on a white wall

Dreamcatchers don’t have to be round! Isn’t this crescent moon shape simply adorable?

coral pink and beige feathers, some with patterns, tied to a crescent moon-shaped diy dreamcatcher, with several flower ornaments, in pale pink and blue

wooden fence or wall, decorated with a crescent moon dreamcatcher, pictures of dream catchers, with cream lace ribbon tassels, and pale blue flower ornaments

pictures of dream catchers, classic dream catcher in white, with black net, decorated with pale pink, dark purple and white feathers, and small black beads

The Tree of Life makes an excellent decorative motif for your DIY dreamcatcher, combining Buddhist elements with Native American legend

round decoration with a tree of life motif, woven with string, and decorated with beads, large dream catcher like ornament, on a rattan background

the tree of life, decorating the middle, of a beige and cream dreamcatcher, decorated with sheer white ribbons, feathers and a flower, and many beads, pictures of dream catchers

feathers in white, with teal tips, tied to a mobile-style dreamcatcher in white, hanging from the ceiling

antique lace ribbons, in pale beige, cream and off white, attached to a boho dreamcatcher, with a crocheted doily, pictures of dream catchers, pale beige wooden background

Another great video tutorial, especially for people wo want to use only vegan products

two chocolate brown and white feathers, and a small pink stone, tied to a rattan dreamcatcher, with a white net, decorated with pale blue beads, pictures of dream catchers, on a grey wall

three pink flower ornaments, attached to a white dreamcatcher, pictures of dream catchers, with pastel pink, violet and purple tassels and feathers

A cute alternative suggestion – owl shaped dreamcatcher, decorated with gorgeous peacock feathers!

dreamcatcher designs, owl-shaped dream catcher in black, decorated with turquoise and black, spotted and peacock feathers, and held by a hand

vivid turquoise feathers, attached to a dreamcatcher, decorated with many teal bids, dreamcatcher designs

If you’d like to achieve a more bohemian look, substitute the net with a piece of lace

teal and pale pink, turquoise and dark pink floral motifs, on a dreamcatcher with white lace detail, dreamcatcher designs, many multicolored tassels

Crochet doilies also look great!

doily-like pink crochet detail, on a large dream catcher, with white feathers, and pink beads

sunflower ornaments in different sizes, on an orange dreamcatcher, with a yellow crochet doily, and orange and yellow feathers, dreamcatcher designs, hanging on a white wall

minimalistic dreamcatcher designs, star-like web motif, decorated with white feathers, with pale grey tips

We love the hippie vibes coming from this multicolored model!

bright boho-style large dream catcher, with one big and four small, multicolored nets, featuring small feathers, in different colors

framed images and others, hung on a black wall, near a large dream catcher, with brown and white tassels, two pale pink feathers, and a lotus detail

assortment of fabric strips, and ribbons in different shades of pink, tied to a large dream catcher, shaped like a peace sign

Sleep peacefully with this lovely bedroom composition 

wall decoration with seven dreamcatchers, four round and three crescent shaped, hanging from a large dried branch, big dream catchers, above a bed

Add some fairy lights for a truly atmospheric piece

beads in white, a crochet off-white doily, and many ribbons in cream and white, boho dreamcatcher designs, pale wooden floor

neon pink lace, decorating a white dream catcher, with brown feathers, and white tassels, dreamcatcher designs, white wooden planks in the background

five faux roses, in yellow and orange, and deep red, decorating a dream catcher, with beige and pink tassels, dreamcatcher designs, seen in close up

An adorable and creative sunflower dreamcatcher

green and yellow dreamcatcher, with a crocheted doily, painted in yellow and brown, like a sunflower, green and yellow tassels

star ornament and lots of feathers, in pale white, pink and blue, decorating a handmade dreamcatcher, with three nets

monochrome dream catcher, with white and black feathers, matching two-tone beads, and a yin and yang motif

stine in purple, decorating a pale purple dreamcatcher, with long tassels, and neon violet feathers

bokeh effects on an image, showing a close up, of a purple dream catcher, surrounded by hot pink feathers and beads

Another amazing and lush floral model

variety of flowers in different colors, decorating a white dream catcher, with tree nets, and long off-white tassels

painted feathers in blue, purple and pink, with white hand-drawn symbols, attached to a handmade dreamcatcher

soft and fluffy, electric blue feathers, attached to a dreamcatcher, with five nets, and shiny turquoise beads

Sea-inspired dreamcatchers, decorated with seashells, feathers, and pale blue tassels

unicorn figurine in white, near two dream catchers, with white crochet doilies, teal blue tassels, white feathers and seashells

sunset in the forest, tree trunk decorated with an authentic-looking, purple dream catcher, with five nets, and many white, and brown feathers

Lovely white DIY dreamcatcher, decorated with a gold heart-shaped ornament

heart ornament in gold, in the middle of a white dream catcher, with white feathers, and more small gold ornaments

branches with faux pink, and white blossoms, decorating a dreamcatcher, with purple and maroon, white and pink tassels, big dream catchers, hung near a blue surface

How about a dreamcatcher wreath? Pretty, rustic-style decoration idea

burlap bow and tassels made of plain string, decorating a wreath, adorned with pink and white flowers, several conch shells, and a dreamcatcher net, big dream catchers, grey wooden surface

How to make an authentic dreamcatcher, explained by a Native American

boho-style dreamcatcher, white crochet lace doily, and cream tassels, decorated with white feather ornaments, big dream catchers, pale yellow and orange, green and pink flowers

A creative, dreamcatcher-inspired wall decoration 

scissors held by a hand, trimming the tassels of a wall decoration, inspired by a dream catcher, in three shades of turquoise

hoop wrapped in pale teal leather rope, decorated with many strips of teal lace, big dream catchers, four orange faux roses on its left side

A lush, rainbow-effect design to brighten up your room!

red and orange, yellow and turquoise, and dark blue, dream catcher nets, decorated with feathers in corresponding colors, and attached to one another, big dream catchers, on an off-white wall

yellow and purple, cream and pink flowers, of different kinds, decorating a dream catcher, with many multicolored tassels, big dream catchers

big dream catchers, purple and turquoise, beads and feathers, and strips of ribbon, decorating a dream catcher, mounted on a white wall

And here are some beautiful dreamcatcher-inspired jewelry pieces

pendant shaped like a small, pink and black dreamcatcher, with feathers and tiny beads, pictures of dream catchers, worn by blonde woman, with a pale grey top

brunette woman with long hair, wearing a small, purple dream catcher, decorated with tiny pink, white and turquoise feathers, in her hair, pictures of dream catchers, leafy green plants, with yellow blossoms in the background

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