127 techniques and ideas for making a macrame wall hanging decoration

Von John Griffith / October 18 2021

If you’re fans of modern trends and bohemian spirit, in particular, you’ve definitely seen these beautiful macramé creations as part of the decor of each interior. Whether you like the modern style or prefer the traditional feel, making a macrame wall hanging is a great idea to bring a touch of character to your home. For all who are enchanted by the art macrame but do not always dare to embark on this challenge (which seems too complicated), we challenge you. In the following lines, you will discover the main techniques to master easy weaving in no time.

Bring a touch of bohemian spirit to your home with an original macrame wall hanging

macrame wall hanging, photo collage, side by side photos, different macrame ideas

Making a macrame wall hanging decoration

In general, the macrame wall hanging comes in several fantastic versions. Wall decoration or headboard, plant hangers, exotic chandelier and more: curtain or room divider, hanging chair, wall shelf, even a beautiful wedding decor. Thanks to macramé DIY objects, you can totally refresh your interior with a natural and exotic note. The macramé creations blend perfectly with the wooden furniture and green plants in a bohemian chic atmosphere. But, macrame suspensions fit into a more stylish design with the same success. Need ideas how to integrate a macrame accessory in your decor? Take a breath of inspiration in the gallery below.

Wonderful idea to turn the teen room into a cozy place with macramé DIY objects

stone wall, macrame dreamcatcher, potted plants, macrame wall hanging, colourful throw pillows

If you do not have fairy fingers and are simply looking for suitable macrame wall hanging models for your home decor, you can find a wide range of cool items on the modernemacrame , etsy, amazon etc. websites . In case you fall into the category of enthusiasts who are eager to start their first macrame project, we bring to your attention some simple and easy tutorials. You can also get the book Modern Macrame with instructions to make 33 different macrame projects.

With the macrame technique we can make different fantastic objects of exotic taste

side by side photos, photo collage, macrame wall hanging, different macrame ideas

Learn the basic knots

What seems like an impossible project at the beginning is a quite fulfilling mission if we explore the world of macrame tricks and techniques. To enjoy your own macrame creations, you just have to learn the main knots and experiment with different combinations. Let’s see how to make the three most used knots: lark knot, flat knot and oblique wand pattern.

One, two, three and we have already mastered the technique of making a Lark’s knot

lark's knot, step by step, diy tutorial, macrame wall hanging

Square knot

  1. We begin by folding the wire (red on the photo) in two so as to form a loop.
  2. Then you have to go under the main wire (the green wire on the picture).
  3. We fold the loop down.
  4. Now, you have to get the two wires back into the loop. Pull.

Video to give you a clearer idea about the realisation of the Lark’s knot:

The second type of very popular macrame knot is the flat knot

macrame knots, macrame wall hanging, step by step, diy tutorial

Make a flat knot

  1. To make this type of knot, first the left-hand thread forms a loop and passes over the central thread.
  2. Then, the right yarn passes over the left yarn and then diagonally goes up in the loop passing under the main yarn.
  3. We pull on both ends and that’s it.

And here’s how to do the flat knot:

The hitch knot pattern serves to give a well-formed structure to its macrame creation

woven wall hanging, step by step, macrame knots, diy tutorial

Master the “hitch knot” motif

The hitch knot is a macrame technique that consists of making diagonally semi-circles. For that:

  1. Take the left thread and pass it over the right thread.
  2. We form a loop with the right wire and draw.
  3. We repeat the previous step again.
  4. Then we continue to weave downhill. Leave aside the left-hand thread, take the right thread and pass it over the next thread.

Tip to face the challenge “oblique wand”:

These are the three basic knots that can be combined in many ways to create fantastic macroscopic creations. If you are very passionate about macrame art and are curious to learn about the other types of popular knots, you will find even more techniques online.

Relaxing atmosphere that combines natural materials and colours

wooden armchair, knitted grey blanket, woven wall hanging, wooden table, potted plants, white walls

Tutorial 1. Macrame wall hanging in two colours

Once the basic knots are mastered, we embark on the realisation of sublime macramé suspensions. In this first tutorial, we will use the three techniques that have already been examined to make a wall hanging design in two colours. Let’s see how the magic happens:

The necessary materials:

  • wooden stick
  • cotton rope
  • favorite color textile dye
  • scissors

The steps to follow:

  • We begin by forming a string of rope at both ends of the stick. This will help us hang it later on the wall.
  • Then you have to cut a number of ropes of the same length (about 1.5-2m).
  • Now we begin to tie the ropes to the bat using the lark knot technique .
  • Once all the strings attached to the stick (lark knot) we start the weaving using the technique of  flat knot.
  • We make the first row of flat knots.

To make this beautiful suspension we have to make a row of lark knots

step by step, diy tutorial, woven wall hanging, white macrame, orange scissors

  • For the second row, skip the first two strands and start making flat knots (from the third strand) until you reach the last two strands.
  • Repeat the previous step 11-12 times until you get a square knot in the center, creating a V shape (triangle).
  • Now we start a series of hitch knots (double half-knots diagonally) along the left and right sides of the triangle. The hitch knots will create a border of the macrame.
  • Finally, gather 4 strands of the macramé fringe and knot a few flat knots.
  • To give the suspension a more triangular shape, cut the two ends of the fringe diagonally.

Once the hanging is ready, we only have to create this nice shaded effect on the fringes. For this, mix the dye with water by following the instructions on the box. Immerse the fringes in the dye. Let dry well.

After that, flat knots and hitch knots are used.

white macrame, step by step, diy tutorial, woven wall hanging

A layer of paint to achieve a subtle fading effect

white walls, woven wall hanging, side by side photos, photo collage, wooden side table

How to make a chandelier with macrame knots?

pink and white throw pillows, how to macrame, pink blanket, small wooden tables, large windows

Tutorial 2. Macrame chandelier by apairandasparediy

Material:  cotton rope, lampshade structure, scissors and iron (optional)

How to do it:

  1. Cut the rope into small ropes of the same length (about 3m).
  2. To achieve this subtle effect of the strings, you can iron them.
  3. Now, we begin to tie the strings on the iron ring using the lark knot technique.
  4. Make the first row with half-knots.
  5. Measure 1 cm and start a row of flat knots.
  6. Measure 1 cm and make a second row of flat knots.
  7. Now you have to make two rows of half-knots without space.
  8. After, we make twisted half-knots.
  9. Make two more rows of half-knots.
  10. Measure the length and cut off the excess of the rope.

The technique remains the same: an alternation of varied macrame knots

diy tutorial, step by step, how to macrame, macrame lamp shade

Make a macrame hanger to hang your favorite plants

black and white table, plant hangers, potted plants, how to macrame, white wall

Easy and simple tutorial like a child’s game

potted plant, wooden shelf, how to macrame, hanging macrame, woman knitting, white wall

In this beautiful tutorial by heylilahey we start with a row of lark knots

how to macrame, step by step, diy tutorial, white wall, wooden stick

And we continue with a row of flat knots …

macrame patterns, white wall, woman knotting, white macrame

step by step, diy tutorial, macrame patterns, woman knotting, white wall

That’s the result of our efforts!

potted plants, plant hangers, macrame patterns, white wall, white furry blanket

Video tutorial to make another version of the macrame plant hanger:

white wall, macrame patterns, step by step, diy tutorial

Instruction by Macrame School to make an impeccable macrame wall hanging decoration:

woman knotting, macrame patterns, wearing a white top, white wall

Create hyper cool and easy to achieve macrame decor with burkatron

macrame wall hanging diy, step by step tutorial, white wall, black scissors

Bohemian chic interior design with DIY macrame wall hanging decor

leather armchair, wooden floor, white wall wooden table, potted plants, macrame wall hanging diy

Macrame pattern in pastel blue coloured fabric by britco

blue macrame, white wall, macrame wall hanging diy, white chair, potted plant, wooden floor

white macrame, white wall, macrame wall hanging diy

And if we add some feathers to complete the bohemian look? Tutorial by blogfreepeople

macrame wall hanging diy, with feathers, side by side photos, wooden wall, white wall

types of knots, macrame wall hanging patterns, step by step, diy tutorial

white chair, gold and white throw pillow, macrame wall hanging patterns, white wall, potted plant

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Macrame tent

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How to macrame

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Macrame wall hanging patterns

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How to do macrame

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Large macrame wall hanging room divider

macrame room divider, white walls, macrame wall hanging patterns free, tiled floor

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How to make macrame

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Macrame for beginners

macrame wall hanging knots, hanging wooden shelves, potted cactuses and succulents, white wall

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learn macrame, potted aloe vera, wooden sofa, blue and pink candle jars, large windows

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