Amazing Ideas for Decorating Mason Jars

Von John Griffith / January 12 2018

The popularity of mason jar crafts has skyrocketed in recent years. In the past, these attractive glas containers were used for fruit and vegetable preserves but when supermarkets started offering fresh produce all year round, canning became largely obsolete. As a result, people began finding other, more creative and imaginative uses for mason jars. In this article, our team will show you some great DIYs that will enable you to transform jars into beautiful decorative objects, gifts and more.

To begin with, here is a great idea for lace-adorned mason jars that you can easily make at home.

What you’ll need:

  1. Some patterned lace (you can also use a piece of old curtains)
  2. Scissors
  3. Crafts glue
  4. Flat brush


  1. First, measure the mason jar, in order to decide how much lace you’re going to need.
  2. Once you have the right dimensions, cut as much lace as required.
  3. Then, apply some glue to the surface of the jar. Make sure to distribute the glue evenly, and to cover the entire surface you’d like to decorate.
  4. Carefully stick the lace to the jar.
  5. Finally, press the lace with your brush, ensuring that it sticks well.
  6. If there is any superfluous lace, you can cut it away once the glue has dried.
  7. To add an extra touch of rustic beauty, tie a piece of string around your jar and secure it in a bow. Naturally, you can add more decorations, according to your taste. The finished jar can be used as a flower vase, or even a lantern – just place a candle inside, and enjoy the beautiful patterns projected on your wall!

We hope you enjoy making your own mason jar crafts! Check out our gallery bellow for more awesome ideas!

Mason jar crafts – a beautiful rustic centerpiece

mason jar crafts, clear jar decorated with burlap, white lace and a ribbon with bow, containing white and pale pink flowers, candles nearby

The possibilities are endless!

mason jar crafts, chandelier made of mason jars, containing lit fairy lights, with crystal decorations, hanging from a tree

A great idea for pampering your friends

mason jar crafts, two clear jars with glass lids, filled with white and pink candy, decorated with pink details, white ribbons with bows, and tiny pink roses

We love these beautiful jar lanterns!

mason jar crafts, four jars with aluminium lids, half-filled with white beans, each containing a lit candle, hanging on black chains, from wooden wall

Adorable Christmas decoration idea

mason jar crafts, three jars filled with multicolored candy, covered with plush heads of stanta, a snowman and a reindeer

How about making some gorgeous vases?

mason jar crafts, two jars spray-painted in gold, with glitter details, containing white and purple flowers, and a clear blue jar, with orange roses, in the background

Cute and clever romantic design

mason jar crafts, two jars painted in turquoise, with small white roses, tied around them with string, decorated with burlap, with the world love written on it

You can achieve this cool effect yourself, by tying string or ribbons around your jars, and then spray-painting them in your preferred color

mason jar crafts, seven jars with different shapes and sizes, decorated with white paint in various patterns, and containing lit candles, placed on wooden steps

Create a cozy winter atmosphere in your home with these adorable lanterns

mason jar gifts, three jars in pale green, turquoise and blue, decorated with nordic sweater patterns, painted in white, and lit from within

Spice up your party’s snack table with this nifty fruit salad jar idea

mason jar gifts, three jars containing fruit salad, with smaller jars, filled with cream, tied to them with string, cakes and pastries in background

Valentines Day gift idea for your partner and friends

mason jar gifts, three jars painted in violet, gold and red paint, with heart-shaped windows, revealing colorful candy and snacks inside, heart-shaped labels in black and red, tied around them with string

More beautiful centerpiece ideas

mason jar gifts, three jars either decorated with burlap, lace or kept plain, placed on a table, and containing various flowers in orange and yellow

mason jar gifts, two small clear jars, with white lace, ribbons, faux flowers and a heart ornament stuck to them

mason jar gifts, three clear jars, decorated with white lace and ribbon, one with a heart ornament, one with a faux flower, and one with a cream-colored brooch

mason jar gifts, several jars with wire handles, decorated with lace over burlap, and two-toned string, containing white and yellow, pink and purple flowers

mason jar gifts, three stacked small jars in beige, cream and white, decorated with pearls and lace, with burlap and silk flowers

There are so many amazing ideas to choose from!

mason jar decorations, a lantern jar decorated with autumn leaves, three jars containing lit fairy lights and moss, jar painted in red, made to look like an apple, with pencils inside

mason jar decorations, several differently sized jars, decorated with lace in different patterns, placed in a dark corner, and lit from within

mason jar decorations, clear mason jars with wire handles, hanging from a wooden fence, containing daisies and red flowers

mason jar decorations, two differently sized jars, decorated with autumn leaves in orange and yellow, with candles and leaves, small pumpkins and gourds nearby

Making preserves is not entirely forgotten! Some people still enjoy making their own jams and spreads.

diy mason jar, close up of jar filled with red substance, covered in red and white checkered cloth, tied with a string, with a label saying spread the love, placed on top of many similar jars

mason jar decorations, five small jars, decorated with white and beige burlap, with string and pearl details, white roses in the background

mason jar decorations, one large and two small jars, with lit candles inside, painted to look like an evening sky, with dark silhouettes of a witch, a ghost and a graveyard

mason jar decorations, glass containers filled with red, silver and white Christmas baubles, some covered in glitter

Cute color-coordinated mason jar organizers

mason jar decorations, four jars decorated in different colors, blue and pink, green and violet, each containing buttons and bands in a corresponding color

diy mason jar, three mason jars, with handles made of twisted wire, containing acorns and glasses with lit candles

diy mason jar, filled with water, with small twigs with green leaves, cranberries and a lit candle swimming inside

Here are some sweet Easter suggestions

diy mason jar, with a round colorful label reading happy easter, covered with green and white plaid cloth, and containing colorful candy and easter grass

diy mason jar, three jars with clear lids, decorated with painted grass, bunnies and a chick, with blue and turquoise ribbons tied around the lids, and a small glass container with colorful candy nearby

We can’t get enough of these beautiful lace-decorated jar lanterns!

diy mason jar, three differently sized jars, painted white and featuring a lace pattern, lit from within and placed in a dark room, near a pearl necklace

diy mason jar, three jars of different sizes, painted in a dark pink, glittery color, and decorated with gold bows, containing orange and yellow flowers

diy mason jar, clear jar filled with layers of ingredients, with a round label reading oatmeal cookies, covered with a red and white checkered cloth, and a teal ribbon

christmas mason jars, several jars transformed into snow globes, containing fake snow, and little christmas tree figurines

decorating mason jars, three clear jars with snap glass lids, containing hand-made candles, and decorated either with orange or lime slices, or tiny violet flowers, tied around each jar with string

Complex and detailed or simple and clean – you decide!

decorating mason jars, two large and one small jar, with beige burlap and white lace, placed on an overturned wooden crate

christmas mason jars, many different jars, filled with fake snow, and silver glittering christmas ornaments

christmas mason jars, three jars containing fake snow, red berries and fir twigs, and red and white christmas ornaments

christmas mason jars, two jars with little houses painted on them in black, containing lit candles, and placed on snow near a house

We love these cute Halloween ideas!

decorating mason jars, jar painted in orange, with jack-o-lantern face, purple jar with ribbon and gold ornament, mummy jar made with bandages and eye stickers

decorating mason jars, three jars with twisted wire handles, each containing a white candle in a glass, and either acorns, corn or micro pumpkins

decorating mason jars, two dozens of jars, with cardboard labels and thread, and green and white straws, close-up reveals names on jars, and a notice reading, grab a jar and claim it

decorating mason jars, three clear jars, stuck to vintage wooden stands, containing tiny fir cones, acorns or a bunch of dried wheat stalks

Refresh your home with this lovely idea

decorating mason jars, off-white wooden board, with the word home written in beige, decorated with a pale blue jar, containing faux white flowers

christmas mason jars, a jar painted in red, with a bell-shaped window, decorated with gold and the word joy, and revealing a lit candle, placed on a row of white beans

decorating mason jars, three jars filled with coffee beans, and decorated with string forming a bow, each containing a lit electric candle

mason jar centerpieces, many differently shaped and sized jars, each decorated with white lace or ribbon, in a variety of patterns

Coming up with intricate decorative designs is fun, but even plain mason jars can look really effective, when they’re tastefully combined with flowers and other items 

mason jar centerpieces, three jars decorated with small dots of color, forming different patterns, in pale and dark blue, white and yellow,

mason jar centerpieces, a clear mason jar, placed on stacked beige books, containing a single white rose, green leafy plant, and many tiny white flowers

Candy jars are cute and make great gifts

three empty candy jars, with glass lids, decorated with patterned labels in pink and green, orange and white, with many candies, in similarly colored wrappers nearby

mason jar centerpieces, four mason jars, placed on burlap cloth, with closed aluminium lids, each containing lit fairy lights

mason jar centerpieces, three jars lit from within, two decorated with white lace, one with pink, white rose petals nearby

mason jar centerpieces, close up of small jar, decorated with woven string, pale blue ribbon, a silver pearl and a plastic gem

christmas mason jars, large clear jar, containing fake snow, a snowman figurine, and a sheet music page

Adorable table setting suggestion for your child’s party

two small jars or glasses, decorated with brown or red ribbon, with bow and polka dots, containing red or brown plastic cutlery, placed on a table, near a stuffed monkey toy

clear jar with string handle, hanging from a metal pole, containing a single pale pink rose, leafy green plants and tiny white flowers, rows of chairs on a meadow in the background

mason jar centerpieces, four different clear jars, decorated with burlap and white lace, each sporting a string bow

two differently sized jars, painted in black matte color, and decorated with white chalk, with heart-shaped windows, revealing colorful candy inside

Our team wishes you a lot of fun with your own mason jar crafts!

six mason jars, with aluminium lids and wire handles, containing clear green liquid, and placed on a wooden cupboard with mirror

mason jar centerpieces, four identical jars, decorated with white floral lace, placed on top of beige burlap, with burlap flowers and string bows

mason jar wrapped around with string, containing four orange roses, and one white, placed on a wooden table

six mason jars, each painted in a different color, purple and blue, green and yellow, orange and pink, containing mixed flowers, in the same colors

christmas mason jars, four jars containing fake snow, and small glasses with candles, placed in a wooden tray, next to fir branches, fir cones and berries, and other plants

christmas mason jars, three jars decorated with sheet music, and tiny fir cones tied with string, a cross-shaped window reveals, a lit candle in each jar

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