70 + Incredibly Sweet, Creative and Easy Mother’s Day Gifts

by John Griffith

First of all, can we begin by saying that moms are awesome?  Not only do they seem to have a solution for every problem, but are also always prepared to give you their love, support and advice, not asking for anything in return, except your wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, it is sometimes easy to forget that despite seeming like almighty superheroes, moms are humans like the rest of us, and enjoy receiving gifts just as much as the next person. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start preparing some thoughtful, handmade presents. To help you get started, we have gathered an extensive list of super sweet and creative mothers day gifts ideas, which are sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face and brighten up her day. Also included are several tutorials, which are not only simple and fun, but also easy on the wallet. And if you want even more cool handmade gift ideas, check out our DIY section. We have loads of clever and creative suggestions for all kinds of occasions, including Easter and Father’s Day!

When it comes to Mothers Day gifts, it’s hard to beat a stylish, hand-made card, especially when it’s accompanied by family photos

mothers day gifts, two handmade cards, decorated with paper art flowers, on black board, with three photos, showing mother and daughters, and paper decorations


Everyone loves cupcakes and yes, that includes your mom! Decorate home made or store bought cupcakes with vibrant fresh flowers, for an extra festive touch:

three cupcakes with white frosting, decorated with fresh flowers, lilac and daffodil, vibrant pink rose, mothers day gifts

Simplicity can be extremely effective. Decorate plain dishes with a subtle touch of paint for a unique, customized gift

four white plates, decorated with light blue patterns, done in watercolor, mothers day gifts, glass with blue paint, and brush nearby


Here is a clever idea – handmade golden bath salts with an appropriate message:

round bottle made of glass, with cork stopper, containing yellow bath salts, mothers day gifts, white label with message to mom

This video contains some tasty treat suggestions and a cool customized cushion idea:

If your mom loves jewelry, you can find some inspiration for gorgeous handmade pendants, earrings and more, right here:

And if you’re looking for more affordable options, we’ve got that covered too:

Here is an alternative necklace, idea which is super easy to make and looks amazing. learn how to make it yourself in the photo tutorial below!

handmade necklace with wooden beads, in different shapes and colors, some decorated with hand-drawn patterns, mothers day gifts, on blonde woman's neck



  • Wooden jewelry making beads in different colors and sizes
  • Leather cord
  • Permanent markers in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint and brush (optional)


Making this lovely necklace is easy as pie! First, pick several wooden beads in different sizes and colors (we recommend 5 to 7). Using the markers, draw some decorative patterns on one or two of the beads, leaving the rest plain. If you are really good at drawing and have some acrylic paints on hand, you can try painting more complex decorations, such as animal or floral prints. If not, just opt for polka dots, stars or hearts. Next, cut a piece of leather cord and string the beads together. Finally, tie the loose ends in a secure knot, and your necklace is ready!

Mothers day gifts idea – the materials needed for making a customized beaded necklace

scissors in red, white bowl filled with multicolored wooden beads, mothers day gifts, three tubs of paint, thread and a pen

Make sure to buy wooden beads in lots of different sizes and colors!

lots of wooden beads, in different shapes and sizes, inside a white ceramic bowl, mothers day gifts, necklace materials

A simple, minimalist pattern can be very effective!

wooden bead in pale blue, with black hand-drawn pattern, on white pipe cleaner, held by hand with dark nail polish, mothers day gifts, marker in black and gray

If leather cord is not available, you can also use jute twine or plain thread.

mother's day gift ideas, cutting leather cord, with pair of red scissors, white bowl filled with multicolored, wooden bead nearby

Mix different colors for an eye-catching, pop art look

two hands with dark nail polish, holding piece of leather string, with five wooden beads, in different shapes and sizes, mother's day gift ideas

Your mom is sure to love this charming and fresh necklace!

necklace made of wooden beads, in different colors and shapes, hanging around a blonde woman's neck, mother's day gift ideas, cyclamen pink lipstick

We love these gorgeous flower air fresheners – not only are they beautiful but smell heavenly too!

clear bottles with black, plastic spray caps, made from glass or plastic, filled with water and lilac, rose petals and herbs, mother's day gift ideas, fresh flowers nearby

Materials need to make them:

  • A selection of fresh fragrant plants (we used lilac, roses, lavender, rosemary and sage)
  • Essential oil (we used lavender)
  • Refillable bottles with plastic spray caps
  • Water (we recommend that it’s mineral or filtered)


Carefully take the roses apart and cut the lilac, lavender, rosemary and sage into small pieces. When done, put the flowers and herbs inside the bottles. We decided to put the roses and sage in one bottle and the lilac, rosemary and lavender in another. If you prefer, you can mix them all up, or experiment with other combinations. Next, fill the bottles with water. Those using bottled water can opt for a funnel to avoid spillage. Finally, add up to 10 drops of lavender essential oil in each bottle and shake very gently.

You will only need several minutes for this fun and easy project

bouquet of flowers and herbs, near two empty clear bottles, with black plastic caps, mother's day gift ideas, and a small bottle of lavender essential oil

photo tutorial with six images, showing how to make a perfume bottle, by using fresh flowers and herbs, mother's day gift ideas, roses and lilac

Aren’t they pretty?

child's hands holding two clear bottles, made of plastic or glass, filled with rose petals and sage, lilac and rosemary, mother's day gift ideas, home-made perfume

small child hand, pouring water from plastic bottle, into clear bottle with flowers, using metal funnel, mother's day gift ideas, fun diy project

If your mom doesn’t like the smell of lavender, you can choose a different essential oilgift ideas for mom, child's hand pouring lavender essential oil, into clear glass bottles, filled with flowers

How cute is this pompom necklace? This is one of our favorite mothers day gifts ideas!

blonde woman with tied back hair, wearing gray jumper, and cyclamen pink lipstick, with bracelet made of pompoms, gift ideas for mom

What you’ll need:

  • Woolen thread for knitting in colors of your choice (we went for pale pink, light turquoise and yellow)
  • small pliers
  • thin metal chain
  • jewelry making pins with hooks
  • lobster clasps and jump rings


First, make several pompoms, using the woolen thread. If you haven’t tried this before, check out a tutorial. We needed 5 pompoms for our bracelet, but you can use more or less, depending on your preference. Next, pierce each pompom with a jewelry making pin. Using the pliers, bend the sharp side of the pin into a hook. This way you should have hooks on both sides of the pin. Once done, cut several pieces of thin metal chain, trying to get them in roughly the same length. Attach the chain pieces to the pompoms’ hooks with jump rings using the pliers. Add a lobster clasp and a jump ring to either end of the bracelet. Package nicely and present to your mom!

You only need a handful of materials!

pastel pink and yellow, knitting woolen thread, gift ideas for mom, making a bracelet, near pair of pliers, jewelry making pins, lobster clasps and a thin gold chain

several handmade woolen pompoms, in pale green, pastel pink and bright yellow, gift ideas for mom, pink pompom making tool

Make sure to choose woolen thread in your mom’s favorite colors!

piercing pompoms with jewelry making pins, blue pliers nearby, woolen knitting tread, gift ideas for mom, how to make a bracelet

stringing pompoms together, on a thin golden chain, two pliers and jewelry making supplies, gift ideas for mom, pink and yellow woolen thread

This bracelet is chic, easy to make and incredibly cute!

female arm with pale pink nail polish, and gray sleeve, wearing handmade pompom necklace, gift ideas for mom, in light green, pink and yellow

And, since we are on the subject of jewelry – hand-painted trinket boxes are very popular and functional mothers day gifts!

paint daubs in pale green, yellow and red, decorating round white jewelry box, with clear ornate handle, gift ideas for mom, golden earrings and bracelet

My mom and me – an adorable DIY idea for youngsters

booklet in pink and white, with the title my mom and me, decorated with child's drawings, held by litte girl dressed in pink, top 10 mother's day gift ideas

top 10 mother's day gift ideas, child's hands holding a booklet, in white and pink, opened to reveal drawings and text

Embroidered decorations are an excellent way to show how much you care for your mom, as they take time and effort to prepare

close up of two round, white peaces of cloth, embroidered with red and black thread, with hearts and messages for mom, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, with red ribbons

young boy embroidering, with red thread, on white piece of cloth, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, sweet message for mom

Surprise your mom with a beautiful sweet treat!

pastries or donuts, some dusted with powdered sugar, and one covered with pink glazing, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, decorated with flower petals

Flowers are a classic choice. Add a refreshing twist by using customized wrapping paper!

roses in light and dark pink, orange and yellow, wrapped in white paper, decorated with black customized print, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, pink petals in background

Or choose the best of both worlds and opt for a cupcake bouquet!

bouquet made from cupcakes, in yellow and pink, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, placed inside ceramic pot, in brownish-orange

large board made of wood, decorated with photos, and the word mom, written in large letters, using thread and nails, top 10 mother's day gift ideas, rope handle held by slim woman

How cool are these paper craft plants? All you need for making them is some colored paper, markers and a few planters filled with rice!

good mothers day gifts, paper craft plants, different cacti and indoor plants, made from green paper, in different shades of green and pink

fake indoor plant, made from light green paper, with dark green hand-drawn details, good mothers day gifts, inside pink planter, filled with rice

cactus made from light green paper, with dark green hand-drawn decorations, orange flower detail, good mothers day gifts, inside brownish-red planter

If your mom prefers the real deal, get her an indoor plant and hand-paint the pot. This will give it a more personal touch

four different indoor plants, inside hand-decorated pots, in brown and beige and white, good mothers day gifts, vintage suitcase and oriental rug

Or try making an original hanging planter with some wood, wire hoops and thread:

minimalist hanging planters, made from brass hoops, pieces of wood, and white rope, good mothers day gifts, air plants in white bowls

Moms with green thumbs will love these cute hand-made flower seed pouches:

envelopes made from beige paper, labeled with flower names, closed with strips of washi tape, containing flower seeds, good mothers day gifts, handmade present

Old cups can be transformed into cute miniature succulent gardens

coffee cup decorated with colorful triangles, placed over a golden saucer, containing dirt and several planted succulents, good mothers day gifts, multicolored books in background

If your mom likes candles, why not try making some yourself?

teacup with pink floral pattern, and matching saucer, containing light pink handmade candle, good mothers day gifts, rough wooden surface

mothers day presents, two clear cocktail glasses, containing pale pink candles, decorated with dark red fabric hearts

mother's day gifts for grandma, glass candle holders, decorated with photos, and containing small lit candles

Here are some gift suggestions for star chef moms:

print of a small child's hand, with a little heart detail, on red oven mit, with thread and white label, mother's day gifts for grandma

six cooking spoons and spatulas, mother's day gifts for grandma, made from light wood, handles dipped in red, pale pink and blue paint

A little pampering is always a good idea! Homemade bath salts and scrubs require just a few simple ingredients

bath salts in pale pink and white, inside three glass vials, tied with purple ribbon, with cork stoppers, mothers day presents

foot scrub in pale green, inside small clear mason jar, with snap close, mothers day presents, decorated with white and red thread, label and paper flower

glasses cases, handmade from fabric, with striped pattern, botanical or animal prints, mothers day presents, two pink-orange tropical flowers nearby

navy and light blue baby hand prints, coated in clear plastic, and attached to a metal keyring, mother's day gifts for grandma, held by a person's hand

Make an impressive bunch of paper flowers in just a few easy steps:

square burlap bag, decorated with grey and white ribbon, mothers day presents, containing eleven reddish paper flowers, with green wire stalks

making paper flowers, materials and process, orange paper and scissors, wire and wood, glue gun and pencil, mothers day presents, cutting a swirly pattern

twisting and folding orange paper, to form a rose-like shape, attaching the paper flower to a wire stalk, mothers day presents, easy diy flower tutorial

mason jar with white, hand-painted surface, label tied around with tread, mothers day presents, containing a bouquet, of pink and white tulips

last minute mother's day gift ideas, four dip-dyed flower vases, in pink and white and peach, made from two clear glass containers, used mason jar and bottle

Moms love gifts decorated with family photos!

newspaper clippings collage, covering photo frame, containing image of three little children, mother's day gifts for grandma, yellow flower and more photos nearby

black and white and colored photos of a baby, covering four cube-shaped decorations, in different sizes, mother's day gifts for grandma

Why not make a present for your granny too? A family-tree bouquet with photos of the whole clan!

lots of flowers, made from red and orange, yellow and white paper, with wire stalks, and photos of kids and adults, mother's day gifts for grandma, inside wicker basket

3D effect card, in neon pink and white, last minute mother's day gift ideas, decorated with small paper flowers, image of smiling baby, kissed by mom

Don’t forget hand-made cards!

floral motives and the word mom, embroidered with red, green and yellow tread, last minute mother's day gift ideas, on white card

collage with white and black, yellow and pink cotton, forming animal children and parents, on four white cards, last minute mother's day gift ideas, chicks and penguins, bees and flamingos

purple and green card, last minute mother's day gift ideas, with 3D effect, popping paper flowers, in yellow and orange, flat flowers in red, pink and white

vases with flower bouquets, made from colored paper, with 3D effect, last minute mother's day gift ideas, turquoise and pink, yellow and purple, green and teal

heart-shaped red card, decorated with pale pink paper flowers, last minute mother's day gift ideas, materials and step by step tutorial

kid's crafts projects, mother's day gifts for grandma, three paper tulips, in yellow and white, with small ribbons, green paper leaves, and hand-colored stalks

embossed off-white card, decorated with paper cutouts, last minute mother's day gift ideas, red and white floral dress, necklace and white flower

Mothers day gifts coupons are another fun and creative idea, especially for youngsters short on cash. 

vouchers for mother's day gifts, like coffee dates, and doing laundry, made from white card, decorated with various patterns

Make vouchers from hand-decorated (or printed) slips of paper, and explain what they are good for. Here are some ideas: “one full cleaning of the house,” “walking the dog for a week,” “15 minute back rub”

coupons for mother's day, made from white card, with pink and orange, turquoise and gray banners, to be filled in, washi tape and pencils

Mothers day gifts boxes or mason jars filled with goodies are an excellent choice too (especially if they include puns)!

bubblegum and sweets, nail polish and socks, mother's day card, all in pink shades, inside pink striped gift box

pens in different colors, and two bottles of nail polish, in cyclamen and red, near mason jar, half colored in yellow, containing mother's day goodies

i love you this much, written with black, on two paper cutouts, shaped like child's hands, connected with green piece of folding paper

wooden ice-cream sticks, stuck together to form a coaster, decorated with greetings for mom, written with markers in different colors


beige ring bound notebook, decorated with black marker, reasons for mom being awesome, diy mother's day presents

Finally, here are some labels you can print and use to decorate your gifts! Enjoy!

labels for mothers day, which you can print, in different colors and shapes, with floral and zigzag patterns,

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