7 Easy DIY Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Today

by John Griffith

Birdwatching is a wonderful hobby. You get to admire so many kinds of birds. Each with different colors, patterns, shapes, feathers, and character. And the best thing about this hobby is that you can do it from the comfort of your very own home. How? Well, all you need to do is add a birdhouse to your garden. Or you can add many! By adding these beautiful avian havens to your property, you will attract a ton of cavity-nesting birds. Which means you will have the pleasure of watching all these different birds from up close. And while you can buy a birdhouse, it’s way more fun to make your own. Plus, it’s super easy and cheaper! If you’ve got some old scraps of wood lying around, you can put it to good use. Making a birdhouse is a simple woodworking projects that is fun for both adults and kids! So, make yours today with these simple to follow DIY birdhouse plans.

Making a birdhouse is a simple and fun project

birdhouse plans bird in front of birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse Plans

Building a birdhouse is super fun. It’s a great project for both beginners and more advanced woodworkers! You can even include your little ones in the fun and let them help with the process. The great thing about birdhouses is their variety. You can make them out of pretty much anything. Plus, you need variety if you want to attract birds. That’s why today we have put together this list of our favorite birdhouse plans so you have plenty of inspiration. Make one or many! Just make sure you have fun in the process. Your local birds will be grateful for the shelter you have made them.

You can make a birdhouse out of pretty much anything

birds using a birdhouse

#Classic birdhouse

If you are a traditionalist and want something simple, then the classic birdhouse design is just for you.  You only need one board of wood to make this cute house and it will take a day’s work to complete it. This tutorial is beginner-friendly, which makes it a great choice if you haven’t worked with wood before. It’s also very cheap to put together!

Get the tutorial at Lowe’s.

You only need one board of wood to make this cute house

birdhouse orginal design

#Birdhouse mansion

Want to attract many birds, but don’t to spend the time making multiple birdhouses? Then make this birdhouse mansion! This old colonial style birdhouse is pretty simple to make and it’s super charming. It has multiple entrances for multiple birds and looks like a cute little community house. Ah, absolutely adorable! Paint it any color you like and watch the birds move in.

Get the tutorial at French Country Cottage.

Who wouldn’t want to live in this birdhouse mansion?

colonial style birdhouse in white

@French Country Cottage

#License plate birdhouse

As we mentioned, one of our favorite things about birdhouses is their variety. You can get super creative when building your house. Not only are they great for birds, but these houses also make great decor for your garden. So, if you are looking for something a bit more original and quirky, this license plate birdhouse is just for you. It’s easy to make, and the license plate offers a touch of personality.

Get the tutorial at Runner Duck.

You can get super creative when building your birdhouse

diy birdhouse plans license plate birdhouse

@Runner Duck

#Stone castle

Why have a wooden birdhouse, when you can have a stone one? This lovely birdhouse is technically wooden underneath all the stones, but you would never know that by just looking at it. It’s beautiful and unique. And the best part about it is that it’s pretty cheap to put together. It’s a fun little DIY project that will look stunning in your garden.

Get the tutorial at Empress of Dirt.

Turn your birdhouse into a stone castle

birdhouse plans diy stone birdhouse

@Empress of Dirt

#Teapot birdhouse

Who knew an old teapot and a drawer can make such a wonderful combination? This whimsical birdhouse will make a unique addition to your garden. Some twine, glue, a teapot, and a drawer you can make this one of a kind birdhouse. It’s cheap and simple. If you don’t have these specific materials at home, you can easily thrift them.

Get the tutorial at Robin’s Nesting Place.

This whimsical birdhouse will make a unique addition to your garden

birdhouse plans teapot drawer diy birdhouse

@Robin’s Nesting Place

#Cresent moon birdhouse

This DIY tutorial is for the more advanced woodworkers. It’s whimsical, fun and so beautiful it takes our breath away. If we could, we would live here instead of the birds! It’s absolutely stunning. You will need a bit more wood and tools, but if you have the time we absolutely recommend tackling this pattern.

Get the tutorial at Her Tool Belt.

It’s whimsical, fun and so beautiful it takes our breath away

cresent shaped birdhouse

@Her Tool Belt

#Modern birdhouse

If you want a simple, minimalistic birdhouse project with a touch of modernism, this house is the one you need. It’s easy to make, adds a pop of color to your garden, and it looks great. You don’t need to go overboard with details for your birdhouse to look good. Even the simplest of designs can look stunning when done right and this birdhouse proves it.

Get the tutorial at Dream A Little Bigger.

Paint it any color you like

pink birdhouse simple and minimalistic

@Dream a Little Bigger

These were some of our favorite DIY birdhouse plans you can try out. We hope you found this article useful. These birdhouses are easy to make and they look stunning. Once you put them up, you can expect a lot more feathery visitors in your garden.

These were some of our favorite DIY birdhouse plans you can try out

birdhouse round hanging

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