6 Ways to Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Paint Colors

by Maria Konou

The truth is that a lot of the supplies we use for arts and crafts, as well as home improvements, are not really eco-friendly. They contain chemicals and other harsh ingredients we most likely do not want around us. One way you can go around this problem is by making your own eco-friendly versions. When it comes to painting, it is actually pretty easy to make your own eco-friendly paint colors. All you need is water and a few simple ingredients you probably already have at home. In this article, we will show you the ways you can make six paint colors at home using eco-friendly methods and natural ingredients.

Learn how to make eco-friendly paint colors with natural ingredients 

how to make eco friendly paint

6 Ways to Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Paint Colors

#Beetroot Red

The first ingredient that you can use for painting is actually beetroot. Beetroot is a very potent coloring agent that you are probably very familiar with in the kitchen. So, take this vegetable and cut it into slices. Then boil them and adjust the concentration to achieve the perfect crimson red shade. If you add more water, you can achieve a beautiful pale pink color! Another option is to use beetroot powder and mix it with warm water.

Beetroot slices and beetroot powder can give you the perfect crimson red shade

beetroot powder how to make your own paint colors

#Charcoal Black

If you want some natural black dye, it makes sense to turn to charcoal. You can mix charcoal powder or soot with some water to create the perfect matte black paint. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used charcoal powder and water to create their iconic winged liner?

Using charcoal powder gives you the perfect matte black shade

how do you make eco friendly paint

#Blueberry Blue

If you want to paint in blue, blueberries are the way to go. What you need to do is to wash, crush, and strain the blueberries in order to extract the color from them. You can dilute the paint with water to achieve the perfect serene blue shade. Simple as that!

Create the most serene artwork with natural blueberry blue paint

eco friendly paint for crafts

If you are feeling blue, here are more options for making blue paint

eco friendly paint for art.jpg

#Spinach Green

When it comes to the perfect green shade, we should turn to spinach. All you need are fresh spinach leaves and water. Just wash the spinach lightly and blend it to create a smooth green shade. You can use the water to dilute the concentration of the refreshing green paint. Now you have the perfect shade for painting trees, houseplants, and veggies!

Blending spinach leaves is the easiest way to make green paint 

how to make eco friendly paint at home

Want to go even greener? Here are more options you can try

how to make eco friendly colours at home.jpg

#Pink Hibiscus

We already mentioned that you can make soft pink using beetroot. However, if you want that beautiful pink shade, you should turn to hibiscus! The hibiscus flower can be dried and blended, which is what we need for this DIY. You can purchase dried hibiscus petals or make the powder yourself! Just infuse the powder with some warm water to create the most vibrant pink shade.

Dried hibiscus petals can be mixed with water to make a vibrant pink paint 

how to make your own paint from nature.jpg

#Turmeric Yellow

Nothing stains as well as turmeric, so it makes sense to use it to make some natural paint! Mixing good-quality turmeric powder with some warm water will give you the brightest and sunniest yellow shade. You can even mix the turmeric with an oil instead of water. The best way to infuse your paintings and art with sunlight!

Turmeric powder can give you the brightest shade of yellow 

turmeric eco friendly paint diy.jpg

This is how you make your own eco-friendly paint using natural ingredients! 

woman painting on canvas

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