How to Make Bath Bombs: 100 + Suggestions for Colorful, Fragrant and Indulgent Bath Time Treats

by John Griffith

Bath bombs are an absolute hit! They seem to be everywhere these days. And no wonder – dreamily fragrant and ridiculously cute, these little fuzzy goodies add a touch of fun and glamour to your tub. Although you can easily buy some online (as well as in most drugstores and cosmetics shops), it is by far more fun to make some yourself. Besides, homemade bath bombs are less likely to irritate your skin, and you can customize them in a variety of cool ways. Interested? If so, this article is just the thing for you! Below you will learn how to make bath bombs for yourself, your friends and your family. In addition, you will also find over 100 gorgeous examples of the most indulging, luxurious bath treats ever created. And if you are looking for more cool handmade projects, check out our DIY section. And now, let’s get started!

Wondering how to make bath bombs? The answer is surprisingly simple!how to make bath bombs, pastel-colored bath bombs, placed on a white bathtub, containing a dissolving bath bomb, and blue water with white foam

Once your bath bomb dissolves, it leaves a colorful and foamy mix of fragrant goodness

teal-colored water with white foam, how to make bath bombs, pink and purple tint, seen in extreme close up

On to our first tutorial! We’ve decided to start with something simple, versatile and pretty – colorful bath bombs with orange zest and lavender essential oil. They are not only refreshing but also haver a calming and relaxing effect.

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup of citric acid
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1/2 cup of epsom salts
  • Orange essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Food coloring of your choice (we used blue)
  • 3 tsp water
  • 3 tsp olive oil
  • Molding dish in your preferred shape
  • Whisk for mixing
  • Rubber spatula
  • Mixing bowls


  1. First, mix the dry ingredients – citric acid, baking soda, corn starch and epsom salts, and food coloring – in a large bowl. Once you are sure they have been well combined, set aside.
  2. Now, pour the water and olive oil in a smaller dish and add 5-7 drops of lavender and orange essential oil. Whisk well, and the pour the mixture over the dry ingredients.
  3. Mix everything until the ingredients are well blended and slightly moist.
  4. Put the mixture in your mold and place it in the fridge overnight.
  5. In the morning, carefully take your ready bath bomb out of the mold and enjoy!

Orange and lavender bath bombs – a fragrant, zesty treat

two orange slices, placed on a green and white striped table cloth, near clear glas bowl, containing two blue, and one turquoise bath bombs, how to make bath bombs

Step one – mixing the dry ingredients

fine blue powder, on top of lumpy white powder, how to make bath bombs, ingredients inside a red plastic mixing bowl

Step two – adding the water, oil and fragrance

mixing white and blue powder, to form light blue mixture, and adding liquid, how to make bath bombs, inside a plastic red mixing bowl

Step three – combining everything

light blue fine powder, with small lumps, inside a plastic mixing bowl, in red and white, how to make bath bombs, ingredients seen in close up

Step four – molding

pressing blue powder, into plastic moulding dish, with four round compartments, how to make bath bombs, using green plastic spatula

And here is a comprehensive and fun video tutorial you can try:

Our next tutorial is colorful and fun – learn how to make bath bombs which look like scrumptious, colorful donuts!  

donut-shaped bath bombs, in pale beige and pink, decorated with multicolored sprinkles, four stacked on top of each other

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1/2 cup of citric acid
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup of epsom salts
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Food coloring (beige and pink)
  • 3 tsp water
  • 3 tsp olive oil
  • Muticolored sprinkles
  • Donut molding dish


  1. Begin by placing some sprinkles in your donut molding dish
  2. Now, mix the citric acid, epsom salts, corn starch and baking soda
  3. Combine the oil, water and lavender essential oil in a separate dish, then pour it over the dry ingredients and whisk. Once done, separate the mixture in two bowls – a small and a medium sized one. Add a few drops of of pink coloring to the smaller bowl, and a few drops of beige coloring to the larger one
  4. Put a little bit of the pink mixture in your donut mold, ensuring that it’s as smooth as possible. Then, fill the remaining space with the pale beige mixture.
  5. Leave in the fridge over night, take out of the mold and enjoy!

Can you believe that you only need a handful of ingredients to create these amazing donut bath bombs?

bath bombs ingredients, bottle of olive oil, corn starch and citric acid, epsom salt and baking soda, food coloring and sprinkles, donut moulding dish

Sprinkles are a key ingredient!

teflon dish in black, with donut-shaped moulds, containing multicolored sprinkles, bath bombs recipe ideas, pale blue background

pink nail polish, on woman's hand, holding a whisking utensil, and mixing white powder, in a pale green plastic bowl, making bath bombs, white bowl and measuring spoons nearby

pale pink powder, in baby blue bowl, near bigger light green bowl, containing fine white powder, and a metal spoon, donut shaped bath bombs recipe

Make sure the mixture is smooth and evenly distributed

pressing white powder, into black teflon donut mould, using a metal spoon, making bath bombs, smoothing pink powder on top

 Here is an adorable alternative version of the donut idea:

sprinkles in different colors, and golden star-shaped confetti, on pink donut-shaped bath bombs, with white glazing, a stack of four

Stunning DIY geode bath bombs!

Easter might be over, but these adorable egg-shaped bath bombs will keep a smile on your face all year round! Learn how to make them below

ten egg shaped bath bombs, decorated with dried rose and lavender petals on top, placed inside a grey cardboard box

You will need:

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1/2 cup of epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup of citric acid
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Food coloring (pink and blue)
  • 3 tsp water
  • 3 tsp olive oil
  • Dried rose petals and lavender
  • Plastic easter eggs


  1. As with the previous tutorials, begin by mixing the dry ingredients
  2. Next, add the liquid ones, and make sure everything is well combined
  3. Put some dried flower petals inside your plastic Easter eggs, and fill them with the mixture
  4. Leave in the fridge overnight.
  5. Voila – your cute and colorful Easter bath bombs are ready!

To make things easier, here is a comprehensive step by step photo tutorial, explaining the process:

whisking fine white powder, inside a clear glass bowl, using wire mixing utensil, ingredients for bath bombs, smaller white ceramic bowl, with dried rose petals nearby

violet and pink creamy substance, inside two small white ceramic bowls, placed on marble surface, near dried lavender, and dark pink rose petals, bath bomb recipe

very pale pink chalky powder, inside a clear glass bowl, placed on a white surface, bath bomb recipe, dried lavender and rose petals

putting fine pale pink powder, inside a plastic easter egg, with two parts, bath bomb recipe, large clear glass bowl, dried flower petals

six plastic easter eggs, in different pastel colors, filled with bath bomb recipe ingredients, and placed in a egg carton, near dried flower petals, and different utensils

Aren’t they beautiful?

dried lavender and rose petals, on top of six or more, very pale blue and pale pink bath bombs, bath bomb recipe, gray cardboard egg box

close up of a pale pink bath bomb, shaped like an easter egg, and decorated with dried dark pink rose petals, bath bomb recipe, wooden egg dish

Why not make your very own cupcake bath bombs? Learn how in this nifty video:

Using the same method and ingredients, you can create many fun and original bath bombs. Try experimenting with different essential oils and colorings for cute and unique results!

moulding dish in purple, made from plastic, with candy corn-shaped compartments, filled with a violet mixture, bath bomb recipe, on a marble surface

Making this is a piece of cake – literally!

two-tone diy bath bombs, in pale pastel pink and violet, shaped like cake slices, and placed on a pale marble surface

cake slice diy bath bombs, in pale pastel purple and pink, decorated with white topping, sprinkles and various multicolored beads, in different sizes and shapes

How to make bath bombs? Just use your imagination!

clear plastic mould, with compartments shaped like tulips, filled with pale violet and pale pink powder, diy bath bombs

tulip diy bath bombs, in pale violet, and light pastel pink, placed on pink easter grass, inside a teal blue cardboard box

Aren’t these panda bear fizzies adorable?

teddy bear head mould, made from clear plastic, and filled with fine white powder, diy bath bombs, hot pink surface

panda bear diy bath bombs, in white and black, placed on multicolored striped paper, placed over a white dish

The perfect handmade gift for Valentine’s Day!

diy bath bombs, brown ice tray, with heart-shaped compartments, filled with coarse pink powder, clear glass bowl with more of the same powder nearby

jar with a snap lid, filled with diy bath bombs, shaped like small pink hearts, decorated with string and a label, heart-shaped confetti nearby

DIY lavender scented bath bombs will help you unwind after a long day

homemade bath bombs, coarse lumpy violet powder, inside a white ceramic bowl, with a whisking tool, metal moulding dish and several violet flowers

two pale violet homemade bath bombs, decorated with flower petals, on a marble surface, near a bunch of violet flowers

creamy white star-shaped homemade bath bombs, decorated with dried lavender, and placed on a wooden surface

Treat yourself to a VIP bath experience!

white cat sitting on the edge of a white bathtub, filled with water and frothy foam, colored in pink, purple and white, homemade bath bombs after melting

swirly pastel pale pink, blue and violet, homemade bath bombs, in unicorn-horn shape, decorated with golden star confetti

frosted cupcake-style homemade bath bombs, in blue and pink, with white topping, and decorated with multicolored confetti

These ice cream popsicle bath bombs look good enough to eat!

turquoise homemade bath bombs, shaped like ice creams on a stick, three in total, decorated with chocolate-like frosting, pearls and sprinkles

3D engraved pink bath bombs, six in total, shaped like hearts, what is a bath bomb, placed on white surface

Ultra realistic mineral stone bath bomb

what is a bath bomb, half circle in gray, white and teal blue, made to look like a mineral, or rough gem stone

beige spheric bath bomb, decorated with chocolate-like topping, what is a bath bomb, several pieces of chocolate, and a dish with brown powder nearby

We love this little citrus owl!

body scrub in yellow, with dried lemon slices, inside a clear glass jar, next photo shows little yellow, owl-shaped bath bomb, with dried lemon slices for eyes, what is a bath bomb

cherry blossoms and a hippie van, what is a bath bomb, several pink bath bombs, decorated with dried lavender petals, and placed in cupcake holders

If you are too buys to make your own bath bombs – brands like Lush have some amazing selections!

hand with a ring, holding a a pale purple bath bomb, decorated with pink soap fragments, what is a bath bomb, spherical shape

ornamental porcelain plate, with floral motifs and gold rim, containing three pink bath bombs, what is a bath bomb, another bath bomb, and dried rose petals outside of the plate

yellow bath bombs, decorated with daisies, what is a bath bomb, placed on white and blue cloth, near halved lemons and fresh daisies

how to use a bath bomb, three spherical striped bath bombs, in green and violet, teal and orange, placed on a textured cream fabric

A dose of magic for your bath tub!

dissolving light purple bath bomb, melting in blue water, how to use a bath bomb, pale pink and white

wooden board covered with white napkin, containing six bath bombs, in pale yellow, striped pink and white, and pale pink with lavender sprinkles, how to use a bath bomb

Pumpkin spice bath bomb? Yes, please!

orange bath bombs, placed on a marble surface, how to use a bath bomb, near a small, pale green pumpkin, and a branch with green leaves

This little gem is a true piece of art!

rainbow bath bomb, white and blue, decorated with red and yellow bow, tiny golden star-shaped confetti, and blue sprinkles, how to use a bath bomb, placed on floral cloth

taking a light orange bath bomb, decorated with pale violet and vibrant orange, out from a metal mould, how to use a bath bomb, another ready pink bath bomb nearby

A heart-warming handmade gift for your friends and loved ones

heart-shaped pale yellow bath bombs, decorated with dried yellow flower petals, how to use a bath bomb, inside a white ceramic bowl

brick red and white bath bomb, shaped like a little planet, perhaps saturn, how to use a bath bomb, placed on smooth white surface

Star Wars bath bombs? Why not!

bath fizzies inspired by star wars, miniature pale gray death star, two white bath bombs, decorated with little yellow stars

unicorn horn shape bath fizzies, with swirly multicolored pattern, pastel blue and purple, yellow and pink, placed on white surface

woman in pink robe, holding three bath fizzies in her hands, round and gem-shaped, pale green and multicolored

frosty pale blue bath fizzies, shaped like snowflakes, placed on a white surface, covered with light blue powder

Something for ladies with a sense of humor – grow your own boyfriend bath bomb!

tiny man figurine, in pale pink, placed on top of lumpy powder, in peach and violet, inside a plastic heart, bath fizzies idea

leaf from an apple, and a tiny stem, placed on top of a pale green, spotty bath bomb, bath fizzies made at home homemade yellow jelly bath bombs, or bath fizzies, or shower melts, inside a clear glass bowl, placed on a towel

 rose gold drizzle bath bomb, in light powdery pink, placed inside a pale pastel pink soap dish, bath fizzies recipes and ideas

hand with dark red nail polish, holding a large beige bath bomb, shaped like a teddy-bear, funny bath balls ideas

Dried flower petals add a beautiful, romantic touch

bath balls you can make at home, hand with black nail polish, holding pale blue bath bomb, decorated with dried rose leaves, and petals in yellow, orange and pink

black bath bomb ideas, small jar and spoon, both filled with black powder, on a marble surface, with black dish, containing several dark gray bath bombs

fourth of jully usa bath bomb, in pale blue red and white, with little white stars on top, festive bath balls, held by woman in white lacy top, with hot pink nail polish

melting bath bomb, in vivid turquoise color, vivid bath balls, dissolving in pale purple foamy liquid, blue and dark purple, violet and red

set of four bath balls, in pale purple, light pink and blue, and pale orange, placed on a wooden surface, and decorated with striped string, in corresponding colors

Herbal bath bomb tablets

square white bath bomb tablets, in pure white, dusted with dried herbs, placed on white surface with more dried herbs

Black bath bombs are the newest craze

terxtured black bath bomb, in the palm of a person's hand, old worn wooden surface in the background

Pop one in your bath and enjoy a magical display

underwater image showing a black bath bomb, dissolving into a white bathtub, filled with water

cookie-like beige gingerbread men bath bombs, some placed in a small glass bowl, some lying on the table nearby

stacked foamy bath bombs, in creamy white, made to look like little tartlets, placed on white surface, near a white fluffy towel

rosemary bath melts, in cubic shape, pale spotty green and white, on beige surface, bottle of essential oil nearby

festive easter-themed bath bombs, shaped like eggs, in pale pastel colors, twelve in total, placed in a cardboard box

How to make bath bombs in lots of vibrant colors:

teal bath balls, three in total, topped with crushed dried lavender, and placed on a greyish-brown wooden surface

wooden table covered in lumpy, strawberry pink powder, and three bath balls made from the same powder

multicolored striped rainbow bath balls, a set of two, placed on a white background

frothy dark blue water, with pale blue and white foam, dark purple tint, melted bath bomb, inside a white bathtub

Feel like royalty with these amazing golden bath bombs!

metallic bath bombs, in a sparkly golden color, a few are placed on a small ceramic plate, and two are inside clear plastic wrappers

four bath bombs, three round and dyed in pale pink, light blue and purple, and one cone shaped, with swirly striped yellow, pale green and pink pattern

foamy liquid in bright vivid colors, hot pink and azure blue, pale orange and green, frothy white streaks and bubbles, dissolved bath bomb in rainbow colors

acid green and hot pink bath bombs, shaped like large round tablets, a set of two, placed on a white surface, near a bottle with pink label

the process of making a dark grey or black bath bomb, mixing dark grey powder in a clear glass bowl, using a wooden spoon, filling a metal moulding dish with powder

A special something for the 4th of July!

us flag inspired bath bombs, light blue and tied with red ribbons, each decorated with a yellow star, shaped like half spheres

lavender bath bomb, pale violet in color, and spherical in shape, decorated with dried lavender petals, and placed on wooden surface

giant cherry bath bomb, dark pink in color, decorated with a long green artificial stalk, and placed on a blue surface

golden shiny star-shaped confetti, and glitter in the same color, inside a heart-shaped mould, filled with black powder, making a black bath bomb

coffee beans covering a black bath bomb, held by woman's hand, with a classic french manicure, her other hand holds a textured, blue bath bomb, topped with dried lavender

effect of a black bath bomb, melting inside a white ceramic bathtub, filled with water, next photo shows two bath bombs, held by two hands

You can make bath bombs with so many ingredients – even rolled oats!

oats bath bombs, white and round, decorated with rolled oats on top, placed on a dark grey surface, with oatmeal flakes strewn about

hot pink bath melts, shaped like half spheres, and placed in a pale grey ceramic bowl, on a striped multicolored cloth

differently shaped bath bombs, two shaped like spheres, and three like snowflakes, in pale pink, surrounded by round peppermint candy

Add a gothic twist to your bath time!

decorative black plate, containing several white bath bombs, shaped like smiling cartoon skulls

sparkly black bath balls, with and dark pink and blue streaks, like small galaxies, a total of three, placed on a glass surface

rabbit shaped bath bombs, in different pastel colors, placed in a plastic box, filled with multicolored easter grass, cartoon bunny heads

round white bath ball, decorated with pale blue and pink specks, held by hand, with pale blue nail polish, and seen in close up

three black bath bombs, decorated with sparkly dark purple glitter, and placed on a pinky-purple surface

Hide an engagement ring in a home made bath bomb and surprise your partner with a truly unique proposal

cotton candy in sparkly pale pink, behind a bath bomb in white, baby pink and blue, with silver glitter, and a unicorn horn, covered in golden glitter, a silver ring with large stone nearby

assortment of bath bombs, in different colors, and with various decorations, on a round tray, placed on a rectangular tray, near flowers and shells

silver glitter on a black bath bomb, with perfectly round shape, placed on glossy, smooth marble surface

packaged bath bombs, in clear foil, with black ribbons and labels, four in total, in dark pink, light purple and blue, pale yellow with dark brown sprinkles

flat bath bombs in black, with dried rose petals, in yellow and different shades of pink, placed on an ornamental, round silver tray

napkin in white, with two pale orange bath bombs, three clementine oranges in the background

DIY bath bombs make great Birthday and Christmas gifts!

twelve different bath bombs, various colors and toppings, some are striped, one is in the shape of a heart, on a black background

pill and gem-shaped bath bombs, near several round bath balls, in different sizes and colors, white and yellow, blue and orange, green and violet

wooden surface in grayish-brown, with six black and purple bath bombs, and a pale yellow starfish

pink and sparkly green bath bomb, decorated with cream-like topping, and a small watermelon slice figurine





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