Top 5 Reasons To Use Wallpaper Instead Of Paint

by John Griffith

Your home is your sanctuary. It is also a reflection of you as a person. That’s why we try to bring as much of our personalities into our homes as possible. And a super easy way to express yourself is through colors, patterns, and designs. Wallpapers have all three of these qualities. That’s why they are the perfect choice for you and your home. They are fun, easy, and stylish and can work for everybody! But those aren’t the only reasons to choose wallpaper over paint.

metawaves wallpaper in pink


Reasons To Use Wallpaper Instead of Paint

When chosen and installed correctly a wallpaper can last for years and stay timeless. Amazing! No touch up needed, unlike with paint. And nowadays, finding the right wallpaper for you is super easy thanks to the internet. With websites like, you get to choose from a ton of designs and then get it delivered straight to your door. It truly doesn’t get easier than that.

flower wallpaper behind framed painting

#So many designs

The first reason to pick wallpaper over paint is for the sheer amount of different designs. Wallpapers are super versatile. There are a ton of different colors, patterns, textures, pictures, photos and so on to choose from. This means it’s nearly impossible to not find something you like and that will fit your home’ts aesthetic.

black crosses on white background wallpaper

#Easy to clean

Walls get dirty one way or another. And cleaning them can be a pain. Well, unless they have wallpaper on them. Wallpaper doesn’t get chipped, dented, and yucky like paint does. And if it gets dirty it can be cleaned super easily with some common household items. All you need is a sponge, some water, and maybe some dish soap. Cleaning is a breeze, which means your walls will always look clean.

art flower print wallpaper


#Adds personality

As we mentioned, your home is a reflection of your personality. Wallpaper is a great, easy, inexpensive way to add more of your personality into your home. This comes back to the fact that there are so many designs to choose from. You can easily express your interests with wallpaper and it will look super stylish.

flower wallpaper in bedroom


This is a very big plus. Wallpaper is cheaper and more affordable than paint. Which is great as decorating a whole house can be really expensive. Wallpaper can be also easily installed which very convenient and will help save you time and money. It is also more durable and lasts longer than paint which means you won’t have to change it soon or retouch it.

red wallpaper in living room


#Covers up defects

Another win for wallpaper! Unlike paint, wallpaper can hide a ton of defects on the wall. While we don’t mean huge holes, it can help cover up any dark spots, uneven paint jobs, etc. Just place the wallpaper and everything will magically disappear behind it. You will soon forget there was even anything there, as all you will be looking out is the beautiful print.

black and gold wallpaper

These were some of the main reasons you should use wallpaper instead of paint for your space. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can start picking out the right wallpaper for you and add it to your home. Creating your dream designs is easy with the help of wallpaper.

forest wallpapers in child room


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