How to stand out in a job interview from other great candidates?

by John Griffith

Job hunting can be very difficult. We have all been there, however. Looking through countless job offers, travelling around the city from one interview to the other, being rejected. All of these things can be quite exhausting. Even more so, if you don’t feel prepared for it. Finding a job requires some preparation. Especially, if you are after a career in a specific field or are trying to get the job of your dreams. So, in this article we are going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to stand out in a job interview.

How to stand out in a job interview from other great candidates

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1. Perfect CV

Many people often overlook the power of the CV. It is, however, the first thing your potential employer sees. Which is why, it needs to be tailored to showcase your abilities, as well as your personality. A good CV is much appreciated by any employer. After all, it creates their first impression of you. That is why, you need to make sure your CV is always up to date and up to standards. It is always good to use online CV makers such as 

If many people are after the same job, the interview process can be really stressful

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2. Be prepared

Before you head out for an interview, make sure that you have done your research. Check the company’s website, read all the latest news about them and make sure you are familiar with what they do. Showcasing that you’ve done your homework in an interview is very important. It will show your potential employers that you are actually interested in their company. Also, another very important thing is how you are dressed for the interview. Your appearance portrays the respect you have for your interviewer’s time, as well as the company you might be working for in the future.

Your appearances are important when going to a job interview

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3. Build up on the information in your CV

The CV covers the basics. Your interview is your chance to shine. Which is why, you need to use that time to give more information than what’s on your CV. Talk more about your achievements and detail your work experience and everyday tasks. Furthermore, you can also talk about some interests you have outside of work. Your hobbies speak a lot about your character. Of course, don’t go too much into detail about your free time, but make sure you mention your love for sports, dancing, painting, etc. This builds your character in your future employer’s eyes.

Getting the job of your dreams is no easy task

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4. Conduct yourself in a professional manner

Body language makes or breaks an interview. One of the most important things is to carry yourself with confidence. Make eye contact with your interviewers, make sure you listen carefully to their questions and answer them in a professional manner. Listening to what they have to say with interest and attention will show them that you are serious about this job and are actually passionate about what they do.

Your body language says it all

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5. Ask questions

Although this is our final tip, you should not wait till the end to ask questions. Your interest in the company, their achievements and what they do is best shown through asking all the right questions throughout the conversation. Of course, if you want to be well prepared, you can think of these questions beforehand, while doing research. However, if, while your interviewer is talking, a question comes to mind, don’t be afraid to ask once they are done talking.

John Griffith

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