Kobe Bryant Wallpaper To Honor The Legend That He Was

Von John Griffith / September 09 2020

Honoring the life of a legend is never easy. And Kobe Bean Bryant was a legend by all accounts. He wasn’t just an iconic basketball player, he was also an incredible humanitarian, leader, father and husband. After the tragic incident, which took his life, as well as the life of his daughter Gianna, it seems like the basketball world can’t really recover. And now, since the Lakers, the team with which Kobe spent all 20 of his seasons in the NBA, is on its way to greatness again, we have decided to honor the life of the greatest Laker of all time. So, pick a Kobe Bryant wallpaper to honor the legend that he was!

Kobe Bryant was without question one of the greatest basketball players of all time

black and white background crowd kobe and gigi wallpaper colored photo of kobe wearing purple lakers uniform in the air shooting the basketball

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bean Bryant was born in Philadelphia, USA on August 23, 1978. He was the son of a former NBA player Joe Bryant. As a child his family moved to Italy where Kobe’s basketball career started. Later, they moved back to the USA and Kobe went to the Lower Merion High School where his basketball career really took off. Bryant, who played at the shooting guard position, received some of the most famous basketball accolades for players who are still in high school. This made young Kobe Bryant declare for the NBA draft straight out of high school, opting out of the college experience. He was only the sixth player to declare for the draft straight out of high school.

Bryant was a father and a husband first and foremost

black and white photo kobe bryant and gigi wallpaper gigi standing on kobe shoulders leaning on his head

Kobe Bryant’s professional career

Kobe Bryant was selected with the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets, but was immediately traded to the Lakers. Once there, it took him 2-3 years to really set himself apart from the rest of the guards in the league. He showcased incredible abilities on the court, while also providing leadership for the team at such a young age. Soon after, sports analysts started comparing him to players like Michael Jordan and Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

The world lost an icon and a trailblazer for a whole generation

black and white photo kobe bryant and gigi wallpaper kobe photographed from the back wearing number twenty four on lakers jersey baskeyball hoop above him as halo

You need a Kobe Bryant wallpaper to celebrate his first three championships

The historic run of the Lakers began in 1999. With the duo of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, the team managed to win three consecutive championships. This solidified Kobe as one of the best players in the league. Each year his numbers were rising and by the end of the three-peat he was already famous around the league for being a “clutch player”. After the three championships, however, tensions started rising between the Lakers’s two stars Bryant and O’Neal, leading to Shaquille O’Neal being traded to the Miami Heat.

Kobe Bryant was the youngest player to win three consecutive championships at just 23 years old

black and white photo of kobe on the court spotlight on him iphone kobe bryant wallpaper heroes come and go but legends are forever written with gold letters nike logo at the bottom

Or celebrate the Lakers’ second championship run

After a few very disappointing years, finally the Lakers were back to contention with Kobe Bryant as their leader. Finally, in 2009 and 2010 the Lakers once again won back to back championships. What’s more, Bryant won Finals MVPs both years for his incredible contributions to his team. Unfortunately, this would be the last championship of his career. The following years, Bryant saw a lot of changes in the Lakers organisation. He also had a few serious injuries, which sidelined him quite a lot. Nevertheless, he remained a Laker for all 20 seasons of his career until he announced his retirement in 2016.

With five championships under his belt Kobe announced his retirement in 2016

black and white photo of kobe sitting holding a basketball photographed from the side kobe wallpaper black background

What awards does Kobe Bryant have?

Apart from his 5 championships and 2 Finals MVPs, Bryant’s accolades are endless. He was the league’s MVP in 2008. He was an All Star a total of 18 times, which is considered great honor even more so because he was the MVP of four of those games. What’s more, he was named many times the All-NBA’s first, second and third teams, as well as the All-NBA Defensive teams. Bryant was a Slam Dunk Champion in 1997 and has 2 scoring titles.To top it all off, he has 3 gold medals with the USA’s men’s basketball team.

A legend on and off the court

black background iphone kobe bryant wallpaper kobe jumping with the basketball drawing in the middle with number twenty four in purple and yellow

Honor the life of Kobe Bryant with a Kobe wallpaper

Kobe was famous for being a girl dad. He had four daughters, Natalia, Gianna, Bianka and Capri with his wife Vanessa Bryant. Unfortunately, on January 26th, 2020, after a helicopter crash, Kobe, along with his daughter Gianna, tragically lost their lives. The NBA world was shook to its core with memorials for Kobe and his daughter being held before every game. On February 24th 2020, a memorial was held inside Staples Center, where Kobe Bryant’s peers and friends celebrated his life. To commemorate him, the NBA decided to name the All Star game MVP trophy after him.

On January 26th the world lost a legend

black background lakers wallpaper photo of kobe waving holding a basketball in the middle signature on the top the end written below

Kobe was also known by the name Black Mamba

black mamba number twenty four written with purple letters with yellow outlines on black background kobe bryant wallpaper iphone nba logo on top

Bryant, along with Nike, created some of the best basketball shoes out there

black mamba wrapped around yellow nike kobe logo kobe wallpaper drawing of black mamba black aesthetic

Kobe Bryant celebrating his fifth championship after winning game 7 of the 2010 finals against the Boston Celtics

confetti flying in the air kobe standing on the announcers table looking at the crowd lakers wallpaper wearing lakers uniform

Two of the best to ever do it – Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

cool kobe bryant wallpapers michael jordan in bulls uniform guarding kobe bryant in lakers uniform on the court crowd in the background

A special letter, penned by the NBA to honor Kobe

dear kobe farewell letter from the nba kobe bryant wallpaper hd background with photos of kobe in purple

Beautiful and touching Kobe and Gigi wallpaper

drawing of gigi and kobe bryant hugging kobe bryant wallpaper hd basketball hoope above them as a halo drawing of iconinc kobe moment kobe bryant wallpaper iphone yelling tugging on his yellow lakers jersey purple background drawing of kobe and gigi bryant holding hands basketballs wrapped together by black mamba kobe and gigi wallpaper halos above their heads drawing of kobe and gigi bryant wearing number two and number twenty four jerseys standing under a basketball hoop nba wallpaper halos above their heads drawing of kobe in the air shooting the basketball wearing lakers jersey in purple and gold nba wallpaper yellow background

Cool Kobe Bryant wallpapers

drawings of kobe bryant in different lakers uniforms cool kobe bryant wallpapers holding basketballs

iconic kobe photo of him tugging on his lakers jersey yelling iphone kobe bryant wallpaper wearing white arm sleeve

Touching photo – Kobe and Gigi Bryant at the 2016 All Star game

iphone kobe bryant wallpaper gigi hugging kobe at all star game both wearing red jersey t shirt

Kobe with the Larry O’Brien trophy

kobe and gigi wallpaper kobe bryant wearing purple leather jacket back 2 back champions standing next to the trophy kobe bryant and gigi wallpaper photo collage gigi hugging kobe five championship trophies two finals mvps trophies kobe waving gigi wearing number two jersey

Kobe dunking on LeBron James with Dwyane Wade watching – he was a Slam Dunk champion after all

kobe bryant dunking on lebron james dwyane wade in the back kobe bryant and gigi wallpaper wearing yellow lakers jersey kobe bryant jumping in the air towards the basketball hoop holding a basketball kobe wallpaper wearing lakers uniform

kobe bryant standing on the announcers table holding a basketball cool kobe bryant wallpapers surrounded by people confetti falling down

kobe bryant standing on top of the announcers table kobe bryant wallpaper confetti coming down from the air wearing lakers jersey kobe bryant wallpaper hd kobe wearing gray suit white t shirt gray tie holding black basketball on white background

No one could guard Kobe once he had the ball in his hands

kobe bryant wallpaper holding the ball shooting in the air wearing a purple and yellow lakers uniform yellow armband kobe bryant wallpaper iphone photo of kobe with number eight lakers jersey in the air shooting the ball

Beautiful Kobe Bryant and Gigi wallpaper

kobe bryant wearing lakers jersey gianna bryant wearing mamba academy jersey sitting on chairs nba wallpaper mambas forever written above them kobe in the air about to dunk the ball wearing number eight lakers uniform kobe bryant wallpaper iphone purple background

kobe jumping in the air holding a basketball about to dunk it in the basketball hoop iphone kobe bryant wallpaper lakers court

kobe logo in white with yellow outline kobe and gigi wallpaper kobe signature across it yellow nike logo purple background kobe photograped on the court wearing number twenty four lakers jersey kobe bryant wallpaper hd white arm sleeve

Winning back to back championships is a difficult task

kobe sitting on a bench under showers cool kobe bryant wallpapers championship trophy on the floor in front of him wearing purple jacket kobe wallpaper yellow background white number eight in the middle with purple outline lakers written above it in purple

kobe wearing purple laers uniform purple arm sleeve holding a basketball kobe and gigi wallpaper photographed on the court his signature in the corner

kobe written with purple letters with drawings of kobe inside the letters nba wallpaper yellow background

Legend has it that once you see Kobe biting his jersey, it is over

lakers wallpaper black and white photo of kobe wearing yellow lakers jersey biting it sweat dripping down his face legends never die kobe bean bryant kobe bryant wallpaper hd purple and yellow background with drawing of kobe jumping with basketball nba wallpaper kobe bryant wearing number eight purple gold lakers uniform holding a basketball in the air about to dunk it in the basketball hoop number twenty four written with drawing of two black mambas on yellow background kobe bryant and gigi wallpaper nike logo at the bottom corner photo collage of kobe and gigi bryant photos from championships kobe wallpaper five championship rings below photo collage of three separate ohotos of kobe on purple and gold background with lakers logo cool kobe bryant wallpapers his jerseys framed

Bryant winning his fourth championship along with his first Finals MVP

photo of kobe during the finals holding the nba championship trophy and finals mvp trophy lakers wallpaper gray t shirt and champions cap purple and yellow background with number 24 photo of kobe kobe bryant wallpaper mamba in the background purple background with loyalty written on the side lakers wallpaper photos of kobe wearing lakers uniform with number eight lakers logo

Shaq and Kobe are without a doubt one of the most iconic duos in NBA history

shaquille oneal kobe bryant wearing lakers uniforms standing on the court kobe bryant wallpaper iphone crowd behind them blurred in black and white side by side photos of kobe wearing number eight and number twenty four lakers uniforms kobe bryant wallpaper five championship trophies split photo of kobe wearing number eight and number twenty four kobe bryant wallpaper purple lakers uniform

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