How To Wrap A Book As A Gift Like A Professional In 5 Easy Steps

by John Griffith

Ah, Christmas! That magical time of year when we show our love through the art of gift-giving. Among the plethora of options, books emerge as a favorite choice. Why? They’re more than just pages bound together, they’re gateways to other worlds, holding promises of adventures, romance, and wisdom. But let’s not forget, the first thing the receiver experiences isn’t the story within, but the wrapping itself. The way a book is wrapped can be as telling as the genre of the book chosen. It’s an expression of care, as well as a visual hug to the receiver. So, let’s embark on a journey to ensure your book-gift looks as captivating on the outside as it is on the inside! Today, we will teach you how to wrap a book as a gift like a pro.

Books emerge as a favorite choice for Christmas gifts

how to wrap a book as a gift book with a red bow

How To Wrap a Book As a Gift

Wrapping a book should be as straightforward as reading a beloved story – simple, engaging. But seriously, it’s not just about concealing the present, it’s an art of presentation, a prelude to the joy that lies beneath the paper. Think of your wrapping paper as the book’s temporary jacket, a preview of what’s to come. Whether it’s a classic Dickens or a trendy self-help guide, the paper you choose can be a nod to its contents. Is it a book on gardening? Go floral with your paper. A mystery novel? Perhaps something dark and intriguing.

Think of your wrapping paper as the book’s temporary jacket

wrapped presents with a red bow

Step 1: Select the right paper

The journey of wrapping a book begins with selecting the perfect paper. It’s not just about covering the book, it’s about making a first impression. Pick a paper that’s sturdy yet pliable, capable of crisp folds but not too thick. Think of it as picking an outfit for the book – it should complement the occasion and reflect the taste of the recipient. A quirky, vibrant pattern for the young-at-heart, or a classic, elegant design for the more refined. Aim for paper about twice the size of the book, giving you ample room to work with, ensuring a neat and tidy finish.

The journey of wrapping a book begins with selecting the perfect paper

how to wrap a book as a gift different types of wrapping papers

Step 2: Cut to size

Next, lay your book in the center of the paper. This step is all about precision. You’ll want enough paper to cover the book, with extra for folding. A good rule of thumb is to leave about a hand’s width of paper on all sides of the book. This extra space is your safety net, allowing for adjustments as you wrap. It’s like measuring ingredients for a recipe – the right amount makes everything come together smoothly. Take your time here, a well-measured piece of paper is the foundation of a beautifully wrapped book.

This step is all about precision

how to wrap a book as a gift cutting wrapping paper


Step 3: Fold and crease

Now, let’s fold. Bring one side of the paper to the middle of the book’s front cover and gently tape it down. This step is about finding balance. The paper should be snug against the book, but not too tight. It’s similar to wearing a perfectly fitted dress – comfortable yet flattering. After securing one side, repeat the process with the other. Aim for tight, clean folds, they’re the key to a polished look. This is where your wrapping starts to take shape, transforming from a flat sheet of paper into a beautifully wrapped gift.

It’s very important for you to find balance

folding wrapping paper around book


Step 4: The end game

Handling the ends can be tricky. Pinch and fold the paper at the book’s edge, creating neat triangles. These small folds are like the finishing touches on a painting, small yet significant. Fold these triangles in, then bring up the remaining flap, securing it with tape. It’s a delicate dance of fold and crease, one that requires a bit of patience and dexterity. But the result? A crisply wrapped end that looks as good as a professional gift wrapper’s.

Handling the ends can be tricky, but don’t give up

how to wrap a book as a gift wrapped book for gift


Step 5: Add a personal touch

Finally, it’s time to personalize. This is where you can let your creativity shine. Add a ribbon for a traditional look, or a string with a handmade tag for a rustic feel. You could even include a small ornament or a sprig of holly for a festive touch. These embellishments say, “I care, I’ve thought about you.” It’s these final flourishes that transform your wrapped book from a simple gift to a memorable one.

This is where you can let your creativity shine

book wrapped and with a charm

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Video Tutorial

This comprehensive guide takes you through every step of the process. Whether you’re wrapping a paperback novel or a hefty hardcover, this video ensures your book will be as much a joy to unwrap as it is to read. Perfect for holiday seasons, birthdays, or just because, this tutorial by Finmark is designed to make gift-giving an even more thoughtful and enjoyable experience.

Check out the video tutorial

And there you have it! A perfectly wrapped book, ready to be given with love. Remember, wrapping a book is more than just covering it up, it’s a prelude to the story inside, a teaser of the adventure that awaits. So take your time, enjoy the process, and watch as your loved ones’ faces light up – not just from the story within, but from the care you’ve wrapped around it. Happy wrapping, and may your holidays be as delightful and heartwarming as a well-loved book!

A perfectly wrapped book, ready to be given with love

wrapped books for present

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