How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs: 5 Effective Methods To Eliminate Them

by John Griffith

Eek! Nobody wants to see these bugs scurrying around their home and garden. These nasty critters not only look unsightly, but they also carry a lot of diseases. Water bugs, as their name suggest, prefer damp, wet areas to make their home. So, they most often pop up in the kitchen, bathroom, and leaky pipes. This compromises the hygiene of your whole space! These bugs are a common pest, however, their name is a bit misleading. Waterbugs (which is one word) are aquatic insects that hang around ponds and pools but rarely go inside our homes or are considered pests. The other type on the other hand love to invade your personal space. “Water bug” is actually a nickname for cockroaches which they got for their love of damp environments. So, if you are being plagued by these critters, let’s see how to easily get rid of them.

Nobody wants to see these bugs scurrying around their home and garden

water bugs cockroach on its back

How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs

In general, the oriental cockroach is most commonly referred to as a water bug. Actual waterbugs usually hang around bodies of water and don’t come inside the home. That is why it is most likely you are dealing with roaches. Many varieties of cockroaches may also win themselves this nickname as they share certain visual characteristics, which include a dark color, hard back, long antennas and a rounded, beetle-like body shape. But no matter what type of cockroach is lurking in your sewers, drains, and behind the trash can, it’s best to get rid of it. These bugs do carry diseases, as we mentioned, but they also have an unpleasant smell, they walk over your food, they can damage property, and they reproduce quick.

Here you can see the difference between a cockroach (on the left) and a waterbug (on the right)

cockroach vs waterbug

#Remove any access points

The very first thing you should do when dealing with these bugs is to seal all entry points. No entry points mean no new bugs. So, inspect every possible entry point, such as cracked windows frames, cracks in your floors, sewers lines, drains, vents, or you may get in through an infested item. Once you have located all possible access points, you need to start sealing, Use caulk for cracks, install door sweeps, keep the canals clean, and so on.

Seal all possible entry points

water bugs person sealing crack with caulk

#Use boric acid

Boric acid is a popular method of eliminating cockroaches as it is highly effective. It is a natural method of pest control and is safe for both humans and pets. Well, it can be toxic in large amounts, so it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. You will need to mix the acid with some sugar in order to attract the roaches. Then place the mixture in a small dish all around the areas that you have noticed bug activity. Boric acid dehydrated the insects and interferes with their digestive system, leading to their demise.

Boric acid is an effective pest killer

white powder on black background

#Eliminate food sources

If you have the bad habits of leaving dirty dishes in the sink, not cleaning up spills, or keeping food out in the open, roaches will love your home. For them food that isn’t sealed in airtight containers, greasy counters, fallen crumbs is like paradise. The more they have to eat, the more they will be inclined to stay and populate. That is why it is very important to eliminate all possible food and water sources. Make it as hard for them to survive as possible. Take out your trash more often, don’t leave dishes in the sink, tend to spill immediately and keep the home in tip-top shape.

Do not leave dirty dishes out for long

water bugs dirty dishes next to sink

#Fix leaks

As their nickname suggest, these “water bugs” love to be around water sources. So, a great way to reduce the chances of cockroaches appearing and staying in your home is to eliminate possible leaks. By removing their food and water sources, you really lower their chance of survival and make your home as undesirable as possible for them. So, remove any standing water and fix any leaky pipes and faucets. You don’t want water piling up anywhere and giving these critters a drinking fountain.

Remove any standing water and fix any leaky pipes and faucets

fixing a leaky faucet

#Chemical sprays and traps

Sometimes you need to bring out the big guns. If you have quite a bit of cockroaches in your home, it will take a lot more than sealing up cracks and putting out boric acid. You will need bug sprays, gels, and traps all over to eliminate these pests. When using strong chemicals remember to read the instructions so you don’t cause any harm to you or your family. And if the infestation seems like something you can’t deal with, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sometimes you need to bring out the big guns

person using spray to kill roach

These are all the tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to getting rid of water bugs. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can easily rid your property from these pests and keep them away.

These are all the tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to getting rid of water bugs

different cockroaches on blue background

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