Expert-Approved Tips to Move on After Divorce

by Maria Konou

In 2020, the U.S. had more than 630,505 divorces. Many couples end up getting divorced despite dreaming of being with their partners forever. Divorces occur when the spouses no longer get along, or when abuse is present in the relationship, but there are also other reasons. Divorces can be extremely traumatic for both parties, and it may take a while until you feel like yourself again. Fortunately, there are various things you can to do to move on following a divorce. Below, we’re going to take a look at some tips approved by experts.

tips to moving on after a breakup

Give Yourself Time to Accept Your Feelings

Whatever you feel during and after a divorce, your feelings are valid. It’s normal to feel sad, hopeless, or even angry and frustrated.  Under stressful circumstances, it can be difficult to deal with your feelings and come to accept them. This is especially the case if the divorce didn’t end on the most positive note. You may have just come out of an abusive or toxic marriage, or your spouse may have fallen out of love with you. Following this failed marriage, you may deal with things like:

best ways to move on after divorce

  • Loneliness
  • Disgust and contempt
  • Loss, regret, and grief
  • Anger and rage
  • Sadness, pain, and betrayal
  • Relief and peace

No matter what your feelings are, they are important. Just remember that even if you feel the pressure right now, time will heal your wounds. While you heal, you can try different things that help you control your emotions or accept them. For example, you can learn some new strategies for regulating emotions, or practice some meditation for self-awareness. 

moving on after divorce as a woman

Get Rid of Toxic People

Sometimes, we do not realize when we have toxic people in our lives because they try to mask their words or actions as “being in your best interest”. Now that you are divorced and you’re entering a new phase of your life, it’s time to look for a fresh start. You must cut out all toxic people from your life and surround yourself with those who love you and support you. Toxic friends and family members may try to remind you of things you want to forget, tell you that your feelings are invalid, or tell you that you’re crazy. You don’t need anyone like that in your close circle. Continue your journey by leaving toxic people behind. 

steps to move on after divorce

Take a Look at What You Wanted to Do in Your Free Time

You may have loved your ex-spouse, but that doesn’t mean they were the best partner ever. Maybe they kept you from pursuing dreams, such as becoming a model, starting a YouTube channel, getting your tattoo artist license, and so on. Now, you are free to do what you want, so take a look at your list of goals and start working on them. 

how to move on after a divorce for a man

Join a Support Group

Your family and friends have their own lives, and they may be way too busy, or you may be in a situation where you don’t have enough people to support you. If you want to move on faster, you should consider joining a support group. They’re filled with people who went through the same things and have experienced the same feelings. Support groups can help you learn new life skills, feel less lonely, boost your ability to deal with distress, boost your sense of empowerment, and get helpful feedback about your coping mechanisms. 

how to move forward after divorce

Make Sure to Forgive Yourself

Many people tend to blame themselves for the failure of their marriage, even when it’s not their fault. But no matter what, you should forgive yourself. You are a simple human who still learns and grows, and taking a look back at your problems will show you how brave you are and how much respect and love you deserve. Instead of blaming yourself, take a closer look at the former marriage. Eventually, you will see many things that will show you how the marriage was eventually going to fail regardless of what you did. 

tips for moving on after divorce

Stay Involved with Your Loved Ones

It’s not unusual to want to be alone after a divorce. You don’t want to talk to anyone – all you want to do is sit on your sofa with a big bowl of ice cream and watch films. But you should not neglect your relationships with your loved ones. They are more powerful than you think. Being around them will not only ensure you get support, but it will also keep you busy, giving you a break from your suffering. 

how to move on after a bad marriage

Final Thoughts

A divorce is a stressful time in your life, so it’s important to find ways to move on faster. Unfortunately, the divorce rate is getting higher and higher. For example, in Colorado, there were 2.9 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants in 2020. If you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to stay informed on what to do moving forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Colorado divorce law firm or another attorney in your area to help you out. 

how to move on after divorce

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