Custom Gifts: Making a Personalized Photo Keychain

by Maria Konou

What better and safer gift for your loved ones than a customized photo keychain? Customization can add so much value and beauty to the keychain. No matter where you go, your loved ones can always stay by your side with your essential keys. Unlock the doors to the hearts of your loved ones with these pretty little keychains and make them feel valued. You can either order and get them customized from any website, or make them at home with general stationery items. It takes only a few minutes to put together a photo keychain. This photo keychain makes the ideal present!

easy diy keychain ideas

Make a customized key chain

Nevertheless, handmade gift items leave a mark of a lifetime on the hearts of your loved ones, and their value can never be ignored. You must follow some simple steps below, and your keychain will be ready.

  • Select the picture you want to see on your keychain.
  • Reduce the size of your photographs for your keychain as necessary.
  • Cut them out with scissors.
  • Using glue, attach a photo to a similar-shaped picture keychain pendant tray or paste the cut-out on both sides of the cardboard.
  • Hold it for a while and let it dry.
  • Do not let air bubbles enter.
  • Please attach it to your keyring; your keychain is ready to use.

personalized photo keychain


You can also add tassels to make it look more beautiful. No matter the occasion, you can always gift these keychains to anyone you want. It’s the best affordable gift one can give to a loved one. Create or buy one-of-a-kind keepsakes of your favorite pictures that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

diy photo keychain

Why buy the personalized keychain online?

A keychain is a gift the receiver will always carry with them, so it must be of high quality and have a long life. A handmade keychain is a beautiful gift, but it can in no way compete with the beautiful, personalized keychains available in the market. Moreover, with advanced machines, it is possible to do the 3D engraving in the keychain, and simply pasting the picture does not give the 3D effect that can be attained with engraving. While making a DIY personalized keychain at home takes time and creative effort, the results are different from what you will get with an online customized keychain. Online you can even opt for a crystal keychain, which will have the photo of your loved one engraved in it, which will give it a 3D effect. As the engraved photo is in the crystal, it will always remain safe and quickly go through the test of time.

personalized photo keychain double sided

You can still make the DIY keychain as an activity for your kids, but when it comes to gifting, your keychain should look professional and have a good finish. A DIY gift takes time and works only for your close friends, but you need to go with something more professional when it is your office colleagues or employees. So buy a personalized crystal keychain now!

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