7 Extremely Creative Beer Uses for Everyday Life

by Maria Konou

Beer is a favorite drink of a big part of the planet’s population, especially during the summer. However, not many of them know that there are actually many ways to use beer in various aspects of your life. Yes, beer is good for sipping in your favorite pub, but do not miss all the other ways you can use it! In this article, we will go over beer’s fantastic qualities and all the clever ways you can use this drink! Sure, some of these tips are somewhat unconventional, but they are on this list for a reason. They simply work! So, without further ado, here are the most creative beer uses for everyday life:

Let’s explore the most creative beer uses for everyday life

different ways to use beer

7 Extremely Creative Beer Uses for Everyday Life

Polish Furniture

The first thing you can do with beer is to polish your furniture! You might not associate beer with cleaning, but it can work magic for your home! That is because the acids in beer help to break down any stains and make wooden surfaces shine. So, you can polish and clean your furniture in one without really damaging it! To do so, just dampen a cleaning cloth with some beer and go over the surfaces until the dirt is gone. You can use stale beer if you do not want to use the one you drink!

Beer can easily make your wooden surfaces cleaner and shinier

ways to use stale beer in home

For Hair Growth & Less Hair Loss

You might have seen shampoos and hair products containing brewer’s yeast before. Well, that is because beer is great for your hair! It contains B vitamins, as well as proteins that your hair loves! Using beer to rinse your hair after shampooing will help stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Just make sure to leave it for a few minutes before rinsing your hair thoroughly. If you have curls, the beer will help shape and hold them for longer!

Beer is absolutely amazing for stopping hair loss and stimulating hair growth

ways to use beer for hair

Against Flies

If you have a fly problem, beer will always be there to assist you. To get rid of them, fill a container with beer and place it close to the flies. That is usually near your fruit bowl. The scent will attract them and drown them in the liquid! This hack will keep your home and your fruit bug-free!

The scent of beer will attract fruit flies and trap them

other ways to use beer fruit flies

For Softer Feet

If you want softer feet, make a foot bath using beer! The yeast it contains will help soften your feet, as well as speed up your skin cell renewal. To make the bath, soak your feet in 1 liter of beer for at least 30 minutes. Then wash and pat your feet dry. Voilà!

A foot bath with beer will help keep your feet extremely soft

ways to use beer for skin

Polish Metal and Silver Utensils

Beer contains acids, and it is also carbonated, both of which make it a great option for polishing metal and silver kitchen utensils. In addition, beer has the power to help prevent corrosion and rusting! Not only that, but you can try this cleaning hack with your jewelry as well! Just soak a cloth with some beer and rub it into the surface you want to clean. You can also use a sponge if that is going to be easier for you. After you are done cleaning, rinse the utensils thoroughly with water and watch them shine!

The acids and carbonation of beer make it great for polishing silver and metal

ways to use beer sparkling pans

Fertilize Your Garden

Yes, beer also has a use in your garden! In reality, beer can be a great fertilizer for your plants. But not only that! If you place little containers with beer around your plants, the scent will attract pests. Slugs and snails will be kept away from your garden! Take a look at this organic pest control guide for more tips and tricks.

Beer can be a great natural fertilizer for your plants, as well as pest control tool 

how to use beer as fertilizer

Delicious Marinades

Use beer to make all of your culinary dishes shine! Incorporating this ingredient into your cooking can add a new layer of flavor that can make all the difference! So, use beer to make marinades for your meats! The malt flavor and bitterness of the beer complements a variety of dishes, and it helps tenderize and flavor the meat like no other!

Take your recipes to a whole new level by incorporating beer

ways to use beer in cooking

Now you know which are the most creative beer uses for everyday life! 

creative ways to use beer

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