6 Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Von John Griffith / February 04 2022

A good roof is essential, as it offers shelter and protects your family and possessions from rain and extreme weather conditions. Note that maintenance and care may not be enough to make your roof last a lifetime. Aging, harsh weather conditions, and poor maintenance will cause wear and tear or damage to the roof.

Be sure to inspect your roof regularly. If damages are identified, you should call a roofing company to repair them immediately. A new roof will prevent injuries and costly damages while giving your home a new look. Read on to learn six signs your home needs a new roof.

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Curling, cracked, and buckling shingles

Shingles of your roof withstand extreme heat, storms, and strong winds. They can crack, curl or buckle due to exposure to harsh conditions. Shingles at their prime should stay flat on the roof. When you start seeing curling or buckling shingles on your roof, it is time to replace them.

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Your roof is old

Different roofing materials have varying lifespans. Metal roofing will last for more than 40 years, while asphalt or other materials will last close to 20 years. Old roofing is vulnerable to collapse and damage. Ensure you contact a roofing company like Landmark Roofing to inspect the roof condition and assess its age. If the roof is aged and worn out, replacing it will be the best solution.

Regular leaks

Leaks are a sign that your roof needs maintenance or replacement. Many homeowners ignore leaks and act when much water pours through the ceiling. You should expect damaged rafters, ceiling joists, presence of mold, among other water damages in your home when you don’t repair leaking roofs on time.

Common leaks mean more repair costs. It is also a sign that your roof is aged and weak. A new roof is a good investment that will help you avoid repair costs. Additionally, a new roof will increase your home value and give it a unique look.

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Sagging roof

If your roof starts to sag, it is a sign of weakness. Sagging roofs will have valleys and dips which can hold water, ice, houseplants, and other elements, which can worsen the condition. Note that more serious structural damage causes a sagging roof. The best solution is installing a new structure (rafters and trusses) and roofing.

Frequent roof repairs

If you’re calling a roofing company regularly for repairs, then it’s time to get a new roof. Regular maintenance can be costly in the long run. Considering a new roof will save you money and allow you to live peacefully without worrying about damages, especially during the rainy season.

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Damaged chimney flashing

Chimney flashing a material that is used around the base of the chimney to make it water-tight. It’s normally made of steel or aluminum and can last up to 30 years. However, chimney flashing can crack or rust, allowing water to seep into the chimney and your house. In most cases, only the chimney flashing needs to be replaced with a steel flashing. A roofing professional can tell you if your chimney flashing needs replacement.

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Replacing your damaged or old roof comes with many benefits. It will help you save on repair expenses, avoid injuries, reduce the risk of property damage and make your home more attractive. Additionally, a new roof, best flooring, among other improvements, will make your home safer and more efficient. Hiring a reputable roofing company to inspect your old or damaged roof and install a new one is advisable to avoid costly regular repairs.

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